Plastic samples of dental implants compare with natural teeth for patients acknowledged the differences Of both types of teeth. To make decisions before beginning dental implant treatment.

Functional Benefits From Replacing Teeth

Plastic samples of dental implants compare with natural teeth for patients acknowledged the differences Of both types of teeth. To make decisions before beginning dental implant treatment.Losing a natural tooth to dental decay or infection can be a troubling experience for many, especially since these structures are permanent, and once they are gone, they cannot come back. Indeed, having to part ways with a structure can cause significant issues functionally, cosmetically, and even structurally, and is often nobody’s first choice. Once a tooth is gone, however, it is imperative to have it replaced to ensure your health and function. In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX oral surgeon discusses the ways dental implants can help restore much of this function, and how a custom crown can provide lifelike results.

Less Stress

Taking a look at your oral health, your structures work together to accomplish everyday tasks such as eating and chewing. For example, a tooth contains a crown and a root. The crown helps bite and chew, while the root is embedded in the jaw and functions with the bone to help your crown absorb that natural pressure of your bite.

When a tooth is missing, however, your entire bite must work to redistribute the pressure so that you can continue to perform routine tasks like eating or even speaking. What’s more, this effort results in teeth taking on more pressure than they are used to while also forcing them to fall in a position they are not used to. In other words, losing a structure and not receiving a replacement can cause significant stress and strain.

To alleviate these concerns, your dentist may recommend the help of a dental implant to restore your bite and help you get back to optimal function. For more information about this process, reach out to our team today.

Restoring Your Bite

When you come in for your dental implant placement, our team will work closely with you to ensure you are familiar with every step of the process. We will go through this during your initial consultation, as well as acquire measurements and x-rays to get started on your custom implant and crown.

With the help of an in-house lab and all the resources we need in one office, we can set you up with your biocompatible post and restoration within the same day! What’s more, we utilize guided treatment to place your post in the most optimal position for absorbing your bite’s pressure.

Aiding Your Health

While it may seem easier to just live with the gap a missing tooth produces, on the contrary, bigger complications will arise the longer you go without one. In fact, your teeth play a major role when it comes to your oral function, and acting sooner rather than later is always going to be best.

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