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Restoring Your Jaw Structure Before Implants

Bone grafting- augmentation using ring method, tooth implantation. Medically accurate 3D illustrationIt goes without saying that dental decay is the most common oral health concern out there, affecting millions of individuals in some form or another every year. In its earliest stages, decay causes cavities to form which can be easily treated with a dental filling. As it progresses, however, you experience a higher probability of losing a natural tooth. While dental implants can help solve some functional problems, the truth of the matter is that implants cannot succeed without enough bone structure to support them. In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX oral surgeon discusses the options you have when it comes to rebuilding jaw structure, and why it is better to seek treatment sooner rather than later.

Waiting Can Cause Problems

Dental decay and infection occur when harmful oral bacteria hide in the crevices of your mouth and feed off of the food particles and sugars you consume. Certain factors such as sugars and other options cause these microorganisms to secrete a dangerous acid that actively breaks down your teeth. As a result, cavities form.

As infection progresses, the oral bacteria will gradually eat away at your tooth until it has become compromised and beyond the point of return. It is at this point that extraction is warranted, and subsequent replacement is needed.

Just as dental decay can get out of hand, waiting to receive your dental implants will only lead to complications. For instance, a tooth root is housed within the jaw bone so that the secure connection leads to the ability of your crown to absorb the pressure of your bite. When a root is missing, however, there is nothing to stimulate your jaw, thus it begins to wear away over time.

Degradation Over Time

Whether you are missing one structure or several, the lack of a root to stimulate the bone will lead to gradual degradation. What’s more? Once you decide to seek treatment, you may require additional treatment to even qualify for your implants.

After some time has passed, there will not be enough structure left to support a proper implant, and your treatment will fail. Fortunately, our team can help with bone grafting or a sinus lift. For more information about these options, reach out to our team today.

Rebuilding Jaw Structure

To ensure your implant’s chance of success, your dentist may recommend seeking bone grafting. This process involves strengthening your jaw with the help of a biocompatible material to encourage natural bone growth. By doing so, you are increasing the success of your treatment and helping yourself in the long run.

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