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Is It Time For A Tooth Extraction?

tooth extractionSo much of our focus on maintaining good oral hygiene centers around keeping our teeth intact. We follow our dentist’s instructions in hopes of keeping our teeth healthy and smiles bright. For many of us, losing a tooth — or several — is nightmare fuel. Despite our brushing and flossing efforts, this outcome is sometimes unavoidable. That said, there are times when extracting a tooth is the best course of action for keeping our mouths, and bodies overall, healthy. In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX Oral Surgeon discusses situations that warrant removal and what you can expect after the procedure.

What Procedures Require Removal?

Certain dental procedures necessitate having teeth removed. Dental implants, for instance, will see your tooth fully extracted before having it placed. We know the thought of missing a tooth can seem stressful, which is why we offer same-day tooth extraction whenever possible. If you qualify, we remove the affected teeth and provide the implant in a single visit, so you can get on with your life as quickly as possible. Your oral surgeon will discuss this option with you and will recommend it if it is viable for your particular situation.

Signs You Might Need An Extraction

You can’t always tell when a tooth might be damaged beyond the point of repair. Some severely decayed teeth could appear healthy on the outside, but there are some common signs that tooth extraction could be the best option for maintaining a healthy smile. Some common ones that indicate something is awry include pain when biting down, persistent toothaches, intrinsic staining, sensitivity to heat and cold, and holes and pits in your teeth. If you experience any of these symptoms, please contact your oral surgeon or dentist immediately to see what is going on. If there is an infection or severe tooth decay, you will need to address it as soon as possible — before it deteriorates even more, causing you more pain and distress. 

You Need To Act Quickly

If you are suffering from an infection, you need to act rapidly. Infected teeth impact your overall health and can be of great detriment to your immune system and overall health. Oral disease is connected to liver damage, heart disease, and even several kinds of cancer. Moreover, it is also linked to dementia. If you act quickly, you can mitigate further damage to your body and also receive a lifelike dental implant with little turnaround time. 

Contact Us To Learn More About Tooth Extraction

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