dental technician creates prosthetics aesthetics and creates a natural gum

Technology Yields High-Quality Results

dental technician creates prosthetics aesthetics and creates a natural gumOne of the major concerns that many people face when it comes to seeking dental implant treatment is just how intensive the treatment will be. Indeed, a sort of fear or anxiety accompanies the notion, as people attempt to anticipate the recovery process, how much healing pain they will endure, and what the actual treatment itself will be like. What’s more? The fact that the process typically requires multiple specialists is enough to deter individuals just due to the bills alone. In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX oral surgeon discusses the benefits of our in-house lab, and how advanced dental technology leads to higher-quality implants.

Digital X-Rays and CT scans

Whenever you go to your dentist’s office for a routine checkup, the visit typically begins with an x-ray. Indeed, these x-rays help your provider identify exactly what treatment you may require more accurately. What’s more? It allows increased precision when dealing with your dental concern.

Once you have endured the effects of dental decay, your next step is likely to seek dental implant treatment. To achieve the most realistic and highly detailed mold we can of your grin, we utilize CT scans. These scans help create a precise 3D model of your teeth, roots, and surrounding oral structures.

What’s more? This allows our team to combine your x-rays in a manner that creates a 3D replica of your smile so that we can create ideal and lifelike restorations to go atop your dental implants. To learn more about computed topography and the process for creating your lifelike restorations, contact our team today.


Computer-aided design and manufacturing is another important step in creating your custom implants, as it helps record the optimal measurements of your teeth. Indeed, we take care to get the dimensions of your structures, from their size, shape, and even contour.

Once these measurements have been recorded properly, the technology uses them to create your new crowns with lifelike accuracy. Another benefit that arises from the process is the ability to create your custom implants in a single day so that you can enjoy your full smile much sooner rather than later. To learn more about this process, reach out to our team today.

Guided Implant Treatment

Once your measurements have been taken and your restorations created, we utilize guided treatment in order to strategically place your biocompatible post in a position that optimally absorbs the pressure of your bite. This allows for a more lifelike result that benefits both your appearance and your smile’s function.

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