Her new dentist is not scary at all! Top view of dentist with his assistant examining his beautiful patient in dentist’s office

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore A Missing Tooth

Her new dentist is not scary at all! Top view of dentist with his assistant examining his beautiful patient in dentist’s officeWhile losing a tooth as an adult is often not a top concern for many people, when it does happen, it can lead to a number of questions. For instance, what caused it? Are your other structures in danger? What does this mean? Does it need to be replaced? Indeed, these, and so many more thoughts cross an individual’s mind in the event of structural loss, and while sometimes it may seem easier to just accept the change and move on, bear in mind that a number of other concerns can arise. In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX oral surgeon explores the potential causes behind a missing structure, as well as why it is important to seek treatment.

Expect Issues with Oral Function

As you are probably aware, your oral structures work together to accomplish a series of everyday tasks, including biting, chewing, and eating. These actions cannot be accomplished without the help of your crowns, roots, and jawbone. Indeed, a root establishes a secure connection with the jaw bone, thus causing it to function as an anchor. In other words, roots provide your crowns stability, while also allowing them to absorb the pressure of your bite.

With this understanding, it becomes clear that even a single missing tooth can significantly impact your oral function. Another example is how your teeth disperse your bite’s pressure evenly among structures, which means others must take on more of the pressure to accommodate missing teeth. It also means that you may begin to experience strain, difficulty eating, and more. To learn more about this process, reach out to our team today.

It Could Impact Your Self-Esteem

In addition to your oral function, a noticeable concern that arises is how it blemishes your smile. Indeed, many individuals place great value on their smile’s appearance, and a number of others even express how important it is regarding self-esteem and confidence. This means that one or more gaps could cause devastating effects, and even encourage people not to reveal their grins.

Not only do missing teeth cause these issues, but there may even be a chance that this is only the beginning of your issues. Indeed, decay and infection that often cause loss may still be present, and the chances of losing even more teeth increase exponentially once the first one is gone.

Ways Implants Help

Because of the many concerns that arise, your dentist may recommend seeking same-day dental implant treatment. This process consists of placing a biocompatible titanium post securely in the jaw, then topping it with a custom crown restoration.

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