See Results Sooner With One Day Implants!

People who look at their treatment options for tooth loss can feel intrigued by the benefits of implant dentistry. After all, this approach can provide you with a custom restoration that is stable enough to support your bite function, and it can also give you back a smile that looks natural. This arrangement can even help you avoid difficulties with jawbone deterioration, something that can worsen as time passes. At our Fort Worth, TX implant dental office, we can take on problems with tooth loss by providing a fixed, lifelike appliance. Thanks to our One Day Implants, we can actually help you see results in less time than you think possible!

Tooth Loss Can Create Many Problems That Impact Your Quality Of Life

All you have to lose is one tooth to discover just how intrusive tooth loss can be. Someone without a full smile can have a difficult time feeling comfortable with the way they look. You can grow unhappy with the way you look when you smile, and you may even find yourself changing the way you speak to make sure no one can see the gap your missing tooth left behind. You can also experience difficulties biting and chewing, which can lead to complications over time. Unfortunately, your troubles can worsen as time passes. This is because the loss of roots robs your jawbone of stimulation that helps support the health and density of the surrounding bone tissues.

Discussing One Day Implants With Your Dentist

If you are ready to do something about tooth loss, it seems safe to assume that you are interested in seeing the benefits of treatment as soon as possible. By visiting with Dr. Brown to discuss your options for care, you can learn about the benefits of One Day Implants. For those who qualify, we can actually perform several important steps at one time. That includes tooth extraction (when necessary), implant placement, and restoration with a lifelike appliance.

We Can Help You Enjoy Lasting Benefits From Your Prosthetic Treatment!

Whether you have one isolated gap in your smile or an entire row of teeth missing, our practice can help. Patients who visit Dr. Brown can discover just how effective implants are at changing both a person’s appearance and oral health. We can see to it that you have the kind of results that produce lasting positive changes! Long after you have had work completed, you can appreciate how biting and chewing with your restoration is actually helping you maintain your oral health.

Talk To The Dental Implant Place About One Day Implants!

Through the placement of One Day Implants, our practice can help you recover from tooth loss in less time than you think possible. If you would like to find out more, contact The Dental Implant Place in Fort Worth, TX at 817-560-0414.


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