Carolyn’s Story – How We Inform Our Patients

Carolyn Bell visited multiple dental offices when she arrived at The Dental Implant Place. In addition to suffering from serious overbite, her oral health was deteriorating badly. The opinions she had received from previous dentists was discouraging, and one office even made her feel embarrassed by the way they reacted to seeing her teeth. However, when Carolyn sat down with us for her free consultation, she immediately knew Dr. Brown and our team are different.

“I trusted Dr. Brown. He made me feel comfortable and respected. He and the staff were all very knowledgeable. They explained everything [about their process] and answered all of my questions…Absolutely amazing. They walked me through every step, all the way through to the end.”

Get Answers and Be Involved

Two key parts of our culture at The Dental Implant Place are authenticity and thorough communication. We deeply respect our patients and believe they deserve detailed, honest answers to every single question they have about dental implants. It’s your oral health and smile, after all. The deeper we dive into the process with you, the better we can understand your goals and determine, together, if we’re the right office for you. If we are, we’ll give you a clear map of your treatment going forward.

We invite all of our patients to participate in their treatment, starting with a guided walkthrough of their CT scan with Dr. Brown. From there, we ask for your feedback throughout the process, asking for input on the shape, shade, and fit of your new teeth. We also invite you to observe key parts of the digital CAD/CAM digital design and milling process that allows us to design and create your new smile within our in-house dental lab.

Enjoy Your Life-Changing Results

With the honest, clear, and thorough communication she received throughout her dental implant treatment, Carolyn received the peace of mind that she was in capable hands. When she received her final set of implant-supported teeth, her quality of life improved beyond her expectations. She could eat her favorite foods again, and received compliments from strangers on her smile.

“The cashier at the grocery store looked at me and said, ‘You have the prettiest teeth!’ I never had anyone tell me I had pretty teeth.”

Call Us to Be Involved in Your Treatment

At our office, we want everyone to be personally involved in the treatment they receive for their smiles. To learn more, schedule a free consultation by calling The Dental Implant Place in Ft. Worth, TX, today at 817-560-0414. We also proudly serve patients in Dallas, Weatherford, Arlington, Southlake, and all surrounding communities.