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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore A Missing Tooth

Her new dentist is not scary at all! Top view of dentist with his assistant examining his beautiful patient in dentist’s office

While losing a tooth as an adult is often not a top concern for many people, when it does happen, it can lead to a number of questions. For instance, what caused it? Are your other structures in danger? What does this mean? Does it need to be replaced? Indeed, these, and so many more… Read more »

Functional Benefits From Replacing Teeth

Plastic samples of dental implants compare with natural teeth for patients acknowledged the differences Of both types of teeth. To make decisions before beginning dental implant treatment.

Losing a natural tooth to dental decay or infection can be a troubling experience for many, especially since these structures are permanent, and once they are gone, they cannot come back. Indeed, having to part ways with a structure can cause significant issues functionally, cosmetically, and even structurally, and is often nobody’s first choice. Once… Read more »

Securing Your Dental Bridge With Implants

It goes without saying that once you experience a lost tooth due to infection or decay, your possibilities for experiencing more lost teeth down the line increase substantially. What’s more, not replacing a single structure that has been extracted can lead to bigger concerns such as jaw degradation, increased chances of infection, functional difficulties, and… Read more »

Strategic Implant Placement for Optimal Results

Despite the stigma, adult tooth loss should not be as traumatic of an experience as many make it out to be. In fact, advanced dental technology and innovative practices have been utilized to make the process much more straight-forward and convenient for recovery time, overall function, and more. With an experienced team that has access… Read more »

Obtaining A New Smile In One Day

Dental implants offer people a tooth replacement option that is long-lasting, and one that looks completely natural too. While at one time the process of placing and restoring your new tooth could mean multiple procedure and months of time, your Fort Worth, TX, dentist can provide a new smile in only one day.

Preparing for Your Dental Implant Placement

While tooth loss still remains a problem for many adults, those who experience it are able to recover from the loss much more effectively than ever before. This is largely thanks to the advent of dental implants, which are custom-designed restorations supported by one or a series of root-like dental implant posts. With the help… Read more »

When Bone Grafting Is Recommended Before Implant Placement

How prepared are you to have your smile restored through implant dentistry? While people are often excited by what an implant-held restoration can do for them, there may be issues that have made it difficult for them to move forward with treatment. At our Fort Worth, TX clinic, we have helped many individuals who have… Read more »

Receiving A Replacement Tooth When Your Implant Is Placed

With dental implant support, a person who has experienced tooth loss can enjoy a confidence boost as well as better support for biting and chewing. If you have looked into this work in the past, you may have been informed that this process of restoring your smile would require a frustrating waiting period before a… Read more »

The Benefits Of Promptly Replacing An Extracted Tooth

It is often possible to treat dental problems without extracting or replacing teeth. So why is a tooth extraction sometimes called for after a review of a person’s smile? Sometimes, a tooth’s health is simply too poor to make saving it an option. In this situation, extracting it and making plans to restore your smile… Read more »

A Few Questions About Dental Implant Placement

After you’ve experienced tooth loss, it may seem like replacing the parts of your teeth that you could see is all you need to fully rebuild your smile. While conventional restorations can help restore much of your bite’s function, they lack an important part of your healthy, natural teeth that they rely on for support… Read more »