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Why Add Dental Implants to Your Restoration?

Replacing lost teeth is an important part of quality dental care for many patients. Traditionally, a custom-made dental bridge or denture can help most tooth loss patients regain most of their bite function and the confidence in their smiles’ appearance. Today, however, increasingly more people who experience tooth loss are benefiting from adding dental implants… Read more »

The Connection Between Dental Implants and Your Smile

Replacing lost teeth can sometimes have a more significant impact on your long-term oral health than you realize at first, especially when it comes to replacing lost teeth roots. Your natural teeth roots rest within sockets in your dental ridge, which gives them the stability they need to properly support your teeth as you bite… Read more »

How to Support Your Dental Implant Restoration’s Success

When you receive a restoration to replace one or more lost teeth, the addition of dental implants to support it can do a lot to support its long-term success. By replacing your lost teeth roots, the implant posts give your restoration a more stable and secure level of support, which grants it a more lifelike… Read more »

The Benefits of Receiving a Restoration

In most dental circumstances regarding broken, chipped, cracked, or diseased teeth, the overall goal is to preserve its natural, healthy structure. In many cases, however, the oral structure is beyond repair and a person’s oral health would benefit greater from having the tooth extracted and replaced with a custom-made, life-like prosthetic. Regardless of the circumstance,… Read more »

What Makes Dental Implant Restorations Different?

Replacing one or more lost teeth is an important step in many people’s quest to preserve their smiles. When tooth loss occurs, it can have several negative impacts on your smile and oral health, from your smile’s appearance to the long-term stage of your remaining teeth and oral structures. When it comes to replacing lost,… Read more »

Replacing Teeth that Can’t Be Saved

Whenever possible, the preferable option for addressing any issue with your natural teeth is the one that helps you preserve as much of your healthy tooth structure as possible. For instance, if the tooth is cracked or develops a cavity, the restoring it as soon as possible can improve your chances of saving it. However,… Read more »

The Kinds of Restorations that Dental Implants Support

For most traditional tooth replacement options, the biggest factor in choosing the right restoration is often how many teeth you’ve lost. However, dental implants are designed to replace the roots of your lost teeth in order to support your restoration more securely. This makes them a valuable addition to dental restorations of all sizes, no… Read more »

Can You Get Dental Implants if You Wear a Denture?

When people choose to get dental implants, there are often several common things to consider. For example, the number of teeth they’ve lost will determine how many dental implants they’ll need, and what type of restoration will work best once they’re placed. However, for patients with more severe cases of tooth loss who already wear… Read more »

Choosing Dental Implants to Upgrade Your Restoration

There are many reasons why you might choose to upgrade a current dental bridge or denture to one that’s supported by dental implant posts. Unlike conventional restorations, dental implants give your replacement teeth the kind of stability and comfort that can only come from supporting your restoration on root-like posts. Today, we take a closer… Read more »

What to Know if You Wear a Conventional Bridge or Denture

After years of wearing a conventional dental bridge or denture in place of your lost tooth or teeth, you can become so accustomed to the feel of it that you almost forget what it felt like to have natural, healthy teeth in their place. Because of this, the more lifelike comfort and function of the… Read more »