Category: Mini Dental Implants

How The Use Of Mini Dental Implants Benefits Patients

When a person loses a tooth, they can have an easier time moving forward with prosthetic dental work when they act promptly to have their full smile restored. There are several issues that can affect a person who lets an extended period of time pass between tooth loss and prosthetic treatment. One concern is that… Read more »

How You Might Benefit from Mini Dental Implants

For patients who’ve experienced tooth loss to any degree, many of the benefits that dental implants can provide their smiles can also have a profound impact on their long-term oral health. The main purpose of dental implants is to replace the roots of your lost teeth, as well as the important functions they serve for… Read more »

The Value of Mini and Small-Diameter Dental Implants

Some patients are surprised to learn that they have a choice in different types of dental implants, or that there are different types to choose from at all. With the purpose of replacing your lost teeth roots and allowing your jawbone to fuse to them, it may not seem like there’s much room for variation… Read more »