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Reasons to Worry Less About Extracting a Tooth

After being told that your tooth needs to be extracted, it’s natural to have a few questions and worries about it. For instance, if the condition is bad enough to warrant extracting a tooth, then you might worry what other impacts to your oral health are there to be concerned about. While the need for… Read more »

Important Things to Remember About Extracting a Tooth

For most problems that your teeth can face, there’s typically a restorative solution for addressing it and saving the tooth. Because of this, more people are able to preserve their healthy, natural smiles these days than ever before, which has had significant benefits to most people’s long-term oral health. However, this also means that the… Read more »

Why Most Teeth Need to Be Replaced After Extraction

When a tooth exhibits a problem that’s so severe it becomes a threat to the rest of your oral health, extracting it may be an appropriate solution for avoiding more severe complications. However, your smile, oral health, and bite function rely on both of your dental ridges having a full set of teeth to balance… Read more »

Save More Teeth by Extracting a Compromised One

The most striking thing about tooth extraction is the fact that it involves choosing to remove your healthy, natural tooth structure. However, it’s important to note that tooth extraction is only recommended in severe circumstances, when the tooth itself poses a threat to the rest of your oral health. When this is the case, extracting… Read more »

When Should Tooth Extraction Be On the Table?

Most situations that can compromise a tooth’s heath and integrity are things that can often be addressed successfully. Thanks to modern dental treatment, that means more people are able to avoid tooth loss by restoring compromised teeth than ever before. However, natural teeth can’t always be saved, and in some circumstances, the best thing for… Read more »

The Benefits Of Promptly Replacing An Extracted Tooth

It is often possible to treat dental problems without extracting or replacing teeth. So why is a tooth extraction sometimes called for after a review of a person’s smile? Sometimes, a tooth’s health is simply too poor to make saving it an option. In this situation, extracting it and making plans to restore your smile… Read more »

Are You Confused About Needing Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction isn’t typically part of restoring a smile that experiences a dental health issue. However, there are times when it’s necessary, and when it is, it’s important to remember the need for extracting a tooth should never be taken lightly. Today, we explain why tooth extraction can sometimes be required, and why saving the… Read more »

Why Some Dental Emergencies End with Tooth Extraction

Dental emergencies aren’t exactly common, and when they occur, there’s often an option for treating the emergency in a way that helps you preserve all of your healthy, natural teeth. However, the most important goal of most dental emergencies is to treat your condition as soon as possible, and in a way that helps you… Read more »

Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Tooth Extraction

The need for promptness is significant for most dental health treatments. Whatever your oral health concern is, allowing it to remain untreated will likely only allow it to grow worse. When the recommend treatment for your dental problem is tooth extraction, however, the need for prompt treatment is even more pronounced. Losing or extracting a… Read more »

The Bright Side of Tooth Extraction

Knowing that tooth loss can often be the worst-case scenario for many dental health problems, the fact that they need tooth extraction can often be devastating to some patients. Even if they expected that extracting a tooth might be necessary, the loss of the tooth structure can still have a devastating impact on the rest… Read more »