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Why Some Dental Emergencies End with Tooth Extraction

Dental emergencies aren’t exactly common, and when they occur, there’s often an option for treating the emergency in a way that helps you preserve all of your healthy, natural teeth. However, the most important goal of most dental emergencies is to treat your condition as soon as possible, and in a way that helps you… Read more »

Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Tooth Extraction

The need for promptness is significant for most dental health treatments. Whatever your oral health concern is, allowing it to remain untreated will likely only allow it to grow worse. When the recommend treatment for your dental problem is tooth extraction, however, the need for prompt treatment is even more pronounced. Losing or extracting a… Read more »

The Bright Side of Tooth Extraction

Knowing that tooth loss can often be the worst-case scenario for many dental health problems, the fact that they need tooth extraction can often be devastating to some patients. Even if they expected that extracting a tooth might be necessary, the loss of the tooth structure can still have a devastating impact on the rest… Read more »

When Extracting and Replacing a Tooth is the Better Option

For most dental health concerns, there’s often a custom-designed restoration that will suffice to restore and save a tooth. In fact, preserving your healthy, natural tooth structure is typically the goal in any restorative dental treatment. However, saving a tooth isn’t always possible, and in some severe cases, it’s best to extract the tooth and… Read more »

Signs that Might Mean You Need Tooth Extraction

For many people who need tooth extraction, the need stems from a condition that’s severe enough to make the need almost obvious. However, some people are surprised to learn that a tooth needs be extracted because they haven’t realized that the tooth has become so compromised. Because tooth extraction may be recommended for various reasons,… Read more »

Need Tooth Extraction? Here’s What Should Be Next

Tooth extraction isn’t often necessary, but when it is, the goal is still to preserve your healthy, natural smile as much as possible. The point of extracting the tooth is to remove any potential threat it may cause to the rest of your oral health when the tooth itself can’t be restored. However, this still… Read more »

Time’s When Extracting a Tooth Is Best

Different oral health concerns can affect your teeth and oral tissues in many different ways. Yet, for many chronic oral health issues, one of the more severe consequences is losing one or more teeth to the condition. Sometimes, by the time patients seek treatment for their condition, extracting the tooth is the best way to… Read more »

The Advantages of Replacing an Extracted Tooth the Same Day

While there are several different specific reasons for needing to extract a tooth, the process itself often creates the additional need to replace the tooth after it’s been extracted. Even when it’s the best thing for your smile, extracting a tooth means losing it, and tooth loss can impact your smile in several other unique… Read more »

Why Tooth Extraction Doesn’t Have to Be a Bad Thing

Many people realize that losing a tooth can have devastating effects on their oral health, which is why learning that they have to extract a tooth can sometimes be surprising. The good news, however, is that needing tooth extraction doesn’t have to be as devastating to your smile as you might expect. With today’s advanced… Read more »

Is It a Good Idea to Replace an Extracted Tooth?

When you’re told that you have to extract a tooth, you might debate whether the procedure is  necessary. However, once you decide to extract the tooth and the procedure is completed, you might consider the problem solved. The truth, though, is that extracting a tooth that’s causing trouble is often only the first part of… Read more »