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Is It a Good Idea to Replace an Extracted Tooth?

When you’re told that you have to extract a tooth, you might debate whether the procedure is  necessary. However, once you decide to extract the tooth and the procedure is completed, you might consider the problem solved. The truth, though, is that extracting a tooth that’s causing trouble is often only the first part of… Read more »

What’s Different About Same-Day Tooth Extraction?

Choosing to remove a tooth from your dental ridge can be a big decision. It will mean losing a tooth, and in most cases, replacing it, but it can also be necessary to mitigate another serious, more immediate threat to your oral health. To help make tooth extraction less stressful, we can often recommend same-day… Read more »

Is It Really Necessary to Extract a Tooth?

Tooth extraction isn’t often included in the list of possible treatment alternatives that dentists discuss with their patients. Thanks to several important advancements in dental health treatment, most teeth can often be restored and saved, which is typically the preferable solution for your smile. On rare occasions, however, saving a compromised tooth and your oral… Read more »

Why Some Tooth Extractions Require Surgery

Tooth extraction has always been a part of general dental care, though today, it’s less often recommended than it used to be. Sometimes, however, extracting a tooth isn’t as simple or straight-forward as you might expect, and the prospect of needing surgery for the procedure can cause some people to hesitate to seek treatment. Today,… Read more »

What Does Same-Day Tooth Extraction Mean?

Tooth extraction, or the professional removal of a natural tooth and its root, seems straightforward enough that you might not think there’s much variation to the process. Besides the fact that some teeth can be extracted simply and others might require oral surgery, the concept of both procedures is the same – to carefully remove… Read more »

What You Should Know About Tooth Extraction

There’s a lot more to tooth extraction than many people who need it may realize at first. For example, the procedure means that you’ll lose a tooth, which is typically considered a bad thing. Yet, it’s necessary because the tooth has become so compromised that it’s more of a threat than a benefit to your… Read more »

What to Remember About Tooth Extraction

The thing about some tooth extractions cases is that they aren’t exactly unexpected. You may reach a point where you need to extract a tooth because it’s too compromised to save, yet the problem that leads to it may have been developing for a while already. In other cases, your tooth may be suddenly damaged… Read more »

When a Tooth Should Be Replaced Instead of Restored

When you think of tooth replacement, you may automatically associate it with tooth loss. The most common reasons for needing to replace a tooth are because it’s been lost due to something like gum disease, or accidental trauma. However, when a tooth is severely compromised, removing and replacing it might be the most effective way… Read more »

Ways that Tooth Extraction Saves Your Smile

In most cases, the right restorative dental treatment can help you save your smile by addressing the problem and helping your preserve your healthy, natural tooth structure. However, that isn’t always the case, and for some patients, the only way to save their smiles is to remove a tooth before it has a chance to… Read more »

Why Do You Have to Extract a Tooth Now?

Tooth extraction isn’t usually a recommended solution for teeth that could be restored and saved. That’s because the preferable option is usually to preserve as much of your healthy, natural tooth structure as possible. Because of this, many patients don’t expect to be told that tooth extraction is the best way to save and preserve… Read more »