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Need Tooth Extraction? Here’s What to Remember

Because the goal of general dental care is usually to help you preserve your healthy, natural teeth, learning that you need tooth extraction can sometimes seem like you’ve lost. However, there are many reasons for needing tooth extraction, and not all of them are easily preventable. Also, at our Ft. Worth, TX, dental implant office,… Read more »

Can You Get an Implant After Tooth Extraction

Sometimes, a tooth is so damaged or infected that it can no longer perform its duties as a tooth (i.e., helping you bite and chew your food) and it can’t be effectively restored. When this occurs, extracting the tooth is often preferable, as removing the compromised tooth can also remove the threat that it poses… Read more »

A Few Important Facts About Extracting Teeth

The first thing we learn about our dental health is that caring for our teeth on a daily basis is important for preserving our healthy, natural smiles. It’s only years later that we learn those efforts aren’t always successful, especially if our hygiene and dental care routines aren’t consistent. In some cases, the problems that… Read more »

When It’s Time to Extract and Replace a Tooth

These days, restoring smiles is simpler than it’s ever been. Advanced, lifelike restorations like dental crowns can help teeth bounce back even from some severe conditions, like fractured or broken teeth. However, there may still be times when restoring a tooth’s original health, strength, and integrity isn’t possible. At our Ft. Worth, TX, dental office,… Read more »