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Removing A Tooth In A Single Visit

As we age, it is only natural that teeth begin to lose their once vibrant shine, and even become subject to a number of concerns that arise over the years. While nobody would prefer it, tooth loss can be a natural occurrence for some adults. In cases like these, it is imperative to seek implant… Read more »

When Extraction Is The Only Option

For many, adult tooth loss is a concept that is often regarded without much thought, as brushing and flossing at home is enough to suffice and result in a lifelong smile, right? Not necessarily. In fact, a number of adults experience loss due to a variety of concerns, including decay and infection. What’s more, making… Read more »

Extracting a Tooth Same-Day

While you may be doing everything right to take care of your teeth and prevent the need for extraction or other extensive treatment, the truth of the matter is, concerns such as disease, infection, and more can occur and progress before you even know they are a problem. When this happens, it is crucial to… Read more »

The Benefits Of Same-Day Tooth Extraction

The goal of replacing missing teeth is to fill the gaps in your smile and restore balance and function to your smile, so you enjoy optimal oral health and a smile that inspires confidence. However, along the way the process may actually involve the removal of one or more teeth. In today’s blog, your Fort… Read more »

When It Is Time To Consider An Extraction

For most people, undergoing a tooth extraction is the last option they want to consider when it comes to their health. Typically, if anything else can be done, that option would be pursued before removal. In some circumstances, however, removing an oral structure may actually be the best move if it comes down to preserving… Read more »

Restoring Your Smile Faster After Tooth Extraction

When a tooth becomes too compromised to save, extracting it may be the best solution for the rest of your oral health. However, the problem with tooth extraction is that it involves purposely removing all of a tooth’s natural structure, and its absence can have other negative impacts on your oral health over time. Because… Read more »

Types of Tooth Damage that Might Lead to Tooth Extraction

When a tooth becomes cracked or fractured, or a piece breaks off of its crown, you can often expect to save the tooth by having it fixed with custom-designed restorative treatment. While this is often the case even in instances of severe tooth damage, some types of concerns can leave a tooth so compromised that… Read more »

3 Reasons a Tooth Might Need to Be Extracted

There are multiple reasons why you may need restorative treatment to repair a tooth. For example, the tooth might be worn down or damaged in some way, or it may have developed decay in the main part of its structure. Of the many different restorative treatments available, tooth extraction is the least commonly recommended one…. Read more »

When To Consider Extracting a Tooth

Losing a tooth can be a frightening concept for many of us, and isn’t the first option most would prefer when it comes to the health of their smile. While there is a myriad of benefits from receiving a dental restoration, the fact of the matter is that the idea of permanently losing a tooth… Read more »

What to Keep in Mind About Extracting a Tooth

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to extracting a tooth. You might wonder if it’s really necessary, or if there may be another option to save the tooth. You may also need time to get used to the fact that you need to extract the tooth and what that could mean for… Read more »