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Young woman having toothache, sitting in a dental chair at the clinic. Female patient with terrible toothache visiting dentist

June 17, 2021

When individuals seek bone grafting or dental implant treatment, it is often the result of lost teeth, infection, and bone degradation. Indeed, losing a tooth as an adult can be a troubling process, and it is usually better to seek a replacement than it is to leave the gap present in your grin for functional… Continue reading When Infected Teeth Should Be Removed
A wisdom tooth with roots tied with a thread on a black background.

May 25, 2021

Oftentimes we do not consider the effects of compromised health until they impact us directly. The same can be said for dental implants, as most individuals do not expect to lose one or more of their teeth within their lifetime. While advances in dental technology make preserving healthy smiles much more straightforward, oral threats may… Continue reading That Compromised Tooth Needs To Go!
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April 29, 2021

The last thing your dentist wants is for you to lose a healthy tooth to decay, infection, or something else. After all, we want to ensure your oral health is taken care of and your smile is at its tip-top best. Unfortunately, however, life may have other plans, and dangerous factors can threaten your health… Continue reading Extracting Compromised Teeth In One Visit


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