What Implants Cost: Facts About Dental Implant Pricing

implants cost, what implants cost, tooth implants cost, teeth implants cost, dental implants cost, cost of dental implants, dental implant cost, tooth implant cost, cost of a dental implant, dental implants, dental implant, tooth implants, teeth implantsEveryone wants to know what implants cost.

Of course they do. They know they want them. They know that dental implants have changed people’s lives. They know that they can restore your smile’s beauty, not to mention your oral health. Dental implant care is a potential opportunity for a fresh start. But how much do implants cost? What is the price of dental implants financially? Can you afford it?

Our office, The Dental Implant Place, was founded for you. We love nothing more than seeing people like you smile again. We want you to help you get your confidence back and get that fresh start that you crave. Because we want that for you, we have worked very hard to create a process for you that will lower the cost of dental implants, so that implants cost won’t be too much for you. We can’t make them cheap (trust us, you wouldn’t cheap dental implants), but we have made them more affordable.

Affordable Dental Implants: Fantasy or Reality?

The phrase “affordable dental implants” is advertised everywhere. And the prospect is enticing. But what does this term even mean? After all, it’s somewhat relative. What’s affordable for one man may not be for another. And people have different expectations for what dental implants should cost. Some people believe that you should be able to replace all of your teeth for a few thousand dollars (good luck with that) while others are surprised to find out that replacing one tooth can be as inexpensive as a few thousand dollars.

Moreover, most dentists and oral surgeons aren’t straightforward with their pricing. For instance, many will advertise implants at $1000 per implant, only to reveal after your consultation that it’s an additional $2-3k for your abutment and crown. These kinds of hidden fees are unfortunately very common, and they’re something that our office avoids completely.

According to dentalimplantcostguide.com, the average cost for a single tooth replacement in the United States is $4,000. Now, we don’t know where they got this information, but based on our knowledge of other dental offices, this number seems fairly accurate. For the record, our office has significantly lowered this implants cost, both in our pricing and through the way that we handle your dental implants treatment. What does that mean? We’ll explain below.

How we lower the cost of dental implants

Most dental offices don’t work to help you with your implants cost. They will separate your treatment into as many dividable chunks as they can and let them pile up on you as you go. Even offices that seem like they offer lower implant pricing than others will often use the different steps necessary in the dental implant process to pile on hidden fees. Not our office.

At the Dental Implant Place, we lower your cost the following ways:

  1. We offer every step of your treatment in one location, with one team. This alone will save you money, along with an enormous amount of time.
  2. We give you 1 cost after your CT Scan. Just one. No hidden fees.
  3. We’ve streamlined the dental implant process from within, which has allowed us to offer dental implants at reasonable pricing.
  4. We offer dental implants financing, with some plans offering interest rates as low as 0%.

Our team at The Dental Implant Place wants to help you get your smile back. We don’t want to rip you off. We want to help you just like we’ve helped so many other people, and that’s why we’ve taken these measures. Still, quality is the most important service of all. And that leads us to the following truth…

Safe Treatment and Quality Work are worth the cost.

At a certain point, you have to ask yourself what’s more expensive – risky and cheap, or predictable? The cost of poor treatment is higher than money. It takes your time, your pain, your convenience, and the very smile you were trying to get back. Plus, if the care is truly ill-performed, you may have to start treatment all over again with a new provider, costing you additional money. So what’s the point in prioritizing implants cost over implant quality?

You can’t get much more assurance of quality than at The Dental Implant Place, where we’ve focused completely on dental implants since 2007. Our dentist, Dr. Steve Brown, has placed over 8000 dental implants. He also places every type of dental implant. He even trains other dentists from across the United States in implant dentistry. In addition to all of that, he also practices minimally invasive dental implants treatment, which minimizes trauma, decreases discomfort, and quickens healing. In the meantime, you don’t have to take our word for it. You can hear from our patients on whether they think the cost of dental implants at our office was manageable and worth it.

Schedule a CT Scan to Get Your Exact Pricing

The Dental Implant Place offers free consultations, during which you can meet Dr. Brown and get a cost estimate. We also recommend getting a CT Scan during your free consultation for a small additional cost. This will allow Dr. Brown to give you a complete diagnosis of your oral health and therefore give you the exact cost of dental implants treatment for you in our office.

Contact our office today to schedule your appointment and start your journey towards a new smile! We’re ready to help you obtain a better quality of life.

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How to Protect Your Dental Implants This Halloween


With dental implants, you can eat the candy you want!

But that doesn’t mean you’re invincible. Your oral health is vital to your overall health, and as long-lasting as dental implants can be, you still need to care for them. If you have dental implants, you This Halloween make sure to follow the necessary steps for dental implant care so that you can get the most out of your implants.

Pace Yourself With Sugar – Don’t Binge

Remember, bacteria really like sugar. When they feast on the sugar you eat, it leaves your mouth open to decay, gum disease, and oral infection. Therefore, it’s important for your dental implant care that you space out your sugar intake. Instead of eating several pieces of candy throughout the day, eat your candy at singular points. One or two pieces alongside a meal is probably the best time. Then, after you’ve enjoyed yourself, rinse your mouth out and brush your implants, gums, and the rest of your teeth. Do this within a half hour of eating your sugar. Also, drink water, and plenty of it. Water naturally cleans your mouth out, and drinking it with your candy can do wonders for the longevity of your dental implants.

Be Careful With Sticky Candies

The trouble with taffies and other candies of the sort is that they can put unusual strain on your implants restorations – your dental crowns and bridges. In fact, given the right circumstances, sticky candy can even dislodge your new teeth. The best practice is to avoid foods like these.

Brush Your Zirconia Crowns and Bridges After You Eat Your Candy…

Sugar is related to decay, so the less time you let it sit on your teeth, the better. This goes for your new teeth as well. So, after you’ve enjoyed your candy, be sure to brush your teeth! If you have dental implant dentures, let them soak in your solution and wash your mouth with alcohol-free wash!

…But If You Eat Acidic Candy, Don’t Brush for 30 Minutes

If you think candy is bad for your teeth, consider sour candy. Sour candy is especially bad for your teeth. Their low ph level makes these candies only slightly better for your teeth than battery acid. Because of their high acidity, don’t brush your teeth immediately after eating these – it could do further harm to your enamel. Or, better yet, just don’t eat sour candy.

Got Questions About What Your Dental Implants Can Do?

Call our office, The Dental Implant Place, for more information on the capabilities of dental implants and the freedom you can have with these amazing restorative dentistry treatments. Our dentist, Steve Brown DDS, has changed thousands of lives with his nationally-renowned skill and his state-of-the-art dental implant office. He can give you a free consultation and give you the assessment you need to understand your specific needs so that you can begin your journey towards a new quality of life.

Getting the Best Implants – 5 Things to Know

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You deserve the best  implants possible.

The best implants. It’s what you expect. And you should. It’s your mouth, your oral health, your money, and your time at stake. But how do you ensure that you get the best dental implants you can? There are a lot of places to get a dental implant. There’s no shortage of private dental practices that will advertise low cost dental implants on their websites and in their direct mail. Oral surgeons are also abundant, claiming that their expensive costs ensure superior care. Then there’s the corporate dental practices, which boast that their resources mean that you will get the safest and most predictable dental implant surgery in their offices. These trust that their marketing and brand recognition will make you comfortable with their pricing, which is often highest of all.

But how do you really know who to trust? How do you navigate through all of these messages to find the provider that’s right for you? Here are 5 factors to consider that will help you get the best implants you can.

1. The Dentist’s Experience (With Dental Implants) Matters

There’s no substitute for experience. However, while it’s always assuring to know that a dentist has been practicing for over a decade, dental implants are an area of skill all their own. You should ask the dentist you’re consulting with the following questions:

  • How long have they been placing dental implants?
  • Approximately how many implants have they placed?
  • Are they able to place a variety of different sizes? Mini implants? Traditional?
  • Where did you learn how to place dental implants?
  • Are they able to place dental implants the same day as extractions? (Note that not everyone is healthy enough to get same day extractions and implants, but the dentist should nonetheless be able to perform this procedure for those that are.)

Many dentists and oral surgeons who advertise implant treatment in their practices have little experience with them. Be wary of doctors who claim the best dental implants but who haven’t placed very many and/or only place one type/size.

2. Surgery Should be Minimally Invasive

With a truly skilled dental implants dentist, implant placement should be minimally invasive. This means that the implants should be gently rotated into a tiny pinhole in your gum and jaw bone. This method lessens pain and leads to faster healing time. If the dentist you’re talking with doesn’t offer minimally invasive surgery (or uses flaps to place dental implants), find another dental implant office. The best implants will likely be elsewhere.

3. Every Step of Your Care Should be Available From One Location

Here’s a really important factor when looking for the best implants you can get. So many dentists and oral surgeons only offer a certain number of the steps required in the dental implant process. For instance, they may provide your initial consultation, extractions, and implant placement, but they may have to send you to a prosthodontist for measurements before and/or after your surgery. They also may outsource the construction of your new teeth to a faraway lab (a lot of practices would send your teeth to China).

Know this: your dental implant process should be taken care of in one location. One. If a dentist or oral surgeon can’t provide every step of your treatment in their office, then you need to find another dental implants office that will. The best implants experience is one with all of your treatment in one place. Going to multiple offices is inconvenient, costly to your time, and (usually) more costly monetarily.

4. You Shouldn’t Have to Go Without Teeth at Any Point In the Process

If your dentist tries to tell you that it will take weeks or months after your implants are placed to get new teeth placed on top of them, find another dentist. You shouldn’t ever have to walk around with dental implant jutting out of your gums. Ever. This is very important in getting the best implants. You also shouldn’t have to walk around toothless between your extractions and your implants (assuming same day extractions and implants aren’t an option for you). The dental implant dentist should provide you with a temporary set of teeth immediately after they place your dental implants. It can take a few months for your mouth to readjust to your new implants, and you won’t be able to get your final set of teeth until then. You really don’t want to wait that long in order to have teeth you can smile with, and you simply shouldn’t have to.

5. There Should Be Financing Options

Payment plans should be available for you to apply for. There should also be options available for you if you have sub-par credit. If you have really good credit, there should be options available for 0% financing. The best implants practices offer dental implant financing.

The Dental Implant Place passes all of these tests – and then some.

Our office has focused exclusively on dental implants treatment since 2007. We provide every step of the dental implant process in one location. Our dentist, Dr. Steve Brown, has placed over 8 thousand dental implants. He places every variety of implant, and he offers minimally invasive care. Dr. Brown is skilled in same day extractions and implants, and he will give you new implants and new teeth in one appointment. He’s so skilled, in fact, that dentist from across the country travel to our office to learn from him, so that they can improve the implant care they provide in their practices. We offer a variety of financing plans, including some at 0%. And these are just some of the advantages that The Dental Implant Place offers our patients.

Schedule your free consultation with us today to start your journey towards a better quality of life. With our office, your dental implant process can be predictable, safe, convenient, and affordable, and you can have a beautiful set of new teeth that could last you the rest of your life.

Call us today! Our team is ready to help you. 817-560-0414

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How to Get the Best Dental Implants

best dental implants, best tooth implants, dental implants, tooth implants, best teeth implants, teeth implants, dental implant, dental implants cost, tooth implants cost, tooth implants financingHow do you get the best dental implants possible?

Dental implants are a huge investment, and not something you want to have to re-do. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misinformation out there about dental implants in general, and trying to figure out the essentials when searching for a provider can be difficult and frustrating. Here is a list of criteria you can use when searching for a quality dental implant dentist.

Make sure the office handles every step of the process.

A lot of dentists and oral surgeons can only perform certain steps of your dental implant treatment. For instance, they may be able to give you a consultation and CT Scan, but they may not be able to perform your extractions. They may be able to perform your extractions and place your implants, but they may not be able to deliver your prosthetic for you (this would be the crown, bridge, or denture that your dental implant will hold in place). Not only does it cost you extra money when you have to go to multiple dental offices for one procedure, but it can be very inconvenient and can make the process take much longer than it needs to. Find an office that can perform every step of your procedure.

Your dentist should have a lot of experience with dental implants.

Your regular general dentist may offer dental implants in their practice. But does that person do this often? How many cases have they performed? How did they learn how to place implants? Offices that don’t focus on dental implants may not be the best place to get them. After all, its a very specific type of treatment, and being a dentist doesn’t qualify one to place implants any more than being a physician qualifies someone to perform open heart surgery. It’s a requirement for sure, but far from the only requirement. General dentistry and cosmetic dentistry practices spend a lot of their time on things like cleanings, veneers, and fillings. These procedures are nothing like dental implants, and time spent on them is time not spent on dental implant surgery. The dentist performing your case should have done this thousands of times.

Your dentist should place every type of dental implant.

Not only should the dentist you choose have placed a lot of dental implants, but they should also offer different types of dental implants. Tooth implants come in a variety of different sizes because people have different needs. If you suffer from bone loss, you should probably get mini implants, instead of traditional implants with a wide diameter. If you have really healthy bone, you may still require a a small diameter implant with less than 3mm in width, instead of one twice that size. Then again, you may be best off with a 6mm implant if your bone can take it. How will you know if your dentist isn’t skilled with all types? Because that’s the point, really. Dentists who only place traditional implants are essentially limiting their practice to only offer the best solution to a limited group of people, and if you go to an office like that, you’re limiting yourself to what may be a bad solution for you.

The office should use the best materials for your prosthetic.

A lot of offices offer something called All on 4. This is essentially a full arch bridge that’s anchored by 4 dental implants and meant to replace all of your teeth on your lower or upper jaw. There are intrinsic problems with this procedure (your arch may well require more than 4 tooth implants), but the problems are compounded when a dental office makes a permanent (i.e. fixed) bridge out of acrylic. Acrylic is the material that is used to make a denture. It’s not that a denture can’t be successfully anchored by teeth implants – in fact, implant supported dentures can be a more-affordable and acceptable alternative to a fixed implants. However, the acrylic prosthetic must be designed so that it can be removed by the wearer. This is because acrylic is absorbent, which means it must be brushed and rinsed in solution in order to keep bacteria and moisture from accumulating on it. Therefore, if the dental office you’re looking at doesn’t make its bridges and crowns from zirconia, find one that does.

Financing should be available.

If a practice doesn’t offer dental implants financing in this day and age, move on and find one that does. Really, they should offer multiple financing options: some for those with subpar credit scores, 0% financing for those with great credit scores, etc.

The cost of dental implants should be affordable, but you don’t want the cheapest in town.

You may be wondering what tooth implants cost because you want the lowest price in town. But cheapest dental implants are not always the best dental implants. After all, shopping for a dental office isn’t the same as shopping in retail. You can get the exact same flatscreen from Best Buy as you can from Target, so if both are on the same street and one can offer it for less, there’d be no reason to go for the higher cost. However, this principle doesn’t apply to complex medical procedures, so going to Office A because it’ll do your implants for one hundred bucks less than Office B would be silly. Moreover, your oral health and the beauty of your smile are not things you should bargain shop for. So if you see an office offering a tooth implant for, say, one thousand dollars, you should be asking some serious questions, because it’s likely that the office is A) hiding a lot of hidden fees, B) very unprofessional, or C) both. So by all means take cost into account, but don’t make pricing your sole criteria, either.

Our office meets all of these criteria and then some. Give us a call today!

The Dental Implant Place has focused completely on dental implants and restorative care since 2007. Our dentist has performed thousands of procedures, utilizes every type of implant, and even teaches other dentists how to place implants in their practices! We handle every step of your procedure under one roof – we even digitally design and mill your prosthetic out of zirconia in our in-house lab. We also offer a variety of teeth implants financing, including some plans at 0% financing. Call today and schedule your free consultation, and find learn more about our same day dental implants, which ensure that you will never walk out of your surgery without a set of teeth to wear.

8 Facts About Mini Implants Dental Care

mini implants dental, mini implant, mini dental implants, dental implants, the dental implant place, dr steve brown, steve brown dds, dr.steve brown, dental implant, mini implantSo you’re considering mini implants.

You’ve decided that you need dental implants, and you’re trying to figure out which option is best. You’ve heard about this particular type of dental implant and you want to see what the fuss is about. You’ve heard that it’s apparently smaller, more affordable, and less invasive than traditional implants, and you’re wondering Here’s what you need to know about mini implants dental care, which we offer in our dental-implants-only-practice.

1. The term “Mini Implant” can vary.

A mini implant is essentially a dental implant with a smaller diameter than standard dental implants. They can be ideal for people who need tooth replacement and have less bone in their jaws to work with (more on this later).

Depending on the office, mini implants can have slightly different definitions. Some practices call them “minis” or “mdi’s”. Other dental offices may call them “small diameter implants” or “sdi’s”. Still other dental implant offices will make a distinction between mini implants dental care and small diameter implants. According to these dentists, a mini implant is one with a diameter smaller than 2.5mm, while small diameter implant is one ranging from 2.5 to 3.5 mm in diameter. According to the Journal of Oral Implantology, are 1.8 to 3.3 mm diameter. Dentistry Today lists them as being below below 3mm. Regardless of where you look though, an implant with less than 3mm in diameter is not a traditional implant. Meanwhile, an implant with a diameter of 3.5mm or more is a traditional implant.

2. Mini Implants are minimally invasive.

This means that mini implants dental care require the less surgery than traditional implants require. Less surgery means less trauma. Less trauma usually means a more comfortable procedure and faster healing.

To paint a picture, let’s look at how many oral surgeons and dentists place traditional dental implants. First, they will often cut open your gums, creating what’s called a flap. Then, they will drill a large hole in your bone, which they will then drill a large implant into. If this sounds painful, it’s because it usually is. In contrast, mini implants dental care involves making a tiny pinhole in your gums and bone. Then, a skilled dentist will gently rotate the implant into place. This is a much simpler and safer process than flaps.

3. They can be ideal for those with bone loss.

Really, there’s no “best” type of dental implant for everyone. Everyone has different needs, and so the ideal type of dental implant will vary depending on the person. That said, mini implants are especially helpful for people who have suffered bone loss. Bone loss is when the bone in your jaw recedes and grows smaller. There are a variety of things that can cause it, including smoking, gum disease, osteonecrosis, or aging. Often, bone loss occurs when a person wears traditional dentures for a number of years. Teeth stimulate your gums and bone with their roots. Therefore when there are no teeth in your ridge, your bone will often shrink from lack of use. Ironically, it’s often longtime denture wearers and bone loss sufferers that need dental implants the most. This reality makes mini implants dental that much more important.

4. They can be used to secure dentures and bridges.

Just like other types of dental implants, mini implants dental can be used to secure a dental prosthesis. Zirconia crows and zirconia bridges are all fair game, as are dentures. However, the smaller the mini implants, the more will be needed to securely anchor the denture or bridge.

5. They’ve been used widely-used for over two decades.

Innovative dentists began using small diameter implants in the 90’s. Then in 1997, they were cleared by the FDA “for longterm intrabony applications”. Since then, they’ve been reported with survival rates as high as 97%. This means that mini implants dental care is safe and predictable when performed by a trustworthy dentist.

6. They can be more affordable than traditional implants.

Remember how we said that there’s no best type of dental implant all around? Well, there are dentists who will try to tell you otherwise. Many oral surgeons, in fact, will insist on placing only traditional dental implants. You need to avoid these doctors. They’re either naive, unskilled, or they’re just trying to get you to pay for the largest dental implants, which are typically more costly than smaller implants. Mini implants dental can be more affordable than traditional implant care for this reason, and this can actually incentivize dentists to not offer this type of care. Make sure that the dental office you choose openly offers this type of care!

7. They may not be the best choice for you

If you have the bone available for larger implants, they may be better for you than mini implants dental care. This can especially be the case if you’re looking to anchor a zirconia bridge or a denture. Ultimately, you’ll need a CT scan and a skilled, experienced dental implants dentist to show you the right implant combination for you. Often, the best case for you involves multiple different types of implants for the different regions of your jaw.

8. Mini Implants Dental Care is available at The Dental Implant Place.

The Dental Implant Place has exclusively provided dental implants and restorative dental care since 2007. Our founder, Dr. Steve Brown, founded our business with the philosophy that every person should get the implants that are right for them. Rather than focusing an entire practice around the use of one type of dental implant, he believes that a practice should instead provide the implants that will fit your needs. That’s why we offer every type of dental implant in our Dallas Fort Worth office. This is in direct contrast with many oral surgery and dental offices, where they will force your bone to accommodate their implant of choice. Moreover, in our office, we never use flaps. Dr. Brown strictly adheres to minimally invasive implant care and has the skill and experience necessary to provide that for you regardless of your case.

If you need dental implants, don’t put off replacing your teeth and restoring your smile’s beauty. Call The Dental Implant Place today to schedule your free consultation. Dr. Steve Brown has performed thousands of implant cases and thus brings world-class experience and skill to the dental chair. Find out if mini implants dental is right for you, and start your journey towards a new quality of life!

What is the Tooth Implant Process?

Understanding the Dentaltooth implant, tooth implants, teeth implants, dental implants, dental implant, same day dental implants, same day dental implant, dental implants same day, tooth implants same day, same day tooth implants Implant Process

Getting dental implants is always a multi step process that will at least include a consultation, x-ray, implant placement, crown or bridge delivery, and post op appointments. There may also be additional stages: impressions and extractions, for instance, are often needed. It’s therefore important that you understand the basics of each of these services, and that you choose an office that can provide all of them in one place. Fortunately, The Dental Implant Place handles every step of the tooth implant process in one office. Not only that, but our dentist, Dr. Steve Brown, can perform your extractions, place your dental implants, and give you new teeth all in the same day!

Consultation, CT Scan, and Treatment Plan

At our office, we offer a free consultation in the same appointment as a CT scan. Dr. Steve Brown will create your treatment plan from his assessments of your needs and give it to you in the same visit! Many dentists and oral surgeons aren’t able to provide all of these steps themselves and will have to refer you to another dentist or prosthodontist for help in making your treatment plan for your tooth implant process. Many dentists and oral surgeons also don’t provide CT Scans (which provide a 360 view of your mouth) and only offer x-rays. CT scans offer an increase in the predictability of your surgery that x-rays can’t, and so they are always preferable when making a treatment plan. A CT scan is a $100 surcharge.


Depending on the type of tooth implant surgery you’ll be undergoing, our dental implant office may or may not need impressions of your mouth. Single tooth implant surgery, for instance, sometimes doesn’t require an impression in the tooth implant process. Many times, The Dental Implant Place can get your initial impressions in the same appointment as your consultation and CT scans.

Same Day Extractions and Dental Implants

Most dentists and oral surgeons can’t give you same day dental implants and extractions. However, Dr. Brown regularly provides this treatment for his patients in our dental implant office. Please note that not all patients qualify for same day extractions and implants. To get your implants and extractions in the same day, you will need to have bone and gum tissue healthy enough for the procedure.

New Teeth in One Day

At our office, you’re guaranteed to get new teeth the same day as your dental implants! The tooth implant process is rarely so convenient anywhere else. Most dental offices will require you to live your life with your implants jutting out of your gums for weeks or months.

Post Operative Checkup

You will need to visit The Dental Implant Place the day after your dental implant surgery for a post operative check up with Dr. Brown. He will ensure that your bone and gum tissue are healing properly.

Delivery of Your Final Teeth

Your bone and gum tissue will need time to adjust to your dental implants, which will be acting as new tooth roots. The time period required for this can range anywhere from 6 weeks to several months depending on your procedure and your oral health. Once your bone and gum tissue have fully adjusted, you will receive your final set of teeth. These will be custom designed for you in our in house dental lab!

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Don’t delay restoring your quality of life! Call our office today to schedule your free consultation with Dr. Steve Brown and start your tooth implant process!

What do Full Mouth Teeth Implants Cost ?

Are you considering full mouth dental implants?teeth implants, tooth implants, dental implants, dental implants cost, tooth implants cost, teeth implants cost, dental implant, tooth implant, teeth implant, full dental implants, full dental implants cost

So you’re considering getting dental implants for your whole mouth – replacing all of your teeth with new ones. At this point you may know that this is the best option for your oral health, but now you’re wondering whether or not you can afford teeth implants cost full mouth. If this is you, don’t worry. Our dental implant office in fort worth tx is not only equipped to provide every step of your dental implant treatment, but we also can do so at an affordable price for you. We also provide dental implants financing so that you can manage the cost of full mouth tooth implants.

Are Full Mouth Teeth Implants Affordable?

This depends on where you go and the plan you choose. Many dental offices take advantage of their relationships with their patients and overcharge drastically for dental implant procedures. Others only offer full dental implants treatments that use the most expensive materials and procedures. The Dental Implant Place does neither – we offer affordable teeth implants cost full mouth. Our implant supported dentures provide you with an option that will let you replace all of your teeth at a less costly rate than all on 4 procedures (that provide the same benefits). Meanwhile, our full mouth zirconia bridges provide the highest quality tooth replacement available in dentistry.

What About Financing?

We offer a variety of dental implants payment plans in our dental implants dentist office so that you can afford your full mouth teeth implants cost. Some of our plans offer 0% financing, while others offer the chance to space out your monthly payments out 5 years!

Call Us Today for a Free Consultation and Cost Estimate!

If you need full mouth tooth implants, then you need a dentist you can trust. The Dental Implant Place manages every step of your dental implant treatment, and our dentist, Dr. Steve Brown, has performed thousands of successful cases for people like you who deserve a new smile. He’s so skilled that dentists from all across the United States come travel to our Fort Worth office to learn how to place dental implants from him. Call us today to schedule your free consultation with Steve Brown DDS and get a complementary teeth implants cost full mouth estimate for your needs.

Does a Dental Implant Denture Work?

What’s a Dental Implant Denture?

tooth implants, dental implants, dental implant dentures, tooth implants dentures, dentures tooth implant, all on 4, dental implants all on 4, all on fourMany people call into our dental implant office with the same story: they’re struggling with their dentures, and they want to know if they can attach their current pair to dental implants. The answer? Maybe. But even if they’re calling a dentist skilled enough to perform this procedure (in our case, they are), and even if their denture is well-designed enough to be anchored to dental implants (it might be), they will eventually need a new set of teeth to replace the denture they’re using. That’s because traditional dentures simply aren’t designed with the frame to withstand the pressure that comes from the superior stability of teeth implants. Fortunately, a skilled dental implants office with its own dental lab can design you a new dental implant denture that is specifically designed to fit over your new tooth implants, providing drastically better stability and function than adhesives and suction.

How Implant Supported Dentures Function

In some ways, a dental implant denture function in the same way as a crown or bridge appliance. The tooth implants (small titanium rods) act as tooth roots in your jaw bone while anchoring the replacement teeth (in this case a denture) firmly in place. This is the end of the discussion in some dental offices, where an acrylic denture is permanently screwed onto your dental implants, where it can’t be removed except by a professional. This is not ideal, however, as acrylic (the material that makes up a denture) is highly absorbent of moisture and bacteria and needs to be cleaned by being soaked in solution. This means a denture needs to be removed, whether its anchored to dental implants or not. Fortunately at The Dental Implant Place, we design your dental implant denture to snap on and off of your dental implants, so that you can remove them, brush them on all sides, and soak them in solution.

Call our dental implant practice for more information: 817-560-0414

Dr. Steve Brown has placed over 8000 tooth implants, and our facility is designed to perform every step of your dental implant procedure from start to finish – from your free consultation to the delivery of your new teeth! Call us today to schedule your visit with Dr. Brown and start your journey towards a new quality of life!

Avoiding Dental Implants Problems

What Causes Dental Implants Problems?dental implants, dental implant pain, dental implants swelling, dental implant care, all on 4 problems, dental implant surgery, dental implants risk

Dental implants can last a lifetime when cared for properly. However, when not cared for properly, problems can arise around them, such as infection at the implant site and nerve damage. This is especially true in the critical period right after your surgery. Below are a list of things you should do to take care of your dental implants.

Brush and Floss

This is a vital part of dental implant care. Just like with your natural teeth, the gums around your dental implant will need to be cleaned with flossing twice daily. Your zirconia crowns or bridges will also need to be brushed with fluoride. This will help you avoid dental implant risks.

Mouth Rinse

Use non-alcoholic mouth rinse to further clean your new teeth and your gums. This can be extremely helpful in preventing gum disease, which could compromise your dental implants. Don’t use mouth wash after your surgery unless directed to do so by your dentist.

Don’t Smoke

Smoking is extremely harmful to your oral health, and dental implants will not change that. Smoking in the days after your surgery is especially harmful and should be avoided.

Don’t Chew Ice

Even zirconia teeth can be damaged by chewing ice. This practice erodes healthy natural teeth and should never be done.

Call Your Dentist if There’s Bleeding or Swelling

Some bleeding and swelling is to be expected in the days following your surgery, but it shouldn’t be excessive. Make sure to talk with your dentist about the level of pain and discomfort you should expect, and call if you have any doubts about the level at which you experience these things.

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The Types of Dental Implants

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When it comes to dental implants, one size does not fit all. Different people have different needs, and restorative dentistry is no exception – some people struggle with bone loss, while others have healthy bone and gums but are missing a few teeth. Fortunately, there are actually a variety of different types of dental implants, each with its own diameter. These different sizes mean that people have more than one solution to turn to for tooth replacement. At The Dental Implant Place, we place every type of dental implant.

Mini Implants

A mini implant is the smallest variety of dental implant available. They can be as narrow as 1.8mm. Mini implants are sometimes the ideal solution for those suffering from bone loss, since a wider implant requires more bone for safe placement. Since so many people who need dental implants need them due to these health factors in the first place, mini implants fill a vital function in restorative dentistry. While most dentists and oral surgeons only place traditional implants, our dentist, Dr. Steve Brown is proficient with all dental implants.

Small Diameter Implants

Small diameter dental implants are sometimes talked about interchangeably with mini dental implants. However, there are also a different variety of dental implant all on their own, typically ranging from 2.0mm-3.0mm in diameter.

Traditional Dental Implants

The most commonly placed implants are wider than 3.0mm. They can be as wide as 6.0mm. The primary advantage of larger dental implants is that they can provide the firmest anchor for a dental prosthetic, such as an all on 4. However, their larger size also means that they often can’t be used in minimally invasive surgery.

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