Why You Can Trust Dr. Steve Brown With Your Dental Implants

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Why You Can Trust Dr. Steve Brown With Your Dental Implants

When you’re searching for a doctor to perform your dental implant surgery, it’s important that you choose a dentist with experience, skill, and compassion. Dr. Steve Brown, the owner and practitioner of The Dental Implant Place, exemplifies all three. As a dentist who trains other dentists in dental implant surgery, Dr. Brown knows dental implants, and he has designed an exceptional, all-in-one-place system in his Fort Worth office that allows you to receive every stage of your treatment in one place.

Over 8,000 Dental Implants Placed

Dr. Brown has been serving the Fort Worth community for over twenty two years, and he has been providing dental implants to patients for over a decade. In that time, he has placed thousands of dental implants of all types and sizes: traditional, mini, and small diameter. He has completed hundreds of hours of continuing education in dental implant dentistry under some of the greatest dental implant experts in the world. He was among the first two dentists in history to gain fellowship and mastership in the International Academy of Mini Dental Implants, and served two terms as Vice President in this academy. With experience like this under his belt, it is safe to say that Dr. Steve Brown is truly a pioneer of dental implants.

Watch Dr. Brown here on the Wellness Hour.

Other Dentists Seek His Training

Such is Dr. Brown’s skill and experience that hundreds of dentists have trained under him and learned from his extensive expertise. In fact, he lectures to hundreds of doctors every year as the President of the American Academy of Small Diameter Implants, an organization of dentists from across the United States that is dedicated to the study and application of dental implant dentistry.

Dr. Brown also offers training for dentists as the President and Lead Instructor of the Small Diameter Implant Institute (SDII), a hands-on dental implant training course of his design. In this revolutionary course, Dr. Brown shows dentists how to perform dental implant surgery by placing implants on live patients in the Dominican Republic. These patients are underprivileged Dominican citizens who could never receive this type of care any other way. Through Dr. Brown’s course, these patients can gain a new lease on life, and dentists can learn dental implant dentistry from an exceptionally experienced dentist through hands-on application. 

To hear more about Dr. Steve Brown from other dentists, watch this interview with Dr. Jim Fregia, an SDII trained dentist from Odessa, Texas.

His Process Is Revolutionary

With so many years of experience, Dr. Brown has designed an outstanding dental implant process in his Fort Worth office that allows his patients a level of convenience that is unmatched by most dental offices. At his practice, The Dental Implant Place, the patient receives every stage of their dental implant procedure in one place. No longer must you go to multiple offices for your scans, surgery, and fitting. He not only handles all of these steps, but he also oversees the construction of your new teeth (crowns, bridges, and dentures) in his own in-house dental lab. This process not only saves the patient time, but money as well. Because his office handles all of its own procedures, it’s able to cut the cost of your dental implants, and getting your implant procedure done all in one place saves you from multiple bills that may contain hidden or unexpected fees.

Schedule Your Free Consultation With Him Today

We challenge you to find a dentist in the Fort Worth area that can offer the same combination of experience, convenience, and affordability for you and your dental implants. Contact Dr. Steve Brown’s practice today to schedule your free consultation. He’s here to give you the treatment you need and deserve, and with his extraordinary experience, there’s no one you should trust more.

How Our Dental Financing Helps You

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In our Fort Worth office, we want the cost of your dental implants to be as convenient as possible for you. This is why we offer dental implant financing. Here’s how and why this option could benefit you.

Get Treatment Now, Rather Than Later

Usually, when a person is dealing with missing or infected teeth, their oral health needs are much more urgent than they realize. The dangers of missing and infected teeth are serious. Missing teeth can lead to the collapse of adjacent teeth, misalignment of your jaw bone, and substantial bone loss. Oral infection can also lead to other health problems, including but not limited to:

  • Heart Disease
  • Periodontal Disease
  • Dementia
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Diabetes

No matter how you choose to look at it, waiting too long for your dental implants can cost you. Infection in your mouth can lead to other diseases throughout your body which are not only expensive to treat, but are also miserable to experience. Furthermore, the worse your oral health gets, the more expensive its upkeep and overhaul will likely be. The more your bone deteriorates, the more likely it is you will need bone grafts. The more decay and/or gum disease that you accumulate, the more risks and cost will be associated with your surgery.

Our Dental Implant Financing

Fortunately, you no longer have to wait to get the procedure you require. Because we feel so strongly that you should not delay your oral health treatment, our Fort Worth practice has financing available to finance your dental implants and get you the treatment you need when you need it. The application process is easy, and we are more than happy to walk you through it. We want you to get your dental implants at a rate that’s affordable to you, and our dental financing is here to make that happen.

Our Rates (Are Probably Better Than Your Credit Card’s)

Most credit card companies charge ten percent interest or more for their lending plans. While many think that this is reasonable, we think that you deserve better. That’s why almost all of our payment plans are much less expensive for you. We are able to offer a wide variety of flexible rates that will help you get the dental implant treatment that you need at a pace you can afford. Believe it or not, for some procedures and surgeries, we have plans available that require no interest payments. That’s right, we have dental implant financing available for zero percent interest. 

Contact our Ft Worth office for a free consultation for more information on how we can offer you dental financing for your dental implants. We want you to get exactly the care you need, when you need it, and we look forward to helping you do exactly that.

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The Dangers of Tooth Loss

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Adult tooth loss is a dental problem that is experienced by many. As the teeth age, they become especially vulnerable to severe decay and are more prone to damage or falling out. While the aesthetic flaws of tooth loss are obvious, there are more hidden dangers to consider when it has occurred. Missing teeth negatively affect oral functions and leave the remaining teeth – and a person’s overall oral health – vulnerable to damage. Because of the oral health dangers faced by his Fort Worth patients with missing teeth, dental implants dentist Dr. Steve Brown offers dental implants treatment as a secure and reliable solution for tooth loss.

Dangers of Missing Teeth

While it’s a devastating experience for most patients to lose teeth, some are hesitant to undergo treatment. In some cases, a patient would rather deal with the aesthetic effects of tooth loss than submit to restorative dental treatment. However, it is important for these patients to understand that the effects of losing teeth are not just cosmetic. When natural teeth are lost, a patient becomes vulnerable to a wide array of oral health problems, including the following:

  • Collapse of adjacent teeth: Without all the teeth in place to support one another, the teeth in the mouth are likely to shift out of place. Patients who do not treat tooth loss are likely to have the teeth adjacent to those that have been lost cave in or collapse into the open space.
  • Misalignment: If the remaining teeth shift or collapse as a result of bone loss, the bite will also be negatively affected. Patients with unaddressed tooth loss are likely to experience alignment issues.
  • Bone loss: One of the most devastating effects of lost teeth is bone loss. The roots of the teeth serve to stimulate the bone and promote growth. Without this stimulation, the bone will lose density and will eventually result in a loss of support and facial structure.
  • Decreased oral functions: Every oral function we perform is affected by tooth loss. Patients who experience tooth loss will find it more difficult to chew, eat, and speak. A decrease in these functions can result in lasting physical and emotional damage.

The more lost teeth, the greater the oral problems that a patient will face. However, even the loss of just one tooth can compromise the overall health and structure of the mouth, which is why it is so important to treat lost teeth as soon as possible.

Treating Lost Teeth with Dental Implants

Dr. Brown believes that the most effective treatment for missing teeth is dental implants. Dental implants are the only restorative solution that prevents all the problems associated with missing teeth. They are able to improve the aesthetics of the smile, maintain oral structure, and restore oral functions. Not only that, but implants are the only solution for missing teeth that also stimulates the jaw bone in order to promote new bone growth. Dental implants are a viable solution for most patients and can be a secure anchor for dental crowns, dental bridges, or dentures.

Schedule an Appointment

Do not let tooth loss damage the appearance of your smile or the health of your teeth and jaw. If you have lost teeth, schedule a free consultation with dental implants dentist Dr. Steve Brown at your earliest convenience to discuss dental implant treatment. We can help you maintain the health, structure, and function of your mouth.

4 Advantages of Dental Implants Dentures Over Traditional Dentures

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4 Advantages of Dental Implant Retained Dentures Over Traditional Dentures

One of the primary services we provide in our office is the placement and construction of dental implant retained dentures (sometimes called dental implants dentures). This affordable option offers several of the advantages of dental implants while removing many of the traditional hardships of dentures. Here are some of the ways that this option serves you.

4. Minimal Slipping

An all-to-common problem with conventional dentures is that they slide around in a person’s mouth when he or she is either speaking or trying to chew food. Not only can this be extremely irritating, it is also embarrassing. However, thanks to dental implants this can be avoided. With implants to retain them, your denture is still resting on tissue, but will move very little when you eat and not at all when you talk.

3. No Adhesives

If you have dentures yourself, you know what a pain adhesives are. They taste bad. They feel gross. They cost you a lot of money, and, worst of all, they often don’t work. Dental implants allow you to avoid the hassle, pain, and disgust of adhesives, holding your new teeth firmly in place all by themselves.

2. Eat What You Want

Perhaps the biggest, most frequent complaint about dentures is that they limit the wearer’s diet. A typical denture restricts a person to eating mostly soft foods, preventing one from eating what they want. Dental implants dentures fix this. Dental implant supported prosthetics allow you to eat the food you desire without worrying about slippage, thanks to their more secure fit.

1. Preserve Your Bone, Gums, and Face

The least-known disadvantage of conventional dentures may be the most harmful of all: the dangers of missing teeth. When a person is missing teeth, it can lead to the erosion of your facial structure over time because the gums and bone tissue will begin to deteriorate. This is because the roots of the teeth stimulate the bone and gum tissue; without this stimulus, the tissue recedes from lack of use. This shrinkage will affect the fit of your denture, which will become looser and less effective as your gums and jaw are altered. Worse still, this bone and gum deterioration will cause premature aging in your face, wearing away your healthy appearance.

With dental implants retaining your new teeth, however, this problem is fixed. Implants act as tooth roots, stimulating your jawbone and your gum tissue the way that natural teeth do. They help you retain your face while providing you with a firmer, more reliable fit over time.

Learn More About Dental Implant Dentures

Contact our Fort Worth office today to schedule your free consultation and to learn more about how this service can restore your quality of life.

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How Small Diameter Dental Implants Can Lower the Price of Your Treatment

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Most of the dental implants we place in our Fort Worth office are small diameter implants (sometimes called mini implants). This is because this type of implant offers several key advantages that other types do not, and one of these advantages is their lower price. Here’s how they make your procedure more affordable.

They’re Less Expensive to Buy

A dental implant, though small, is usually composed of many parts. These can and/or will include the post, an impression sleeve, an abutment screw, a cover screw, an implant analog, a healing abutment, and an esthetic abutment. Overall, a conventional implant can be made up of anywhere from 10 to 15 parts. Because of their complex structure, dental implants can be very expensive; generally, the more parts required for a dental implant, the higher its price on the dentist placing it. The dentist will then be forced to raise the price of your procedure in order to cover his or her costs.

Mini implants ft worth is another story. Compared with their more complex brethren, small diameter implants are usually composed of no more than five parts, and can even be as simple as a single piece! This makes them less expensive to manufacture, which in turn makes them less expensive for you in our Fort Worth office.

They Can Help You Avoid Bone Grafting Procedures

Some patients seeking restorative dental treatment have experienced bone loss in their jaw due to dentures, infection, or missing teeth. Because of their missing bone tissue, many of these patients don’t qualify for traditional implants without bone grafting surgery. Bone grafting is a procedure in which missing or damaged bone is replaced by new pieces of bone, which is often harvested from the patient. These procedures can cost thousands of dollars (depending on the patient’s case and the type of  surgery) and can also be extremely time consuming. For instance, it usually takes between 9 to 12 months for a patient to heal completely from an additive bone graft.

Thanks to small diameter dental implants, however, these surgeries can often be avoided. This is because these implants are minimally invasive, meaning they require a much smaller pilot hole than other implants. A small diameter implant usually between (2.9-3.25mm) in diameter. When compared with traditional implants (which can be as wide as 6mm) it’s not difficult to see how small diameter implants aka mini implants require less bone in order to be placed. They cause significantly less trauma during surgery, allowing for both faster healing a higher qualification rate among patient’s.

Find Out More From Our Doctor

Dr. Steve Brown has placed thousands of dental implants over the course of his career, and he strongly holds to the advantages of small diameter implants and mini implants. He believes in them so much that he teaches other dentists how to place them as the President and Lead Instructor of the Small Diameter Implant Institute. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Brown and find out more about how our office can help you lower the cost of your mini implants ft worth.

How Our Office Lowers the Cost of Your Dental Implants

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How Our Office Lowers the Cost of Your Dental Implants

At our Fort Worth practice, we work to make the cost of your dental implants affordable for you. One of the ways we do this is through what we call our All-In-One-Place Advantage, which allows us to handle every stage of your treatment ourselves. As you will see, this unique feature can reduce your price considerably.

The Dental Implant Process

There are typically many steps required for placing implants. These steps include:

  1. Consultation: The patient must receive an oral exam from a doctor so that their specific needs can be accurately assessed.
  2. X-Rays/Scans: Usually several X-Rays or CT Scans of the patient’s mouth are required for your procedure. They must be taken pre-surgery to determine whether or not there is adequate bone density for implant placement, and they must be taken post-surgery to survey the progress of the patient’s healing.
  3. Surgery: There are two surgical procedures involved in the dental implant process: tooth extractions and implant placement (some people, like full denture wearers, don’t need tooth extraction surgery). Sometimes both of these surgeries can be done in one day, but other times they may require separate appointments. In addition, while a patient’s dental implants can usually be placed in one appointment, this is not always the case. Sometimes multiple surgeries are necessary for placement.
  4. Building the New Teeth: A dental lab must construct the crown, bridge, or denture that you will wear over your implants.
  5. Fitting: An appointment must be made for the dentist to fit the new prosthetics onto the implants.
  6. Adjustments: Typically, a patient will need at least one follow-up appointment for adjustments to be made to their new teeth

Most Offices Can’t Perform All of These Steps

Most dentists and oral surgeons can’t perform every stage of this process for you and will have to refer you to other offices for these stages. Clearly, this can be very inconvenient for patients in terms of time. However, more visits to more offices will also mean more bills. Because many offices charge per X-ray and per visit, all of these visits to different offices can significantly add to your overall cost, and they’re therefore unable to offer you low cost dental implants.

This problem is especially evident when the dentist placing your implant does not have his or her own dental lab and must outsource the construction of your denture, crown, or bridge. This not only gives you another bill to pay, but also allows for a broader margin of error in the construction of your new teeth, since the outsourced dental lab doesn’t take your measurements itself. This can lead to more adjustments being needed (which would require more post-surgery visits to your dentist) and raise your cost even further.

Fortunately, none of this has to be the case for you. At The Dental Implant Place in Fort Worth…

We Handle Every Phase of Your Treatment

We’ll give you a free consultation and take your CT Scans. We’ll build your denture, crown, or bridge ourselves in our own in-house dental lab. Best of all, Dr. Steve Brown will perform every step of your surgical procedure, from your tooth extractions to the placement of your dental implants.

We Don’t Charge Per X-Ray/CT Scan

Although our patients must pay for their initial CT scan, the rest are on us.

We Don’t Charge Per Office Visit

Any repairs or adjustments on your new teeth are free for up to one year, and these adjustments can, in most cases, be done within one appointment. This type of service can significantly reduce the cost of your dental implants over time, and will certainly make your treatment more convenient.

A Variety of Financing Options

Many dentist offices offer only one or two forms of financing: The Dental Implant Place offers several, including some plans with zero percent financing for up to two years.

Want More Information?

Contact our Fort Worth office today. We’d be happy to give you more details on how our state-of-the-art practice offers low cost dental implants.

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7 Things To Know When Preparing for Your Dental Implant Procedure

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Once our patients have scheduled their dental implant procedure, there are several steps and measures that we advise they take. Here are the guidelines to follow.

For All Patients:

1. Remove Your Dentures, Jewelry, Contact Lenses

This includes ear, facial, and tongue jewelry. Both partial and complete dentures must be removed. Do not wear make-up! 

2. If You Feel Sick, Please Notify Us

If you have an illness such as a cold, sore throat, stomach or bowel aches, or fever, let us know. You shouldn’t go into surgery while under the weather.

3. Check With Dr. Brown About Your Routine Medications

If you take routine oral medications, please inform Dr. Brown prior to the date of your dental implant surgery. Check with your doctor as well.

For Patients Having Enteral Conscious Sedation or IV Sedation

4. Don’t Eat or Drink Anything Beforehand

Do not consume any food or beverage (including water) within 6 hours prior to your appointment.

5. Bring Someone With You

A responsible adult must accompany the patient to the office, remain in the office during the procedure, and drive the patient home. If the patient is 18 years of age or younger, the patient must be accompanied by the parent/legal guardian.

6. Don’t Drive Afterwards

The patient should not drive a vehicle or operate any machinery for twelve hours following the appointment.

7. If You Have Any More Questions, Ask Us

We want our patients’ to be informed and comfortable so that we can provide them with the best possible care. Contact our Fort Worth office today for more information on how we can help you.


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12 Suggestions For Fast Healing After Dental Implants

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12 Suggestions For Fast Healing After Dental Implants

Congratulations! You’ve just completed the first step of your dental implant treatment: the surgery. Now it’s time to take care of your mouth so that it can heal as quickly as possible.

Dental implants require a clean environment in order to heal properly and remain healthy. The success of the implant(s) at this point will depend largely on how you care for them. Proper care of your mouth will aid in the healing process and reduce the possibility of complications. The following instructions will assist you during this healing phase.

1. Rest Up

Following the procedure, we may advise you to take it easy for a couple of days. Generally the fewer the implants placed, the shorter the recovery time.

2. Use Ice Packs

You may experience some swelling after the procedure. Ice packs will keep the swelling to a minimum. Apply ice to your face on a “15 minute on and 15 minute off” cycle for the remainder of the day. If swelling lasts longer than 48 hours, call our office.

3. Use Medication If/As Necessary

You may have some discomfort after the procedure. The amount of this discomfort depends on a number of factors , including the number of implants placed and where they were placed. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicines are often helpful in controlling this type of discomfort. Your doctor will also prescribe pain medication. You may supplement the anti-inflammatory medication with this prescription medication if needed. You do not have to take or finish the pain medication. Do not take more than the daily maximum dose of any pain medication.

4. Use Antibiotics If/As Necessary

Your doctor may prescribe an antibiotic for you. Unlike the pain medication, it is important that you finish this medication unless otherwise directed.

5. Apply Gauze

There is usually a minimal amount of bleeding following the procedure. We suggest that you gently bite on the gauze packing in your mouth for at least 20-30 minutes. If you notice bleeding from the area after the first 30 minutes, replace the gauze pad.

6. Get Details About Your Specific Case

Be sure to ask Dr. Steve Brown about any unique instructions you may need to clean your implant or implants during the initial healing stage. Each case is different and may require special directions.

7. Get Your Nutrients

We would like you to eat soft-nutritious foods. Supplement each meal with liquid meal such as Ensure or Slim-Fast to assure you get proper nutrition. Care should be taken to avoid hard or crunchy foods that might cause trauma to the implant area. Don’t eat anything hot (temperature-wise) AND don’t chew anything until the numbness is gone.

8. Don’t Smoke

Smoking should be avoided for at least two weeks following the surgery. Smoking has proved to negatively affect the healing process.

9. For Denture Wearers…

Dr. Brown will decide when dentures or partial dentures should be removed after surgery. Remember, no undue pressure should be applied over the implant surgical site. This can affect the success of your implants.

10. Regarding Stitches

Stitches will be removed in 7-10 days as deemed necessary by Dr. Brown, unless they are the type that dissolves.

11. If There’s Swelling, Redness, Fever, or Discomfort…

Should you notice any of these things in the area of the implant after the healing phase, contact our Fort Worth office.

12. Got Questions? Contact Our Office

Click on the link in #11 and contact our office. We want your healing process to be as quick, comfortable, and safe as possible. Call us today for more information on how we can help you.


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8 Things to Expect During the Dental Implant Process

dental implants surgery process

Our Fort Worth patients often ask us what to expect during the dental implant process. Here we describe to them what it’s like to get dental implants from start to finish. Outlined below are the common phases of treatment. However, the treatment process can vary from patient to patient.

1. Initial Consultation

In this appointment, our dentist Dr. Steve Brown will take the time to listen to your needs and goals and perform a oral examination. Depending upon your interest level, we may also take a CT Scan of your mouth. This whole appointment will usually last about an hour.

2. Impressions of Your Mouth

Depending upon what your treatment will be, we will either do an impression of your upper mouth, lower mouth, or both. This appointment will take around an hour, and full payment for your procedure is expected at this time. On average, it takes 2 to 3 weeks to make temporary teeth, which you will wear immediately following your extractions/implants. These temporary teeth will be either dentures, crowns, or bridges depending on the nature of your specific procedure. Once the teeth are made, our office will call you to schedule your extractions and/or dental implant procedure. 

3. Extractions/Implants

During this appointment, Dr. Brown will remove your tooth or teeth and will place as many implants as possible during the extraction visit. Depending on the state of your oral health, you may have all of your implants delivered the same day as your extractions, or you may require healing after your extractions before implants can be placed. Dr. Brown will inform you beforehand in your treatment plan whether or not you qualify for same-day dental implants. Immediately following your surgery in the same appointment, Dr. Brown will also deliver your temporary appliance. 

4. Post-Op Appointment

This visit will typically occur the day after your implant surgery. Adjustments will be made to your temporary teeth for your comfort. 

5. Interim CT Scan

After approximately three months, you will return for a CT Scan for us to evaluate your bone re-generation. At this point, we will schedule you for your implant placement if you have not had your implants delivered already, or possibly recommend that you wait a bit longer before placement. 

6. Implant Placement

If you haven’t already received all of your implants, Dr. Brown will add the final number of dental implants he feels is necessary for your case.

7. Post-Op Appointment

This appointment will take place on the day after your implant placement. This will take only a few minutes. 

8. Impressions for Your Final Teeth

This step takes 2 to 3 weeks. If you are getting implant supported dentures, you will be called when your wax try-in is ready at the end of this period to schedule the wax try-in.  

Be sure to contact The Dental Implant Place to learn more about what you can expect from your personalized treatment plan through the dental implant process.

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Single Tooth Replacement vs. Multiple Tooth Replacement (with Dental Implants)

single unit crown and implant

Although advancements in dental care have helped many people keep their natural teeth much longer throughout their lives, millions of people still suffer from tooth loss. Today, several types of restorative dentistry treatments can restore the look and function of your smile. For those interested in replacing missing teeth, we offer this summary of how we assess single tooth replacement vs. multiple tooth replacement at our Fort Worth dental implant practice.

The Impact of Missing Teeth

Missing one or more teeth can have a serious impact on how you feel about yourself and how you are perceived by others. Because most people have trouble chewing, they give up their favorite foods and avoid eating in public, which can lead to poor dietary habits and malnutrition. Teeth are also essential for speech, and those who are missing teeth often have difficulty speaking clearly and communicating their needs.

One of the most significant effects of tooth loss, though, is the long-term impact on your overall health. The longer you wait to replace missing teeth, the greater the chances of other loose teeth, headaches, gum problems, and bone loss in your jaw. Tooth loss is also associated with an increased risk for heart disease. To protect your health and restore your ability to eat and speak properly, replacing missing teeth is highly recommended.

Options for Tooth Replacement

Depending on your needs and goals, the three types of restorative options that can replace missing teeth are:

  • Dental implants
  • Bridges
  • Dentures

These three options are related and represent varying degrees of treatment. If you need to replace a single tooth, a dental implant can serve as an artificial root that we top with a permanent, natural-looking crown. For a few missing teeth in a row, we might recommend a bridge, which uses a dental implant to support the bridge. For those who need a full set of upper or lower teeth, we might recommend dentures supported by strategically placed small diameter implants.

Benefits of Implants, Dentures, and Bridges

In general, dental implants have a very high success rate of up to 98 percent. With proper care, implants can provide incredible, natural-looking dental support for an entire lifetime. Specific benefits include:

  • Restored appearance of your smile
  • Easier chewing and eating
  • Improved ability to speak without the worry of slipping teeth
  • Convenience of removable dentures that snap onto dental implants
  • Durability and strength to last for many years
  • Restored oral health and function
  • Improved quality of life

As a dental implant practice, we offer immediate-load implants, which means that in some cases, patients can receive dental implants and the attached crown, bridge, or denture in a single visit. Our surgical team works with our on-site dental laboratory to deliver functional, impressive results customized for each patient.

Learn More about Tooth Replacement

We believe every patient deserves a healthy, functional, and beautiful set of teeth. If you are missing any of your teeth, one of these tooth restoration options might be right for you. We encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Brown to learn how single tooth replacement and multiple tooth replacement can restore your health and self-image.