Hey, it’s Mark Davis for The Dental Implant Place. Do you have smile issues? Teeth that just need to be better so you can smile more proudly, eat and live with confidence in your teeth? You need to get with my friend Dr. Steve Brown at The Dental Implant Place! Denise did, and man is she happy.

DENISE: I’d heard about him on the radio, and I’d been turned away from so many dentists, and I thought, “Well this is my one hope.” My level of comfort was off the chart. They put me at ease, they were kind, they walked me through all of the procedures. They gave me the best information to let me know what was going to happen next. They never made me feel bad that I had horrible, horrible issues with my teeth. They were just very comforting people.

VO: Don’t go through life covering up your mouth when you smile. Call The Dental Implant Place to see how affordable and easy the process is. The Dental Implant Place, Dr. Steve Brown. 817-560-0414. 817-560-0414. Or learn all you need at thedentalimplantplace.com.

Hey, it’s Mark Davis. You’ve heard me say that my friends at The Dental Implant Place change lives. Well I ought to share some stories of real people. Here is Denise. She is so grateful for the day she walked in to see Dr. Steve Brown at The Dental Implant Place.

Denise: Dr. Brown looked at me, looked at my case. He crafted these teeth, and I could not stop smiling. He just performed the most amazing thing, and when I walked out of there I just kept smiling at my husband, and smiling and smiling. And for weeks he’d say, “Give me that smile, give me that smile.” It was just the best thing I could have ever done. It was worth every, every penny, it changed my life.

VO: This can be your story. Call The Dental Implant Place! See how easy, how affordable the whole process is. Dr. Steve Brown is great; you’ll have a new smile before you know it. The Dental Implant Place – 817-560-0414. 817-560-0414. Or visit him online at thedentalimplantplace.com

Hey, it’s Mark Davis for my friends at The Dental Implant Place. I’ve told you how Dr. Steve Brown can help you get the smile you’ve always wanted. Well I’ve had the pleasure lately of meeting with some very happy customers. Here’s Randy, who’s real pleased with how easy and comfortable the whole process was.

Randy: My level of comfort was extraordinarily high. I was very surprised, everybody was nice, big smiles, kindness, caring, and asking questions, and waiting for my response. And truly being involved, and doing what needed to be done. I was very impressed with it. I would give them my highest recommendation.

VO: Don’t just take my word. I talk to folks all the time who are thrilled to have the smiles they’ve always wanted. Call The Dental Implant Place at 817-560-0414. Or visit thedentalimplantplace.com. They’ll show you how soon you can have a new smile, and how streamlined, how affordable it can all be. The Dental Implant Place. 817-560-0414. 817-560-0414. Or thedentalimplantplace.com.

Hi it’s Mark Davis for Dr. Steve Brown and The Dental Implant Place! Get new teeth, get a new life! Want a real life story? Listen to Randy on how he and his wife have learned the greatness of The Dental Implant Place.

Randy: Well, twelve years ago I was told by another dentist that what Dr. Brown would have to attempt would be what the other dentists called a “heroic procedure.” So I had just about given up hope. But Dr. Brown did it, and it wasn’t an easy procedure, maybe it was heroic, but he changed my life for the better. And then all of a sudden my wife broke one of her front teeth on a little Halloween candy incident this past October. And she was heartbroken, and we were upset, and I said, “I’ve got this.” We went to Dr. Brown and he fixed it good as new. And she came out with the tears coming down her cheeks, it was pretty awesome.

VO: Whatever your situation – one tooth that needs attention or a whole mouth full of issues – Dr. Brown is ready to take care of you at The Dental Implant Place. 817-560-0414. 817-560-0414. Or thedentalimplantplace.com.