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What Minimally-Invasive Treatment Means For You

Advances in dental technology and practices have made it possible to streamline a variety of processes. For instance, the notion of having a tooth extracted and replaced in a day is something that was not necessarily possible in the past, but innovative approaches have made it possible today. Fortunately, this same concept applies to effective treatment. In today’s blog your Fort Worth, TX dental implant dentist will explain the benefits of our minimally-invasive procedure, including how you can enjoy a speedier recovery.

A Higher Quality Treatment

Arguably one of the biggest concerns that many patients face when presented with the need for dental implants is how extensive the procedure will be. Indeed, this anxiety or fear can be initiated through a number of circumstances, including hearing testimonies from individuals that did not have a great experience, fear of what to expect, and even personal experiences.

Additionally, most oral surgeons utilize a process that produces more trauma and damage than is necessary. This treatment, known as flaps, involves making an incision across the gums and peeling them back to expose the jawbone. From here, an oral surgeon will place the implant then sew up the tissue to prevent bacteria from entering.

Though this process has certainly proven effective in the past, it is far from efficient. You see, cutting and peeling the gums creates more trauma and damage to the area, thus resulting in a longer heal time. This is where our team differs, however, because we use a minimally-invasive approach that allows for less damage and a quicker recovery time. To learn more about this process, reach out to our team today.

Less Recovery Time

Dr. Brown’s approach involves creating a small pinhole in the gums after determining ideal implant placement with our in-house lab. After creating the pinhole, he will gently rotate the biocompatible post into place, and voila! Your custom implant placement is complete.

It is only natural that without as much incision-making and trauma, the recovery time will be less. Our goal is to help our patients achieve the healthy smiles they deserve, and our minimally-invasive treatment allows for less pain, faster recovery, and faster ability to utilize your new teeth. Reach out to our office today to learn more about this process.

Major Benefits

When it comes to your grin, higher-precision and accuracy makes all the difference. Indeed, we utilize advanced technology to not only gain an understanding of your situation and your needs, but to help streamline your procedure in the most efficient and optimal way possible. Ask our team about your options today.

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