The Dental Implant Place is a distinct, dental implants focused practice that offers state-of-the- art care in fewer visits than a typical dental office. We’re about providing the most beautiful, natural new smile possible by the safest and most convenient means possible.

Our Fort Worth practice offers:

Dr. Steve Brown – Over 10,000 Dental Implants Placed

Dr. Steve Brown has over two decades of experience with dental implants and a national reputation for his skill and knowledge in their use. In 2007, he began focusing his practice exclusively on dental implants and implant restoration. Since that time, Dr. Brown has placed over 10 thousand dental implants and trained dozens of dentists from across the United States in their use and application. His philosophy is that every patient deserves a unique treatment plan with the right size and procedure for their specific bone structure. This philosophy led him to becoming well-versed in placing every type of dental implant, including small diameter and mini implants.

New Teeth in One Day

The Dental Implant Place offers this: you will never leave your dental implant surgery without teeth to wear over them. All of our patients leave their procedure with a restoration over their implants – a temporary crown, bridge, or denture – period. We call this our “New Teeth in One Day”, and we offer it because we don’t believe anyone should have to walk around for weeks or months with implant posts jutting out of their mouths. Dental implants in one day may be exceptional in many dental offices, but it’s a given here.

The Minimally Invasive Approach – Minimizing Trauma and Recovery Time

Many (if not most) dental implants providers use a procedure called “flaps”. This involves cutting away a patient’s gums, peeling them back, and drilling a hole into their jaw bone to place a dental implant. At The Dental Implant Place, we don’t use this approach. Instead, we offer our Minimally Invasive Approach, which makes every effort to minimize the amount of surgical trauma in a patient’s treatment. From the patient’s initial CT Scan all the way to the delivery of the patient’s final set of teeth, Dr. Brown prioritizes the patient’s safety and comfort, finding the right size (or combination of sizes) of the patient’s implants and using digital surgical guides for optimal placement. Then, during surgery, he simply places a tiny pinhole in the patient’s gums and then gently rotates the dental implant into place.

Most of our patients report feeling very little pain during and after their surgery, and some even report feeling no pain. Often patients also report being able to chew solid foods only a few days after their treatment! This approach also further accelerates our patient’s care, since the less surgical trauma a patient needs to undergo, the less time the patient needs to heal before their final set of teeth can be placed. This can save patients weeks or even months of waiting for their final set of teeth!

One Bill, No Hidden Fees – The All in One Place Advantage

The Dental Implant Place offers all of your treatment in one location. The benefits to this are numerous. For one thing, it creates consistency in your treatment, avoiding mistakes that are more common when parts of a patient’s dental implants treatment require outsourcing. It also avoids outsourcing delays and cuts out trips to multiple locations, further accelerating a patient’s care. In addition, our In House Lab allows our patients to offer continual feedback throughout their process on the fit and appearance of their temporary teeth, and this feedback can be used to customize their smile to the highest degree possible. Finally, the All in One Place advantage means you don’t have to track compounding costs from multiple offices. Our patients receive one bill with every item clearly explained – no surprises, no late add-ons.

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There are many more advantages that our office offers our patients, and more details available for you. Contact Us today to set up a free consultation with Dr. Steve Brown, and find out how we are uniquely equipped to help you regain your confidence with a beautiful new set of teeth with a safe, convenient, and customized process.