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Minimally Invasive Implant Dentistry in Fort Worth, TX

Reducing Pain, Accelerating Healing

Less Surgical Trauma

Minimally Invasive Implant Dentistry

At the Dental Implant Place, we offer minimally invasive dental implants. This means that we place your implants with as little cutting and drilling as possible. It also means that we select the type and size of implant that best fits your bone. As a result, our patients have less healing to do after their surgery, which usually means less pain and faster recovery.

Our approach stands in stark contrast to the majority of dental implants providers. In fact, we are one of the few offices in the United States that provides this type of implant dentistry.

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Gentle Implant Placement

What Exactly is the Minimally Invasive Approach?

When placing dental implants, many dentists and oral surgeons use a technique known as flaps. Creating flaps means cutting and peeling back a small section of a patient’s gums, and then drilling the dental implant into the jawbone. It’s often painful, unnecessary, and traumatic, and it’s much more difficult to predict surgical success because of the longer healing time.

Our minimally invasive implant dentistry is radically different. Dr. Brown makes a tiny pinhole in the gums, then gently rotates the implant into place. That’s it. He can accomplish this thanks to his extensive, renowned skill at advanced implant placement, as well as our highly advanced surgical planning, guidance, and imaging technologies.

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Which Dental Implants Are Best For You?

Selecting the Best Dental Implants for Your Bone

Most dental implants providers only use one type of dental implant for all of their surgeries. Rather than utilize a standardized approach, our philosophy is to use the size and type of implant that best fits your bone.

This way, we open the possibility of using implants with a smaller diameter, which require less invasive surgery in order to be placed. The alternative would be to place larger implants for every surgery, which could lead to unnecessary surgical trauma, especially if there's a better diameter for your specific bone structure.

Learn More About Minimally Invasive Dental Implants

With Dr. Brown and The Dental Implant Place, your dental implant treatment can be safer and less painful, and require less recovery time. To find out more about the minimally invasive approach, schedule a consultation with our team!

During your consultation, we can get a CT Scan of your jaw and show you the optimal type and size of dental implant for your specific needs. We can also answer any other questions you have about the implant process.

To schedule, call us today at 817-560-0414, or click the button below to submit a contact form. We look forward to helping you regain your quality of life!

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