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Advanced Dental Implant Services in Fort Worth

At The Dental Implant Place in Fort Worth TX – aka DIP – we have focused exclusively on implant dentistry for 15 years. We offer the full range of dental implant services, including single tooth and full arch tooth replacement solutions. 

In addition, we handle every step of your treatment in one location. Thanks to our in-house dental lab, we even design and fabricate your new teeth on site, saving you 2 months on average on the total timeline of your implant process.

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Single Tooth Implant and Crown

Our implant dentistry office regularly offers single tooth implant and crown solutions. All of our crowns are milled from zirconia, the hardest material available in dentistry for replacement teeth that look and feel natural. 

With zirconia crowns, you can brush your new tooth just like you do the rest of your teeth. You will also be able to chew harder foods like apples and corn-on-the-cob. 

The crown will be permanently cemented to your dental implant so that it won’t come out.

The crown, abutment, and implant are all included in one cost with no hidden fees. Same-day temporary crowns are available on the day of your surgery so that you can smile confidently while you heal and await your new zirconia tooth.

Multi-Tooth Bridge

To replace several multiple adjacent teeth, we offer multi-tooth bridges. These work the same way as single tooth crowns and are made from the same material – zirconia.

Your new bridge will be designed in our in-house lab using advanced digital design (CAD) and 3D Milling. This ensures that your new teeth will look and feel natural at a microscopic level. 

Our in-house lab also allows for deeper level of customization. We will work with you to provide the exact shade, shape, and fit of your new teeth so that you get your new teeth exactly how you like them.

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Full Arch Zirconia

Zirconia is the hardest material available in dentistry for making natural replacement teeth. They look beautiful and function like natural teeth, with comparable strength, weight, and feeling. Zirconia is far superior to both porcelain and acrylic in terms of strength, function, ease-of-cleaning, and beauty.

To give an idea of zirconia’s power, it registers on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness at 8.5 out of 10 (diamond registers at 10). All full arch zirconia bridges in our office are crafted from digital design and 3D Milling for laser-point precision. 

Unlike acrylic, zirconia can be cleaned by brushing, just like natural teeth. It is also reliable for chewing all kinds of foods – such as steak, apples, etc. -where acrylic and porcelain are not.

At the Dental Implant Place, your zirconia bridges will be anchored with as many implants as your jaw can healthily support at no additional cost! This will provide an even firmer anchor for your new prosthetic and provide additional healthy stimulation for your jaw bone. On average, our patients receive 10 implants per arch for their zirconia cases, with as many as 14 implants per arch.

In addition, at DIP we offer implant dentures as same-day temporary teeth to wear over your implants while you heal and wait for your final set. These same-day teeth are also included in your cost.

Implant Dentures, AKA Snap In Dentures

In addition to zirconia bridges, we also offer implant supported dentures as a more affordable alternative for full arch cases. Also called snap-in dentures or implant supported dentures, this full arch prosthetic is made from acrylic. 

Unlike zirconia bridges, implant dentures are removable, snapping on and off of your dental implants. This is very important for your hygiene, as acrylic is more absorbent than zirconia. Without removing the denture and cleaning underneath its ridges, moisture and bacteria can buildup between the prosthetic and the gums. 

This is why dentures are removed and cleaned in solution overnight. It’s also the main reason we do not place All on 4 in our dental implant office. All on 4 is made from acrylic, and in our opinion this material should not be permanently fixed to a patients gums and jaw for hygienic purposes.

In our office, our dental implant dentures are typically supported by 4-10 dental implants. They are also specially designed with less gum overlap so that they don’t rub against your gums like traditional dentures. Our implant dentures are also designed with extra thickness so that they can bear more stress and help you chew harder foods. 

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Same-Day Extractions and Implants

Our DFW dental implant office provides all of your treatment in one location. As such, we offer all services related to the dental implant process, including tooth extractions.

In fact, our experienced dental implant dentists regularly perform same-day extractions and implants for all qualifying patients. This advanced procedure can shorten your treatment timeline by 3-6 months! Adequate oral health and bone density are required for same-day extractions, so make sure you ask about this service during your consultation.  

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Fast and Efficient Care With Our In-House Dental Lab

98% of all implant prosthetics placed in our practice are made in-house by our implant-focused laboratory.

Creating your zirconia crowns, bridges, and implant dentures gives you another level of customization. Not only that, but a recent study shows that implant providers using an in-house lab cut an estimated average of 1.7 months from patients' implant process.

Schedule an Implant Consultation

Get a consultation with our implant dentistry office in Fort Worth, TX to learn what dental implant service is best for you. 

We have placed over 12,000 dental implants over the past 15 years and provide every step of your treatment. With over 80 years of combined experience in implant dentistry, you can count on our team to provide you with an advanced level of knowledge.

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