The Importance of Replacing Lost Teeth

pull the three children's milk tooth are clearly visibleAs we proceed with hectic schedules and meeting tasks and goals, it is only natural that teeth begin to experience wear and tear from daily activities. Factors such as diet, anxieties, physical activities, hygiene practices and more contribute to this phenomenon, which is why we aim to practice excellent oral health habits at home to preserve our teeth. But what happens when we experience tooth loss? Knowing what to do when this occurs as well as understanding the benefits of replacing lost teeth is imperative to maintaining a healthy appearance, and the team at The Dental Implant Place in Fort Worth, TX is ready to inform you why.


How Dentures Can Be Secured With Dental Implants

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Tooth loss is a phenomenon that nobody wants to endure, and if it can be avoided at all costs, it is. The fact of the matter is, however, that tooth loss does occur and at times, extraction can be necessary if it means preserving the health of your smile. In some cases, all of an individual’s teeth are gone or in need of extraction. When this occurs, dentures are custom-created to ensure that you will be able to continue everyday oral function, such as chewing or enunciating. At The Dental Implant Place in Fort Worth, TX, we recognize the difficulties that accompany tooth loss, and offer a way to fit your dentures to your smile with same-day dental implants.


When It Is Time To Consider An Extraction

Suffering girl in protective glasses in a dental clinic. Dentist in blue latex gloves is removing her tooth with a help of a cheek retractor and forceps. Closeup horizontal photo.For most people, undergoing a tooth extraction is the last option they want to consider when it comes to their health. Typically, if anything else can be done, that option would be pursued before removal. In some circumstances, however, removing an oral structure may actually be the best move if it comes down to preserving your oral health.  At The Dental Implant Place in Fort Worth, TX we discuss circumstances in which having an extraction could actually be the better option for you and how it may be the only way to save your smile.


When to Consider Small-Diameter Dental Implant Posts

For several decades, dental implants have helped people who’ve lost teeth regain more of their oral health and bite function than more conventional tooth replacement options. This ability to restore more of your healthy, natural smile stems from dental implants’ unique ability to replace the roots of your lost or extracted teeth. However, for some patients, the effects of tooth loss and other mitigating factors may make it difficult to receive traditional dental implants. To help limit or avoid the need for additional treatment, such as jawbone grafting, we can often recommend small-diameter dental implants to help more patients benefit from the lifelike restorations. (more…)

Why Add Dental Implants to Your Restoration?

Replacing lost teeth is an important part of quality dental care for many patients. Traditionally, a custom-made dental bridge or denture can help most tooth loss patients regain most of their bite function and the confidence in their smiles’ appearance. Today, however, increasingly more people who experience tooth loss are benefiting from adding dental implants to their restorations. Dental implants are small, root-like posts that can be inserted into the bone structure of your dental ridge. With their support, your restoration can function more like your healthy, natural teeth, and provide more lifelike results in fully rebuilding your smile. (more…)

Restoring Your Smile Faster After Tooth Extraction

When a tooth becomes too compromised to save, extracting it may be the best solution for the rest of your oral health. However, the problem with tooth extraction is that it involves purposely removing all of a tooth’s natural structure, and its absence can have other negative impacts on your oral health over time. Because of this, tooth extraction is often recommended along with a plan to restore the tooth after it’s been extracted. For many patients, we can streamline their overall treatment by performing tooth extraction and replacement with a dental implant all during a single visit to our office. (more…)

Preparing for Your Dental Implant Placement

While tooth loss still remains a problem for many adults, those who experience it are able to recover from the loss much more effectively than ever before. This is largely thanks to the advent of dental implants, which are custom-designed restorations supported by one or a series of root-like dental implant posts. With the help of dental implants, patients who experience tooth loss can more successfully rebuild their smiles by replacing their lost teeth roots. For the process to be successful, however, some patients may need to prepare for dental implant placement in different ways. (more…)

What Happens When Adults Lose Teeth?

Despite the fact that many adults experience tooth loss to varying degrees, the truth is that our healthy adult teeth should be permanent. With the right care and maintenance, most people can successfully address the typical causes of tooth loss, which often involve the formation and progression of an underlying chronic oral health concern. When you do lose an adult tooth, or several of them, the consequences of the loss and how your oral health reacts can also be permanent. Today, we examine a few of these impacts, and why it’s important to fully rebuild your smile if tooth loss occurs. (more…)

A Few Things to Know About Jawbone Grafting

Different oral health concerns can impact different aspects of your oral health and structures. Yet, in many of their severe cases, this harm includes some form of damage to the foundational ridges of your smile. For example, severe tooth decay could infect a tooth’s root canal, which extends into the bone structure of the dental ridge. Extreme gum disease, which erodes your healthy gum tissues, can also have a detrimental affect on the underlying jawbone structure if it isn’t managed properly. When one or more concerns impact this bone structure severely enough, restoring your smile’s foundation may require jawbone grafting. (more…)

Types of Tooth Damage that Might Lead to Tooth Extraction

When a tooth becomes cracked or fractured, or a piece breaks off of its crown, you can often expect to save the tooth by having it fixed with custom-designed restorative treatment. While this is often the case even in instances of severe tooth damage, some types of concerns can leave a tooth so compromised that the best solution is to extract and replace it as soon as possible. Today, we examine a few types of tooth damage that might lead to a need for tooth extraction, and why it’s best to replace the tooth with the custom-made dental implant restoration. (more…)