What’s Your Reason for Choosing Dental Implants?

There are many definitive reasons why replacing lost teeth with dental implants is an objectively better choice for many tooth loss patients. However, everyone’s smile is unique, and so are their motivations for seeking to rebuild their smiles after losing teeth. For some, they wish mostly to restore the confidence they once had in their full, healthy, and attractive smiles. Others may be more motivated by what they’ve learned of the effects that tooth loss will have on their oral health. In most cases, however, dental implants remain the best solution for addressing the various motivations you may have for wanting to fully restore your smile. (more…)

Comparing Dental Implants to Bridges and Dentures

The wide range of options you have when it comes to replacing your lost teeth might make it more challenging to choose the best one for your smile. Fortunately, most are designed according to your severity of your tooth loss, from a dental bridge for mild tooth loss to a complete denture for total tooth loss. One solution, however, is appropriate for most patients regardless of how many teeth they’ve lost. With dental implant posts, which are designed to replace the roots of your lost teeth, your dental bridge or denture can enjoy a higher level of comfort, stability, and realism than its traditional form. (more…)

In Case You Have Questions About Implant Placement

For people who’ve experienced tooth loss, dental implants offer an exciting and important opportunity – the chance to reestablish the foundation of their smiles by replacing their lost teeth roots. However, receiving dental implants can sometimes seem like an extensive process. It involves careful planning and the surgical placement of your dental implant posts, followed by the crafting and placement of the lifelike restoration that the implants will support. Today, we take a closer look at the dental implant placement process, and how it may be a lot less of a hassle than you might expect. (more…)

Why It’s Worth Placing and Restoring Implants in One Day

What makes dental implants one of the best solutions for replacing lost teeth is what they replace. The roots of your teeth are vital to their function, their health, their stability, and so much more. When you experience tooth loss, it’s worth replacing this essential support system, which only dental implants are able to accomplish for you. At our Ft. Worth, TX, dental implant office, we’re dedicated to helping patients regain their healthy, fully functioning smiles after suffering tooth loss. To help you enjoy it even faster, we may suggest same-day implants, which include a high-quality, custom-designed temporary restoration that you can wear until you’re ready to receive your permanent one. (more…)

Think You Can’t Get Implants? Check With Us!

For patients who experience tooth loss these days, dental implants are a well-known, often ideal prosthetic solution. They not only help you rebuild your smile’s appearance and ability to bite and chew your foods, but also all of the many other vital functions of your teeth and their roots. Yet, because dental implants require surgically placing the biocompatible posts within your jawbone, many patients who experience severe tooth loss might not believe they qualify. Fortunately, at our Ft. Worth, TX, dental office, we can help make qualifying for and receiving dental implants a much more efficient process. (more…)

Why You Still Might Lose a Tooth After Restoring It

The art of restoring natural teeth that have become damaged or infected with decay is an important one. When your tooth structure is compromised, the only way to address it and regain the tooth’s health and function is to repair it with an appropriate, custom-designed restoration. However, in some cases, receiving a restoration doesn’t always completely solve the problem, and a tooth may still be at risk of further complications, including its loss. Fortunately, losing the tooth you thought you had saved doesn’t mean you’ve lost for good. With a dental implant, you can still preserve your full, healthy smile for life. (more…)

3 Situations that May Call for Tooth Extraction

In many cases, the sooner you seek treatment for a particular issue with your oral health, the better chance you have of saving it and your healthy, natural teeth. However, whether its from inattention and procrastination, or because an emergency has created an immediately severe problem, saving a tooth isn’t always possible. There are some situations when extracting a tooth that poses a threat to your oral health and replacing it with a custom implant restoration is the most appropriate solution for restoring your smile. Today, we take a look at just a few of these situations, and why tooth extraction is the best option for them. (more…)

Bouncing Back from Severe Tooth Loss with Dental Implants

Rebuilding smiles after they’ve experienced tooth loss is an important part of modern dental care. Despite huge leaps forward in preventive and general dental care, tooth loss still remains a problem for a significant percentage of people. Given the many important roles that your teeth and their roots have in your overall oral health, replacing lost or missing teeth is essential to preserving a healthy, natural smile. In fact, the more teeth you’ve lost or have had extracted, the more beneficial dental implants can be for preserving and protecting your smile for life. (more…)

A Few Things that Might Precede Dental Implants

After the stress of losing one or more teeth, being able to finally enjoy your full, healthy smile again is one of the greatest benefits of receiving dental implants. Yet, the success of your dental implants relies on several different, equally important factors, which is why every treatment plan at our Ft. Worth, TX, office begins with a comprehensive examination. If one or more issues may pose a challenge to your dental implants, then you might need to undergo one or more treatments to properly prepare your smile to receive your dental implant posts. (more…)

Dealing with the Aftermath of Tooth Loss

After losing one or more teeth, your smile can respond in a number of different ways. Some of these are obvious, such as the way your smile looks without a full set of teeth. Others are more subtle, like the way your bite feels and the effects the gap might have on how well you can enunciate certain words. At our Ft. Worth, TX, dental implant office, our goal is to help you successfully deal with every aspect of tooth loss. That includes the immediately noticeable ones as well as the longer-term effects it can have on the rest of your oral health. (more…)