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Same Day Dental Implants in Fort Worth, TX

5 Advantages of Same Day Implants


Same Day Dental Implants Advantages

The Dental Implant Place offers same day dental implants for all full arch cases and the vast majority of other cases. This means that anytime you receive full mouth implants in our office, you will receive a temporary set of teeth to wear while your mouth adjusts to your new posts. Meanwhile, we will prepare your final set of teeth in our in-house lab.

Additionally, DIP also provides same day extractions and implants for patients who qualify. In other words, at our implant office, it’s possible to get a completely new smile in one day, even if you need extractions first. 

Same day implants are immensely beneficial. Not only do they save you from at least one additional office visit, but they also ensure that you don't have to go without teeth after your surgery.

There are 5 specific and amazing benefits that come with getting same day dental implants at our Fort Worth implant dentist office. This page will elaborate on these benefits so that you can make the best investment for your oral health.


#1 – Same Day Implants Can Save You Months of Pain and Hassle

To understand the amazing advantages of same day dental implants, it may help to illustrate what implant treatment looks like without this service.

At many dental offices, there is no option to get dental implants and extractions in the same day. This could be due to lack of skill, experience, or insufficient facilities. When this is the case, you add at least one more surgery and several weeks or months of additional healing time to your implant process.

Moreover, many dentists and oral surgeons don’t have an in house lab, meaning they cannot provide one day dental implants and prosthetic delivery. Working with such offices means that you could have to walk around after your surgery with posts sticking out of your gums for months.

If extractions are required as well, then there is no chance these oral surgeons or dentists will offer a temporary denture for you to wear. This would make you unable to chew solid food while your mouth heals from your extractions. You would be restricted to a liquid diet, not to mention being toothless for a considerable period of time.

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#2 – Same Day Dental Implants Are Included in Your Cost

With our implant dentists, it’s possible to skip all of this hassle. The Dental Implant Place offers same day dental implants and extractions so that qualifying patients can truly get same day teeth without having to wait additional months.

Not only that, but our in house lab allows us to deliver same day teeth that look beautiful and function well. Even patients who don’t have the oral health for one day extractions can still get new teeth to wear that day. The Dental Implant Place can make you a denture to wear during your healing period after your implants.

Not only that, but we can also make you another set of snap in dentures to wear over your dental implants when they are delivered.

This amazing service is rare and exceptional. Not only that, it doesn’t cost you anything extra! Our dental implant office includes your same day prothesis in your bill. 


#3 – One Office, One Bill

Another aspect to consider about same day dental implants is that they can save you multiple office visits. Many implant dentists have separate charges for each step in the implant process. For instance, and office may charge you more for your procedure if you require separate appointments for your implants and extractions. Those appointments in and of themselves may be counted as added charges in your bill.

Moreover, if an office cannot perform all-in-one-place care, then count on additional bills. This means the office will have to refer you out for at least one step in the process. It could be to a prosthodontist for measurements, a lab for a fitting, an oral surgeon for specific types of extractions, or all of the above. Not only that, but if the office doesn’t have their own in-house lab, they could charge you for the construction of your new prosthesis in the middle of your treatment process.

All of the above scenarios add to your cost. With same day dental implantsyou can potentially avoid all of this hassle. With The Dental Implant Place, there are no hidden fees to your procedure, nor are any added after your treatment has started. All of your costs are in one bill. No exceptions.


#4 – Same Day Extractions Save You Even More Time

Thanks to DIP’s minimally invasive approach, advanced surgical technology, and experienced dental implant dentists, we are able to provide same day extractions and implants for all patients with adequate bone and gum tissue.

Because we use every size and type of dental implant (including mini dental implants) we are able to increase every patient’s chances of receiving extractions and implants in one day. Moreover, our surgical technique reduces surgical trauma, placing your posts as gently as possible. 

With these practices, we’re able to offer same day implants and extractions to many patients who were turned down at other offices for the same treatment.

However, even if your bone and gum tissue need time to heal before they can receive new posts, we will still provide same day teeth, either with a temporary bridge for a row of teeth or a denture for a full arch.


#5 – Test Drive Your New Implants

Meanwhile, with our in house dental lab, you can participate in the design process of your permanent zirconia bridge while your mouth adjusts to your new same day dental implants. You’ll be able to see the textures, shades, shaping, and overall appearance of your new full arch and give feedback throughout the design process so it looks exactly how you want it to.

Not only that, but you will be able to test drive your permanent set of teeth after they are delivered! If you want additional tweaks to be made to their fit for enhanced comfort, DIP will provide those for you. If you'd like to adjust the shade, texture, or shape of your new teeth, we can do that too.

This level of customization is extremely rare among implant offices, and it comes at no additional cost to you.


Same Day Dental Implants Since 2007

For the past 14 years, our team at the Dental Implant Place has focused exclusively on dental implants procedures. 

Led by our founder, Dr. Steve Brown, our practice has consistently been on the cutting edge of implant dentistry. We were one of the first implant offices in the United States to offer All-in-One-Place care, a feature which allows us to offer same day dental implants to our patients. 

Our team has over 80 years of combined experience in implant care. Dr. Brown started his own dental practice (Steve Brown DDS) in Fort Worth in 1991 before focusing exclusively on implants in 2007. This level of focus, expertise, and experience is what has led patients to our implant office from 21 different states. 

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Speedy Recovery With The Minimally invasive Approach

Many of our patients report being able to chew solid foods with their same day dental implants the day after their procedure. Others report feeling no pain at all during and after their surgery. This is possible because of our Minimally Invasive Approach, a state-of-the-art surgical technique championed by our founder, Dr. Steve Brown.

To place dental implants, most practices cut open the patient’s gums, cut out a whole in the exposed jaw bone, and drill the implant into the bone with a handheld tool. The Minimally Invasive Approach is significantly less invasive, causing significantly less surgical trauma. To place your same day dental implants, our dentists will place a tiny pinhole in your gums and then gently rotate your implant into place. Most often, we will use small diameter implants, which require less bone and also cause less trauma than posts with a wider diameter.

The result is generally less pain, faster healing, and a high rate of implant success. Because of this approach, our patients are able to wear their same day implants with greater degrees of comfort. 

Same Day Dental Implant Reviews

Reviews for Same Day Implants

Below are some testimonials from some of our patients who experienced same day dental implants in our office. Read and listen to the difference that this treatment has made in their lives.

"I drove 63 miles, one way. To me, it was worth it. They help you, show you, guide you, and fix the teeth how you want them. And when you're through, you get exactly what you were looking for. I wish I had done this years ago."


“I had false teeth…they were just inconvenient. They flipped and they flopped. You couldn’t eat this, and you couldn’t eat that. With my implants I can eat anything. It’s just been a godsend. I love em. And had them for almost 10 years now.”

-Evelyn Babb

“I get compliments all the time. People never ever think that these aren’t my real teeth. I haven’t had any problems. They’re all cemented in and nothing moves. It’s just so natural. Dr. Brown’s work is just such high quality, it’s unbelievable.”

-Tina Cox

“Strangers will walk up to me what beautiful teeth I have. Before this, when I smiled, it wasn’t big. And when I laughed I covered my mouth so nobody could see. I had my procedure on a Wednesday. I was back to work on Monday. I was eating by then.”

-Cindy Cook


Get Same Day Dental Implants

If you’re considering same day dental implants, schedule a free consultation with The Dental Implant Place today for a streamlined process and state-of-the-art treatment. You can click the link above or call 817-560-0414 to get scheduled.

With a CT scan, we will give you a fully itemized quote for your treatment that includes both your same day dental implants and prosthesis, extractions, and permanent teeth. No hidden fees, no catches, and full transparency.

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