cost of full dental implants, cost of teeth implantsIf you’re reading this, you may have recently realized the benefits of getting a full mouth set of dental implants. Maybe you’ve already struggled with the discomfort of dentures and are ready for a change, or maybe your teeth are simply too damaged to support a healthy quality of life. But what is the cost of full dental implants? How much do you need to invest to replace all of your teeth?

This post will outline the different costs that can factor into the cost of full mouth implants. These include extractions, material quality, and the different pricing structures that practices can use. Keep in mind that prices can vary significantly depending on region, implant dentist, and even in the way that each dental office charges for their dental implant cases.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Full Dental Implants

There are a number of factors that you need to account for when getting a cost estimate on full arch dental implants.

Cost Per Implant vs Cost Per Arch

Most dental implant dentists and oral surgeons charge per implant. The cost of a dental implant can range from $1,500-$6,500. However, in these numbers can be misleading, because many offices charge separate prices for every single piece of material that goes into replacing your tooth. So an office that charges $1,500 per implant may seem like it’s giving you the best deal in town, but then they may charge you an additional $1,000-2,000 for the crown and $500 for the abutment.

This problem can get worse when you’re trying to get an estimate of the cost of full dental implants. To illustrate, a normal adult mouth has 32 teeth. Some offices will actually charge you their per implant fee to determine your cost of full mouth dental implants. However, almost no office is actually going to give you 32 implants to hold in your full arch bridges. Instead, they will often hold your bridge in with 4-6 implants (a.k.a. an All on 4 or All on 6). In other words, you may end up paying more per implant the more teeth you are replacing.

The Dental Implant Place doesn’t charge you this way. We charge a fixed cost for a set of full mouth implants, regardless of how many dental implants you actually need in your jaw to support your full arch zirconia bridge or snap in denture. Meaning, we don’t charge per implant. Not only that, but we almost never place an arch of full dental implants with a few as 6 implants. Usually we place far more, and these additional implants are included in your cost.

Moreover, we don’t try to confuse our patients by charging separate fees for the different components of a dental implant. Your quote will be per procedure and will itemize every type of procedure included in the cost of teeth implants.

Multiple Offices Means Multiple Bills

Getting every step of your dental implant procedure taken care of in one office will significantly affect the cost of full mouth dental implants. If you are working with a dental implant dentist that can’t meet all of your procedural needs in one office, then your price will go up. More offices means more bills. However, getting one bill in one office can eliminate many additional costs – visits, measurements, lab expenses, x-rays, scans, etc. Our practice takes care of your entire implant procedure in one office, which greatly benefits our patients in terms of convenience, time, and return on investment.

Quality of the Material

The cost of full dental implants can go up or down depending on the material being used to build your new set of teeth.

Many implant dentists advertise that they provide full arch bridges. However, many of these offices use acrylic to build their dental crowns and bridges. Acrylic is the same plastic material used to make dentures. It is highly absorbent and cannot be cleaned adequately with brushing. This is why dentures must be removed and cleaned in a solution.

This is one of the reasons why you should only go to a dental implant office that offers zirconia bridges. Zirconia is a mineral that looks like natural teeth and is comparable to natural teeth in strength. Some offices only provide acrylic bridges, which can drive down their pricing. Other offices charge $50-60k for full mouth dental implants while still only using acrylic to build their bridges,

So when you’re getting a quote on the cost of full mouth dental implants, be sure to ask if the new teeth will be milled from zirconia. Many offices offering the lowest prices are not doing this, and even some of the higher-priced implant dentists and oral surgeons aren’t either.


If you still have teeth that need to be pulled, be sure to factor this in the cost of full dental implants. Simple extractions usually range from $100-$300 per tooth in most dental and oral surgery offices. Surgical extractions can cost even more, sometimes up to $650 per tooth.

Is the Cost of Teeth Implants Affordable?

Ultimately, the cost of full dental implants depends on where you go and the plan you choose. Partnering with any office that requires you to visit other offices will drive up the cost of dental implants.

Additionally, the pricing structure of the office in question can also have significant ramifications on the total cost of your investment.

You also need to factor what materials are being used, what additional procedures may be required, and whether or not you can finance your dental implant treatment.

Many dental offices take advantage of their relationships with their patients and overcharge drastically for dental implant procedures. Others only offer full dental implants treatments that use the most expensive materials and procedures.

The Dental Implant Place does neither – we offer full mouth zirconia implants so that you can get a new full arch of teeth that looks and feels natural. This is the highest quality material available in implant dentistry. We also offer implant supported dentures as a more affordable alternative to zirconia bridges. These are easier to clean than acrylic all on 4 procedures.

What About Financing?

Make sure that the dental office or oral surgeon that you choose offers financing. Full mouth dental implants are a big investment, no matter where you get them. Financing your implant procedure can go a long way to getting a great return on your investment.

Our office offers a variety of dental implants payment plans in our Fort Worth TX office so that you can afford your full mouth teeth implants cost. Some of our plans offer 0% financing, while others offer the chance to space your monthly payments out 5 years.

Are You Considering The Cost of Full Mouth Dental Implants?

At this point you may have determined that full mouth implants are the best option for your oral health. If you’re still wondering whether or not you can afford the cost of full dental implants, give our office a call. Our dental implant office is equipped to provide every step of your dental implant treatment. We also provide dental implants financing so that you can manage the cost of full mouth tooth implants.

4 Reasons Why You Can Trust DIP

There are 4 reasons why you can trust The Dental Implant Place (DIP) with your full mouth implants.

1. Our Experience & Focus

The Dental Implant Place (DIP) is an advanced dental implant office that focuses exclusively on implants and restorative care. Our staff, lead by Dr. Steve Brown, has over 80 years of combined implant experience. Since 2007, we have placed over 12,000 dental implants in our practice. These include every type and size of implant, such as mini dental implants. It also includes every type of dental implant procedure, including snap in dentures, zirconia bridges, same day extractions, and single crowns and bridges.

2. Minimally Invasive

Our founder, Dr. Steve Brown, is an industry leader in minimallay invasive implant surgery. DIP’s philosophy is to place dental implants with as little surgical trauma as possible. This means less cutting, less stitching, and gentle delivery of the implant into the bone and gum tissue. Most dentists and oral surgeons use a common surgical procedure called “flaps” to place implants. It involves making long cuts along the gums and then peeling that tissue back to expose the bone. Then the implant is usually drilled into place with handheld equipment.

At DIP, our minimally invasive approach is much less traumatic than this method. Instead of cutting into the gum tissue, we create a tiny pinhole in the gums. Then, we gently rotate the implant into place. The size of each implant is chosen based on your specific jaw bone composition and density. Moreover, the angle of each implant is plotted with laser-point precision using advanced surgical imaging and careful planning based on the patient’s CT scan. A CT scan offers a 360 degree view of a person’s mouth. In other words, CT scans give our dental implant dentist vital information on the optimal angle and placement of each implant specific to each patient.

The minimally invasive surgical approach is a game changer for patients. It causes less surgical trauma, which leads to less pain during surgery. Some of our patients have reported feeling absolutely no pain during and after their procedure! Additionally, less cutting and stitching usually means much quicker healing. Finally, minimally invasive implant placement lowers the risk of implant failure.

3. All-in-One-Place Care

At DIP, we handle every single step of your dental implant procedure. Not only is this highly convenient, but it lowers the cost of full dental implants by cutting out extra visits to additional offices. It also consolidates all of your costs into one bill.

4. National Recognition

Many patients have traveled from across the United States to our Ft Worth TX facility to get dental implant care. We have served patients from 9 different states and 15 metropolitan areas. Additionally, our founder and lead dental implant dentist has trained dozens of dentists in advanced implant techniques such as same day implants and extractions.

Get an Estimate on the Cost of Full Dental Implants

If you need full mouth tooth implants, then you need a dentist you can trust. The Dental Implant Place manages every step of your dental implant treatment, and our dentists have performed thousands of successful cases for people like you who deserve a new smile. Our experience and care standards are so high that dentists from all across the United States come travel to our Fort Worth office to learn how to place dental implants. Call us today to schedule your free consultation and get a complementary an  estimate on the cost of full dental implants.