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The purpose of this post is to give you an accurate idea of the cost of dental implants by using 2024 market data of implant providers in Texas. Here we will cover both single tooth and full mouth dental implants cost.

In addition, this post will outline the different factors that can affect price, such as multiple locations and different types of materials. It will also cover the office features that you should be looking for when searching for a provider.

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The Cost of Dental Implants - An Overview

The data shared in this post is from a survey of 73 dental offices in Texas conducted by an independent research group. The offices surveyed include 43 in the Dallas Fort Worth area, where our office is located. Providers surveyed include general dentists, oral surgeons, periodontists, cosmetic dentists, and implant-focused offices. 

Please note that these numbers are not our office’s prices, nor are they a statement of what the cost of dental implants should be. They simply reflect the results of an independent survey.

These numbers also do not account for additional services such as bone grafts, extractions, temporary same-day teeth, etc.

Single Tooth Implant Cost

The numbers you see here are based on the cost estimate for a dental implant given over the phone by each practice surveyed. Again, they do not reflect our office’s pricing, nor are they a statement on what dental implants should cost. 

They also do not account for additional services such as bone grafts, extractions, temporary same-day teeth, etc.

Average Dental Implant Costs in Texas

Total Cost (Implant, Crown, and Abutment)

Average – $4561
Highest –  $8000
Lowest –  $1995

Most Common Price Range 


Implant-Only Cost

Average – $2604
Highest – $6000
Lowest – $1199

Crown-Only Cost

Average – $2907
Highest – $3991
Lowest – $545

When Are The Implant and Crown Charged Separately?

The majority of offices that offer dental implants do not provide every step of the procedure. More often than not, one office handles the placement of the implant itself, while another delivers the crown.

In most cases, having multiple offices involved in your procedure significantly raises the cost of a dental implant. The survey indicates a $1,000 increase on average per implant when using multiple offices. This is before accounting for added time, which we will cover in detail later in this post.

Please Note: Dental Implant Cost Can Vary Widely

While dental implant cost may seem like a straightforward question, it’s actually not. Every dental practice will use a unique fee schedule, and pricing can range pretty drastically depending on who you ask. 

For instance, one office in Austin TX quotes a single implant, crown, and abutment at $2800. However, another office in Dallas quotes the total cost of an implant and crown between $6000 and $8000.

An oral surgeon in Central Texas charges $2500 for the dental implant alone, but refers out to a cosmetic dentist for the crown and abutment. Cosmetic dentists also can charge a wide range for crowns and abutments.

Meanwhile, the most common price range for a crown appears to be between 2-3k. However, one office charged as high as $4,000. This was just for the crown and did not include the implant.

Therefore, it’s important that you understand the features in an implant provider you should be looking for. This information will help you identify the provider offering you the best value for your investment.

Full Mouth Dental Implant Cost

Here are the average costsof the different types of full mouth implants based on Texas market data in 2024. They are calculated per arch.

Again, please note that this is not our office’s fee schedule or prices:

All on 4 – $23,508 (average per arch)
Snap-In Dentures – $15,333 (average per arch)
Zirconia – $31,250 (average per arch)

Types of Full Mouth Dental Implants

It’s important that we define terms when talking about the cost of full dental implants. The term “full mouth dental implants” refers to a procedure that replaces a full arch of natural teeth with implants and a prosthetic.

There are a few types of procedures in implant dentistry that meet this description.

  • All on 4
  • Snap in Dentures
  • Zirconia Full Arch Bridges

All on 4 vs Snap In Dentures

All on 4 are full arch prosthetics made from acrylic with a metal base.

In each case, the acrylic prosthetic is screwed on to the dental implants. This makes it impossible for the patient to remove the prosthetic on their own. A dental professional must do so, if maintenance or repair is required.

all on 4 dental implants graphic, full mouth implant cost

Snap In Dentures are also made from acrylic. This makes their material essentially the same as All on 4. In fact, many offices that offer All on 4 also refer to them as “Implant Dentures”.

Fixed vs Removable

The main difference between Snap In Dentures and All on 4 is that a Snap In Denture isn’t permanently fixed to dental implants. Instead, they snap on and off of the implants so that they can be taken out and cleaned in solution. This allows the denture to be properly cleaned, reducing bacterial buildup underneath it.

To clean dentures properly, they need to removed and left in solution overnight. In addition, they should be brushed along the grooves that fit against your gums. This is done so that bacteria doesn’t accumulate on the inside. If an acrylic prosthetic is permanently fixed to your implants, then cleaning them effectively becomes very difficult. 

This is why our Fort Worth implant office does not provide All on 4. Because All on 4 is usually made from the same material as dentures, we believe they should be cleaned in the same manner. Permanently screwing an acrylic prosthetic to dental implants essentially makes this impossible.

implant denture graphic, snap in denture, affordable full mouth implants

However, we do provide Snap In Dentures – a.k.a Implant Supported Dentures – as a more affordable alternative to Zirconia bridges.

Implant dentures are typically less expensive than All on 4 in the same office. However, their cost can vary significantly as well depending on the office in question – as low as $5k per arch and as high as $25k per arch. 

Zirconia Bridges

Zirconia is the highest quality material in implant dentistry for making natural-looking full mouth dental implants. It is much stronger than acrylic, and is non-absorbent. You can clean Zirconia bridges by brushing them, just like natural teeth. Not only that, but they don’t overlap with your gum tissue like acrylic bridges and snap in dentures. In other words, they feel and function like natural teeth.

fixed full mouth dental implants, zirconia advantages graphic

Because of their high quality, full arch zirconia implants tend to cost more than All on 4 or implant dentures. Just like these procedures, their cost vary significantly depending on the dentist or office. On the low end, zirconia bridges tend to start at $20k per arch. On the high end, they can cost as much as $55k per arch. 

12 Factors That Can Affect Dental Implant Cost

There are a number of factors that can (and often should) affect the cost of a dental implant. These include:

  1. Temporary Same Day Teeth
  2. Zirconia vs Porcelain vs Acrylic
  3. CT Scans vs X-Rays
  4. One Location vs Multiple Offices
  5. In-House Lab vs Outsourced
  6. Same Day Extractions
  7. Experience Level
  8. Bone Grafts and Other Procedures
  9. Minimally Invasive Care
  10. Sizes of Dental Implants
  11. Hidden Fees
  12. Financing

Please note that we say these factors “can” affect dental implant cost. This is because the absence of higher quality features doesn’t necessarily translate to lower costs for the patient.

As is the case in almost any industry, below-average costs often come as a sacrifice to higher-quality care. However, high prices also don’t necessarily reflect high quality. 

high quality dental implants, value for implant cost infographic

In fact, some of the surveyed practices charged significantly higher-than-average prices for dental implants, despite offering neither a streamlined process or higher quality materials. This point bears repeating: the market data shows that high prices do not necessarily reflect an advanced level of care.

This is why it’s so important for patients to be educated on the features that can enhance or hinder the quality of their dental implants. Knowing these features will allow you to properly evaluate a quote from an implant provider. We will review these features later in this post.

1. Temporary Same Day Teeth for Full Mouth Dental Implants

Many aren’t aware that a person can receive a temporary prosthetic over dental implants the day they are placed. This is a very advantageous service. Without it, you will be forced to live with posts sticking out of your gums for 3-9 months.

However, many offices do not offer this service. This is especially true of providers who don’t handle all of your treatment in one location. According to the survey data, 45% of practices that advertise for implants do not offer temporary same day implants.

Meanwhile 90-94% of offices that do offer same day implants will charge extra for the service. The cost ranges between several hundred or several thousand dollars.  

So unless you’re ok with having titanium posts sticking out of your gums for months while you wait for your final set of teeth, you should ask about this service. Ideally, a dental implant provider includes it in the cost of full mouth dental implants (this is how our office does it). However, be aware that very few providers offer this free of charge.

2. Zirconia vs Porcelain vs Acrylic

Porcelain is a material commonly used in cosmetic dentistry for making crowns and bridges. Naturally, it is also often used to make crowns and bridges that are then cemented permanently to dental implants.

Porcelain can be designed to look like realistic teeth. However, it is not nearly as strong as natural teeth and is somewhat likely to crack or break over time. This is especially true when it’s used to chew harder foods (apples, corn-on-the-cob, etc.). 

Another commonly used material is acrylic. Acrylic is a form of plastic that is used to make dentures. It is more absorbent than other materials used to make tooth prosthetics, which is why dentures are removed and soaked in solution overnight. Doing so removes moisture and bacteria that would otherwise accumulate on the prosthetic.

Acrylic is more prone to cracking and breaking when compared to porcelain or zirconia. This is one of the most common complaints from those who wear dentures. Therefore, it’s important to keep this in mind when researching full mouth dental implants cost. In particular, be aware that All on 4 procedures usually use acrylic rather than zirconia.

Zirconia is More Durable, Lifelike, and Natural

Zirconiais the most durable material available in dentistry for making natural-looking crowns, bridges, and full arch replacements. It is a diamond alternative with many of the same qualities and a comparable level of durability. Thanks to recent digital design and 3D milling technology, zirconia can be milled with laser point precision to resemble real teeth.

These features make zirconia the superior material for making crowns and bridges for dental implants. 

Do Most Practices Offer Zirconia?

Out of the 73 practices surveyed in Texas who offered information about the materials they used, only 38% of practices offered zirconia.

Many of these practices also gave their average costs based on acrylic or porcelain. When asked, these practices confirmed that zirconia would raise the price they’d already provided.

It’s important to keep this in mind when gathering quotes from dental implants providers, because some offices don’t reduce the cost of full mouth dental implants despite failing to provide zirconia. In fact, many offices who strictly use porcelain or acrylic will quote the same total price for a dental implant (or higher) as another office that uses zirconia for the same procedure. 

Our dental implant office in Fort Worth uses zirconia for all fixed prosthetics.

We also offer implant supported dentures (a.k.a. Snap In Dentures) made from acrylic as a more affordable alternative for patients who want full mouth dental implants but can’t afford zirconia.

3. CT Scans vs X-Rays

CT scans are superior to X-rays when it comes to dental implants. This is because CT scans offer a 3D view of your jaw. As such, they reveal much more information about your jaw. Information revealed by CT scans includes the shape, amount, and condition of your bone. This gives the dental professional more information on where to place your implants. 

CT Scans Reveal More

In contrast, X-rays only offer a flat view of your jaw, and therefore provide much less information. When you’re looking for a dental implants provider, make sure they offer CT scans.

Roughly half of dental offices advertising for dental implants offer CT scans (49%) while the others only offer x-rays.

4. One Office vs Multiple Locations

According to our research, getting dental implants in one location will streamline your implant process by an average 8 weeks compared to multiple locations. The same survey showed that one-office care also decreases dental implant cost by 5% on average before added fees or services.

According to the data, getting dental implants in one location rather than multiple offices will streamline the dental implant process by an average of 8 weeks.

Having every step of your implant treatment in one location is far more convenient than multiple offices. It’s even better if the office has their own in-house lab, which reduces margin for error in the design of your new teeth and can streamline your process. 

This is the case with The Dental Implant Place. We were one of the first offices in the country to handle every step of the dental implant process.

5. In-House Labs vs Outsourced Lab Work

Out of the all the offices surveyed, only 8% had their own in-house dental lab. 

The average implant timeline estimate from these practices was 3.6 months. This was almost 2 months shorter than the average estimate of the overall survey – 5.3 months. 

in house lab advantages dental implants, in house lab infographic

Meanwhile, offices that outsourced their lab work usually stated that this process would add 2-3 weeks to a patient’s waiting time. 

In other words, while an in-house lab isn’t guaranteed to streamline a patient’s dental implant process, it certainly can. This is why our implant practice has our own in-house lab. 

6. Same Day Extractions

Some practices will tell you that extractions and dental implants will need to be done in separate appointments. However, this is not always the case. In fact, our office frequently performs same day extractions and implants. We do this in every case where the patient has adequate oral health. 

This is very important, because healing from extractions can take several months. If a provider is unable to perform this treatment, you can expect 3-6 months of additional waiting time for your final set of new teeth. 

Sometimes this cannot be helped, no matter the surgeon’s skill level. Nevertheless, you will want to consult with an experienced dental professional who regularly performs same day extractions and implants in order to discover if you qualify for this procedure.

7. Experience, Skill, and Approach

Ideally, the dental professional placing your implants will have a lot of experience doing so. The best metric to determine skill level is the number of implants they have placed or the number of cases they’ve done. 

This is because some dentists and surgeons don’t specialize. They may technically have 10 years of experience placing implants. However, 90% of this time may have been spent performing general dentistry while occasionally placing a dental implant. In other words, the amount of time doesn’t necessarily reflect the skill or experience that comes with placing a large number of implants in a wide variety of cases. 

Our dental implant office in Fort Worth has focused exclusively on implants and restorative treatment since 2007. In that time, our founder, Dr. Steve Brown has placed over 12,000 dental implants. This number does not include the number of implants placed in his practice before shifting his focus to implant dentistry.

So if you’re researching the cost of dental implants, make sure to ask questions about the provider’s experience. They may not have an exact number, but they should be able to give you a rough estimate of the number of implants they’ve placed and if they offer certain types of treatment that are advantageous (same day extractions, same day temporary restorations, etc.).

8. Bone Grafts and Other Procedures

The cost of full mouth dental implants can rise with additional procedures. In addition to extractions, common treatments required to get full implants include bone grafts. 

Bone grafts can widely vary in price depending on the health of the grafting site and the method used by the dental practice. Synthetic bone grafts can range from $200-$1200 or higher. Grafts that use the patient’s bone will always cost more, as high as $4,000 per graft.

9. Minimally Invasive Care

The term “minimally invasive” refers to surgery that requires less cutting, drilling, or any activity that causes bodily trauma.

Less trauma means usually means more comfort and less pain during and after surgery. It also typically means a faster healing process, since the body has less trauma to heal from.

When the term is applied to implant dentistry, it means that the dental professional places implants by inserting a tiny pinhole into the patient’s gums and gently rotating the post into the tissue by hand. There is no drilling and no peeling back of the gums. The implants placed also typically have a smaller-than-average diameter.

This is vastly different than the conventional method for implant surgery, which is commonly referred to as “flaps”. With flaps, the dental professional cuts open the patient’s gums, drills a hole in the bone, and screws the implant into the bone. This approach is considerably more traumatic, and the vast majority of implant providers use it.

In fact, only a handful of practices in the world practice minimally invasive dental implant care. Our office, The Dental Implant Place in Fort Worth, TX is one of them.

10. Different Implant Sizes

Many dentists only place one type of dental implant. However, it’s important that an implant dentist is proficient with multiple types and sizes of implants. This increases your chances for qualifying for full dental implants. It can even increase the number of implants your jaw can support. Mini dental implants and small diameter posts also require less surgical trauma than wider implants. Less surgical trauma can mean faster healing and less pain.

mini dental implant diagram, mini dental implants Fort Worth tx

Finally, smaller implants can reduce the cost of full mouth dental implants. Some offices charge higher prices for treatments based on the price of the implants they use. Many times, a larger implant means a higher price. Not only that, but using smaller implants can potentially help you avoid the need for bone grafts. Bone grafts are an added cost and can be another surgical procedure on their own.

11. Hidden Fees

Make sure to ask about any costs that could potentially be added to your full mouth dental implants procedure. Specifically, ask about the cost of appointments, additional scans, repairs, customizations, and any additional procedures that may be deemed necessary. If the dental office doesn’t provide all of your treatment in one place, then it’s more likely that there will be additional costs further into your treatment.

12. Financing

Make sure that the dental office or oral surgeon that you choose offers financing. Full mouth dental implants are a big investment, no matter where you get them. Financing your implant procedure can go a long way to getting a great return on your investment.

Our office offers a variety of dental implants payment plans in our Fort Worth TX office so that you can afford your full mouth teeth implants cost. Some of our plans offer 0% financing, while others offer the chance to space your monthly payments out 5 years.

Note: 16% of Practices Surveyed Don't Place Implants, Despite Advertising For Them

Believe it or not, a significant number of dental offices that talk about dental implants don’t place them. 

Out of all the dental implant providers surveyed, 16.4% didn’t provide dental implant care themselves, despite listing it as a service on their website.

10 Things to Look for When You're Shopping for Dental Implant Cost

The following features are elements of implant care that can elevate the quality of your implants and your treatment process. Knowing these features will ensure that you receive the best quality for the cost of full mouth dental implants.

  1. Experience and Focus on Implant Dentistry (w. thousands of implants placed)
  2. One office (rather than multiple offices)
  3. In-house dental lab
  4. Same-day dental implants (especially for full arch cases, ideally included in cost)
  5. Minimally invasive care
  6. CT scans (rather than X-Rays)
  7. Zirconia offered for fixed (a.k.a. permanent) cases
  8. Financing available (especially with a 0% option)
  9. Same-day extractions possible
  10. No hidden fees

How Our Office Delivers Quality for the Cost of Dental Implants

The Dental Implant Place in Fort Worth provides all 10 of the aforementioned features that raise the quality of single and full mouth dental implants.

Our dentist and staff are extremely skilled in implant dentistry. We have focused exclusively on dental implant care in our state-of-the-art facility since 2007.

Our founder, Dr. Steve Brown, has placed over 12,000 dental implants alone, using rare and advanced minimally invasive treatment.

dental implant office features, how to get quality for dental implant cost

We offer same day temporary prosthetics for full arch and full mouth dental implant cases at no extra cost. In addition to zirconia for fixed cases, we also offer snap-in dentures over dental implants as a more affordable alternative.

To finance your dental implants, we offer plans with rates as low as 0%.

And we do all of this in one office, with an in-house dental lab that streamlines and customizes your care.

As Many Implants As You Need Per Arch

At The Dental Implant Place, we do not increase the cost of full mouth dental implants based on the number of implants you get in your arch. In our office, we will give you as many implants as your anatomy will allow.

We do this at no additional cost. We know of no other office that offers this.

On average, our patients receive 11 implants for upper full arch implants and 6 implants for lower arch cases. Some got as many as 14 implants.

Schedule a Consultation to Learn More About the Cost of Dental Implants

For more information on dental implant cost in Texas, schedule a free consultation with our team.

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This is ultimately the best way to gather information. Our highly experienced staff will be able to give you a quote based on your specific needs. 

To get started, hit the button below and get scheduled! We look forward to helping you reclaim your quality of life. 

Note: this blog was originally written in March 2017 and has been updated in January 2023.

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