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how many dental implants do i need

March 10, 2022

During their consultation, many patients ask this question: how many dental implants do I need?  This post will address the purpose behind this question and share relevant information that will help you in your search for a dental implant provider. Table of Contents: The Question is About Long-Term SuccessThe Bare Minimum for a Full ArchOur… Continue reading How Many Dental Implants Do I Need?
dental implant failure causes, what causes dental implants to fail?

February 9, 2022

Dental implants enjoy a high rate of long-term success when compared to other restorative dental procedures. Industry-wide studies usually cite a 90-95% success rate over a 5-year period, with some literature showing even better results. However, dental implant failure can still happen. This article will cover the common signs of dental implant failure and factors… Continue reading Dental Implant Failure: Signs, Causes, and Prevention
dental implant consultation, the dental implant place

October 29, 2021

During the first consultation, many patients ask how many steps are in the dental implant process. The truth is that the dental implant process can vary drastically from practice-to-practice from the patient’s perspective. This is because every dental office that offers implants will have varying degrees of technology, skill, and facilities for each step in… Continue reading The Dental Implant Process in 7 Steps


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