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Don’t Wait On Your Treatment

Anatomy of healthy teeth and tooth dental implant in human dentura. 3d illustration

In our previous blog, we discussed how implant restorations are secured to your smile, as well as why an individual may need to seek prosthetic dental options. Indeed, losing a tooth is often the last thing an individual wants to endure, especially since teeth are considered permanent and will not simply grow back. That being… Read more »

Do I Really Need An Implant?

Healthy white teeth and implants are smiling against green mint background and dentist tools mirror, hook

By now you are probably aware of the fact that once you lose a tooth as an adult, you cannot gain it back. What you can do, however, is seek prosthodontic treatment in the form of a dental implant. Indeed, an implant serves more purposes than just completing your smile, but addresses the question of… Read more »

Increasing Your Implant’s Success

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For a number of people, increased exposure to oral health threats and other concerns will eventually lead them down a path of needing extraction and replacement so as to benefit their function and strength. Indeed, in an ideal world, implants would be unnecessary and we could go on living our lives with our natural teeth…. Read more »

What Happens During Your Planning Stage

Dental laboratory. Production of dental crowns. Milling dental system with program control. Grinding and milling machine of dentures. Laboratory milling cutter for dental work. Dentistry.

Procedures and prosthetic dental solutions such as implant-retained dentures or bridges are largely streamlined today through the adoption of radical practices and advanced dental technology. In the past, treatment used to be long and drawn out due to the need for multiple specialists in crafting your custom implant. Today, however, and in-house lab, minimally-invasive approach,… Read more »

Functional Benefits Of All-On-4

Maxillary and Mandibular prosthesis with gum All on 4 system supported by implants. Medically accurate 3D illustration of human teeth and dentures

It goes without saying that having a full set of teeth is everyone’s goal, and keeping that smile for life is an added benefit. In addition to the cosmetic appeal, a full grin supports proper oral function, protects your structures, and is overall beneficial for your oral health. In some cases, however, dangerous decay and… Read more »

When Your Bridge Can Be Implant-Secured

Having an in-house lab and all-in-one office makes the process of receiving your dental implant treatment that much smoother, as there is less time spent attempting to communicate between multiple offices. What’s more, you can ensure that the same excellent quality is maintained throughout the process, as having all the resources to create your custom… Read more »

Understanding Your Implant Treatment

We often hear stories of individuals experiencing fear or anxiety when facing their restorative dental procedure, and sometimes it becomes so encompassing that it causes individuals to table their emergent oral health needs. What is worse are stories of individuals who overcome this fear just to have their worries affirmed with unnecessarily invasive treatment. In… Read more »

How An In-House Lab Streamlines Your Procedure

For a variety of individuals, the idea of receiving a dental implant can be nerve-wracking for a number of reasons. The thought of extensive work could be painful, it could take a lot of time, and even more, it could end up costing a lot financially. Indeed, these are common concerns that many dental offices… Read more »

Methods To Rebuild Jaw Structure

Whether you are aware of it or not, your teeth play a major role in your overall oral function. For instance, your crowns help you bite, chew, and eat, while your roots act as an anchor to your jaw so that the pressure of your bite can be supported. That being said, your jaw, gums,… Read more »

Three Ways Implants Help You

When it comes to suffering tooth loss of any kind, it can certainly be a troubling process. Fortunately, advances in dental technology and processes have been able to make the experience much more straight-forward and comfortable to endure. Indeed, implant dentistry can address a wide array of loss, and our team is ready to help…. Read more »