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When Bone Grafting Helps Your Implant

Woman preparing bones transplants in bone bank

Dental implants have paved the way for sustainable and high-functioning solutions for tooth loss. Indeed, to be able to address both appearance and function in a seamless manner is task of great depth, and it has gone on to benefit a variety of people that had to endure the loss of one or more structures…. Read more »

How Durable Are Your Implants?

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One of the many questions that accompany implant dentistry is how feasible it is. After you’re your teeth are among the strongest bones in your body, and have been scientifically proven to be as hard as steel, if not harder. With that in mind, it almost seems unlikely a structure will face significant harm, yet… Read more »

What Do Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost?

full mouth dental implants cost

If you’re considering full mouth dental implants, you probably want to know what you should expect to pay for this procedure. The purpose of this post is to help you assess full mouth dental implants cost.  We’ll cover the different factors that can affect price, such as the materials used to make your new teeth… Read more »

Ways Dental Implants Benefit Your Smile

Anatomy of healthy teeth and tooth dental implant in human dentura. 3d illustration

When asked what is a problem that a person might experience as they get older, many people do not readily expect tooth loss to be at the top of the list. As a matter of fact, tooth loss is a common phenomenon that actually impacts more people than you might think. Usually caused from decay… Read more »

Making Your Treatment More Comfortable

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Too often have we heard about horror stories that individuals have endured regarding their dental implant procedure. From a drastically long wait time to traumatic surgery and everything in-between, it is no wonder a certain fear or anxiety may accompany a person in need for implant treatment. Our office recognizes this concern, and takes steps… Read more »

An All-In-One Office Streamlines Your Treatment

For some, prosthodontics may seem like an option that never has to be considered. After all, all a person has to do is maintain a healthy smile for life, right? The problem arises, however, when life has different plans. Indeed, oral health concerns such as dental decay, infection, sleep apnea, and more can heavily influence… Read more »

Do You Qualify For A Dental Implant?

Whether you are aware of it or not, your oral health depends greatly on your teeth and the quality of care you provide them. After all, failing to attend regular dental examinations or even neglecting to floss can cause a myriad of concerns down the road. What’s more? Some issues develop much more rapidly than… Read more »

What Implant Bridges Have Over Traditional Options

Zircon dentures on a pink background - Ceramic veneers - lumineers

When it comes to your oral function, your teeth and other structures play a massive role. After all, the relationship between your crowns, roots, and jaw contribute to daily activities such as biting, chewing, eating, and even enunciating. When even a single structure is missing, your function takes a hit. What’s more? The situation only… Read more »

Implants Offer More Than Cosmetic Benefits

Losing a natural tooth can lead to significant complications to your physical appearance, structural integrity, and even your oral function. What’s more, your chances of losing more adjacent structures increases drastically in cases involving dental decay or other infection. Indeed, tooth loss is a much more complex process than you might have initially thought, and… Read more »

The Many Hats Of A Dental Implant

Closeup of dental technician putting ceramic to dental implants in his laboratory.

It goes without saying that, if given an option, nobody wants to part ways with their natural teeth. After all, they are permanent, and once they are gone, they are gone for good. Unfortunately, a handful of individuals do not get to make that decision and are instead faced with health complications that arise from… Read more »