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The Real Importance of Replacing Lost Teeth Roots

The main reason why addressing any oral health concern as soon as possible is because, in most cases, they’ll continue to get worse until you do. When it comes to addressing tooth loss, however, some of the consequences can continue to impact your smile even after you’ve received a custom restoration. That’s because the loss… Read more »

Restoring Your Smile with Dental Implants

Tooth loss leads to several diminishing effects on your oral health bite function, which is why replacing lost teeth and restoring your smile is so essential to preserving your good oral health. When it comes to replacing lost teeth, the right solution often depends on how many teeth need replacement. However, patients have another option… Read more »

Things to Address Before Getting Dental Implants

The point of dental implants is to address your tooth loss in a way that helps you regain most of the vital functions of your lost teeth. This means replacing the roots of your teeth to reestablish their ability to sustain your bite pressure and to stimulate your jawbone structure. The process of rebuilding your… Read more »

Things that Could Negatively Impact Your Dental Implants

For patients who receive them, dental implants boast an impressively high success rate. However, that success depends on more than just the quality of your treatment. It also relies heavily on how well you care for your dental implant restoration and oral health afterward. Without proper care and maintenance, your custom, implant-supported restoration may experience… Read more »

The Factors of Your Oral Health that Dental Implants Restore

The most obvious thing that dental implants replace is your teeth. The lifelike restorations, complete with root-like anchors, are designed to complete your smile after you’ve experienced the loss of one or more teeth. However, the specific factors of your oral health that are affected by tooth loss also benefit when you rebuild your smile… Read more »

Questions People Often Have About Dental Implants

As dental implants have become increasingly more popular over the last several decades, more people who’ve experienced tooth loss have been able to benefit from completely restoring and preserving their smiles. Their many different benefits have also become more widely recognized, especially as the long-term advantages of replacing lost teeth roots have become more apparent… Read more »

Why Choose to Restore Your Implants In Just One Day?

Placing and restoring dental implants takes time. The goal of dental implants is to mimic the way in which healthy teeth roots support your natural teeth, which requires that the implant posts be surgically placed within your dental ridge. Traditionally, this means waiting up to 3-6 months for the bone structure around the dental implant… Read more »

Common Ways to Prepare for Dental Implants

For people who experience tooth loss and understand its significance to their oral health, the ability to replace their lost teeth roots makes dental implants the obvious choice for rebuilding their smiles. Their high biocompatibility also means that dental implants can be the optimal solution for most tooth loss patients. However, the many different consequences… Read more »

The Real Advantage to Receiving Dental Implants

After you’ve lost one or more teeth, rebuilding your smile as soon as possible is important to your long-term oral health. It requires not only replacing one or more lost teeth, but also addressing the impacts that losing teeth can have on your oral health. The real advantage of dental implant restorations is that they… Read more »

What Good Dental Hygiene Means when You Have Dental Implants

When most people consider the benefits that come with dental implants, the main aspects they think of involve the way the restoration is supported to the dental ridge, and the confidence that comes with greater comfort and stability. These and the many other benefits of dental implants are essential to the long-term performance of your… Read more »