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3 Functions that Dental Implants Reestablish

The art of rebuilding your smile after experiencing tooth loss can be more complex than it sometimes seems. That’s because your teeth do more than you might realize at first, beyond making your smile look healthy and allowing you to bite and chew your food. To fully restore your smile, your custom replacement teeth should… Read more »

Are Dental Implants Really the Best Thing for Your Smile?

Whether you’ve just experienced tooth loss or are faced with the need for tooth extraction, or you’ve lost one or more teeth long ago, dental implants could be the best thing for your smile. Unlike conventional replacement teeth, they can offer a more realistic way to replace your lost teeth and the way their roots… Read more »

What Are the Biggest Benefits of Dental Implants?

Unlike more conventional tooth replacement options, dental implants are designed to give your dental restoration a similar level of support as your healthy, natural teeth. That means mimicking the way that your natural teeth roots function, and the way they stabilize your restoration when you bite and chew. The addition of dental implants to your… Read more »

Important Factors in Your Dental Implants’ Success

Recovering from tooth loss can be different for everyone. With a wide range of factors that can influence the health and integrity of the rest of your smile, fully restoring your smile means replacing as much of your health tooth structure as possible, as well as addressing the factors that may have led to the… Read more »

Could Dental Implants Be Right for Your Smile?

There are many reasons why your smile needs a full set of teeth on both your upper and lower dental ridges. Because of these reasons, replacing any lost or missing teeth is essential for preserving any smile that experiences tooth loss. However, dental implants are often the best solution because they’re able to replace more… Read more »

Do Dental Implants Really Make Your Jaw Stronger?

There are plenty of benefits that dental implants can provide when it comes to replacing your lost teeth that traditional restorations are unable to mimic. This is because, unlike traditional tooth replacement options, dental implants are able to replace the healthy versions of your lost teeth roots, and most of the functions they’re responsible for…. Read more »

How Dental Implants Work Differently

The way your teeth work is an important aspect of how your oral health responds to their loss. Their main function is biting and chewing your food, so you may notice its impact on your bite function. Yet, they also fill out your smile, and the visible impact of the loss can be even more… Read more »

Can Dental Implants Help You Prevent Losing More Teeth?

Of the many different impacts that tooth loss can have on your oral health, one of the most significant is the increased risk of losing more teeth in the future. This risk can be the result of many different factors, including the impact that the loss can have on the health and integrity of your… Read more »

Things You Should Avoid if You Have Dental Implants

The ideal way to protect your smile from tooth loss is to prevent it from happening, which is highly possible in many cases. However, once it does occur, you can still protect your smile by replacing your lost teeth with a highly lifelike dental implant restoration. Replacing your lost teeth roots is an important step… Read more »

Are You a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

The good thing about dental implants is that, unlike more conventional tooth replacement options, they can replace the roots of your lost teeth as well as their crowns. The implications of this advantage are significant; your teeth roots do more for your oral health than you realize, and replacing them benefits your smile and restoration… Read more »