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How Do Dental Implants Replace Lost Teeth Roots?

Dental restorations that are designed to replace lost teeth are traditionally defined by how many teeth they’re meant to replace. For example, dentures are for replacing complete rows of missing teeth, while bridges can be used for a single lost tooth, or multiple adjacent ones. However, dental implants aren’t designed only to fill in the… Read more »

Who Benefits Most from Dental Implants?

For people who’ve experienced tooth loss, dental implants are a popular way for fully rebuilding their smiles. While many of the advantages of dental implants have become well-known, even to people who haven’t lost teeth, you may still not be completely sure if they’re the right option for your smile. At our Ft. Worth, TX,… Read more »

What Qualifying for Dental Implants Means

The more you hear about dental implants, the more obvious the benefits are when it comes to rebuilding your smile. After losing one or more teeth, the many different consequences of the loss can have a dramatic impact on nearly aspect of your oral health. Much of these effects involve the loss of your teeth… Read more »

How Your Smile Actually Benefits from Dental Implants

Of the many different benefits that come with replacing lost teeth with dental implants, choosing which is the most important isn’t easy. It largely depends on what concerns you most about your missing teeth, such as the appearance of your smile or your ability to bite and chew properly. However, some of the benefits of… Read more »

Dental Implants – For Lost and Extracted Teeth

A tooth can go missing for several reasons, but in the broadest categories, it’s either lost or extracted. That means the tooth was uprooted before you could see your dentist (tooth loss), or it’s become so compromised that it has to come out for the good of your smile (tooth extraction). In either case, the… Read more »

Important Notes About Caring for Dental Implants

The effects of tooth loss go far beyond the things that you immediately notice, and include the consequences of losing the support and stimulation of your healthy, natural teeth roots. However, even after replacing your lost teeth and their roots with dental implants, you’ll have to consider the loss when taking care of your oral… Read more »

What’s Your Reason for Choosing Dental Implants?

There are many definitive reasons why replacing lost teeth with dental implants is an objectively better choice for many tooth loss patients. However, everyone’s smile is unique, and so are their motivations for seeking to rebuild their smiles after losing teeth. For some, they wish mostly to restore the confidence they once had in their… Read more »

In Case You Have Questions About Implant Placement

For people who’ve experienced tooth loss, dental implants offer an exciting and important opportunity – the chance to reestablish the foundation of their smiles by replacing their lost teeth roots. However, receiving dental implants can sometimes seem like an extensive process. It involves careful planning and the surgical placement of your dental implant posts, followed… Read more »

Think You Can’t Get Implants? Check With Us!

For patients who experience tooth loss these days, dental implants are a well-known, often ideal prosthetic solution. They not only help you rebuild your smile’s appearance and ability to bite and chew your foods, but also all of the many other vital functions of your teeth and their roots. Yet, because dental implants require surgically… Read more »

Why Patients Appreciate About Dental Implants

For patients who’ve experienced tooth loss, dental implants can often be a key to restoring their healthy, attractive smiles and quality of life. As an innovative support system for a custom-designed dental crown, bridge, or denture, dental implants are made to mimic the roots of your natural teeth. This means they do more for your… Read more »