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Overcoming Dental Anxiety

While you may not have thought a tooth replacement was in the cards for you at one point in your life, sometimes life has other plans. Indeed, structural loss can result from a number of factors, and having an effective preventive care routine is a lifelong venture. For a number of individuals, however, the fear… Read more »

Gum Disease’s Role in Losing Teeth (and Replacing Them)

Not everyone who experiences tooth loss also has gum disease, and not everyone who has gum disease will experience tooth loss because of it. However, the progressive destruction of your gums that the disease causes is one of the leading factors in most cases of tooth loss, which makes it an important factor in many… Read more »

How Does Gum Disease Impact Tooth Loss and Replacement?

If you haven’t lost any of your natural teeth, then the development of gum disease can become one of your biggest risk factors in doing so. That’s because gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss, and if it’s already developed, then it will continue to cause increasingly harm to your smile’s supportive structures…. Read more »

How to Minimize Your Risks of Tooth Loss and Other Concerns

In general, the overarching goal of taking care of your smile is to help you prevent things from occurring that could call for the need for extensive treatment. For example, tooth loss can affect your smile and oral health in ways that require custom tooth replacement, including the placement of dental implant posts. Even if… Read more »

Practicing Good Hygiene when You Have Dental Implants

The fact that dental implants are designed to mimic your healthy, natural teeth is an important advantage in their ability rebuild smiles. However, that ability also has several significant implications beyond replacing your lost teeth. For example, when your restoration is supported by customized, root-like anchors, you don’t have to contend with things like hidden… Read more »

Is Daily Hygiene Any Different with Implants?

The best thing about dental implants is their ability to create restorations to replace lost teeth that closely mimic their healthy, natural structures. This gives your restoration a level of comfort and stability that more closely matches that of your healthy, natural teeth. It also creates a wide range of additional benefits throughout the life… Read more »

Things You Should Treat ASAP to Avoid Tooth Loss

The thing about tooth loss is that, even when it seems sudden, there’s often an underlying condition that led to the loss occurring. In most instances, that condition is something that developed a while ago and has been progressing ever since, to the point that one or more of your teeth fall out or need… Read more »

Dealing with Gum Disease Before Tooth Loss

Dealing with tooth loss can sometimes be trickier than it seems at first. It can be obvious that the tooth needs to be replaced for the good of your smile’s appearance and your oral health, but what about the reason why you lost the tooth in the first place? For many people, that reason is… Read more »

A Few Things that Might Precede Dental Implants

After the stress of losing one or more teeth, being able to finally enjoy your full, healthy smile again is one of the greatest benefits of receiving dental implants. Yet, the success of your dental implants relies on several different, equally important factors, which is why every treatment plan at our Ft. Worth, TX, office… Read more »

Things that Affect a Healthy Jawbone

When it comes to caring for your smile, most of the attention is often on your teeth and gum tissues. For example, routine care involves keeping them clean of oral bacteria, and the two most common dental health issues are tooth decay and gum disease. However, your jawbone’s health and integrity are equally important, and… Read more »