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Rebuilding Your Jaw Structure To Support Implants

It is true that once you lose a tooth to decay or infection and do not tend to the matter in a timely manner you will soon find yourself facing even more loss, as your chances for losing more will increase dramatically. Indeed, acting with efficiency is a key factor to implant success, and the… Read more »

When Your Jaw Cannot Support Implants

For many, the process of going through tooth loss and removal can be a traumatic experience. After all, nobody wants to lose an oral structure and tarnish their grin with a noticeable gap. What’s more, concerns arise from a diseased or infected structure, but bigger concerns arise when the extracted tooth has not been replaced…. Read more »

Bone Grafts and Sinus Lifts FAQ

Dental implants can be a smile-saving procedure. Implant posts support a replacement tooth or an implant bridge or denture, for a securely restored smile. While most people qualify for dental implant placement in Fort Worth, TX, our trusted team will use your initial consultation to carefully assess your individual situation, including your overall health, medications… Read more »

Preparing Your Smile For Implants With Jawbone Grafting

Losing teeth impacts the function and beauty of your smile, and over time, could even lead to the breakdown of your facial structure, causing an older appearance. This occurs due to the loss of jawbone mass and density. Losing these tissues could even impact the placement of dental implants! To help prepare your smile for… Read more »

A Few Things to Know About Jawbone Grafting

Different oral health concerns can impact different aspects of your oral health and structures. Yet, in many of their severe cases, this harm includes some form of damage to the foundational ridges of your smile. For example, severe tooth decay could infect a tooth’s root canal, which extends into the bone structure of the dental… Read more »

Are There Ways to Avoid Jawbone Grafting?

After losing or having to extract one or more natural teeth, their loss can have continuous impacts on many other parts of your oral health. One of the most profound impacts is the loss of mass and density that occurs within the jawbone structure in the area where you’ve lost teeth. The roots of your… Read more »

Things to Ask Yourself About Jawbone Grafting

Restoring your smile when you’ve experienced one or multiple severe oral health concerns can sometimes be more complex than it seems at first. For example, when some patients experience tooth loss and want to rebuild their smiles by replacing their lost teeth, the most important part of the restoration is often the implanted post that… Read more »

What’s the Point of Jawbone Grafting, and Do You Need It?

One of the most important reasons for addressing oral health concerns promptly is to mitigate the consequences that they can have on your oral health. With most conditions, especially tooth loss, those consequences extend beyond the problem itself. For instance, after you lose one or more teeth, the loss not only affects your smile’s appearance,… Read more »

When Bone Grafting Is Recommended Before Implant Placement

How prepared are you to have your smile restored through implant dentistry? While people are often excited by what an implant-held restoration can do for them, there may be issues that have made it difficult for them to move forward with treatment. At our Fort Worth, TX clinic, we have helped many individuals who have… Read more »

A Few Important Points About Jawbone Grafting

While dental implants are a great solution for addressing most people’s cases of tooth loss, there are times when receiving dental implants means undergoing one or more additional procedures to restore your smile’s foundation. One of these procedures may include jawbone grafting, which is the process of strengthening an area of your jawbone with the… Read more »