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What You Might Not Know About Jawbone Grafting

There are several different conditions that could potentially impact the health and integrity of your jawbone structure. For example, one of the reasons why gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss is because it systematically erodes the gums and jawbone structure that support your teeth. Also, the loss of your teeth roots can… Read more »

A Better Understanding of Jawbone Grafting

There are several complex consequences of oral health conditions like tooth loss and the underlying factors that lead up to it. Among these is often the weakening and erosion of your healthy jawbone structure, which is one of the more significant underlying causes of tooth loss, as well as one of its most important consequences…. Read more »

Is Jawbone Grafting a Good Idea for Your Smile?

Sometimes, restoring or rebuilding your smile might require a bit more than you expect. For example, if you’ve lost a significant number of teeth, then some of the consequences of tooth loss may have created a need for additional procedures, such as jawbone grafting. Before planning your smile restoration, we can perform a comprehensive examination… Read more »

How to Lower Your Chances of Needing Jawbone Grafting

Tooth loss is a serious condition all by itself, but it also has several contributing factors and subsequent consequences for your oral health that rebuilding your smile can sometimes require more than you think. For example, patients who experience tooth loss often benefit most from replacing them with one or more dental implants. However, if… Read more »

Why Jawbone Grafting May Not Be Necessary

While everyone’s dental health and treatment is unique, some principles remain the same for everyone. For example, no matter your dental health concern, the optimal treatment is typically the one that offers the most minimally invasive solution to improving your oral health. When it comes to recovering from tooth loss, that need is especially great…. Read more »

Things to Remember About Jawbone Grafting

Losing one or more teeth impacts your oral and overall health in several significant ways, and not all of them are immediately noticeable. However, given enough time, they can all have an increasingly more profound impact on your oral health and quality of life. One of these impacts involves the way in which your jawbone… Read more »

The Difference Between Lower and Upper Ridge Augmentation

Generally speaking, dental ridge augmentation is the process of surgically strengthening or correcting your upper or lower jawbone, which form the foundations of your upper and lower dental ridges. However, given the difference in your upper dental ridge and your lower jaw, or mandible, the procedures differ in certain aspects. In many cases, the point… Read more »

Why Jawbone Grafting Isn’t for Everyone

Everybody’s dental health needs are different, so dental treatments are customizable by necessity. Even similar cases, such as tooth loss, can require different approaches for different patients, even when some specifics are similar (like the number of lost teeth). One variable includes the health and integrity of your jawbone structure, which can be impacted by… Read more »

The Connection Between Jawbone Grafting and Dental Implants

The process of replacing lost teeth and their roots with dental implants can often be pretty straight-forward. However, for some patients, the collateral effects of tooth loss can cause several other concerns that can grow worse over time, and sometimes, it can impact the details of the dental implant process. One of the most consequential… Read more »

What You Should Know About Jawbone Grafting

In the world of dental health care, dental implants are popular as the most comprehensive way of replacing lost teeth. They provide root-like posts that support your lifelike restoration in a way that closely mimics your healthy teeth roots, and can even help reduce your risks of experiencing further tooth loss. However, not as many… Read more »