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Consequences of Tooth Loss You Won’t Notice Right Away

Compared to common oral health concerns like a minor cavity or gingivitis, tooth loss isn’t exactly discreet. You’ll know when it occurs, and if you’re like many people who experience tooth loss, you’ll know right away that it’s important to address it by replacing the tooth. However, the visible impacts of tooth loss aren’t all… Read more »

When Restoring Your Smile Means Replacing a Tooth

In general dental health care, restoring a tooth can often be accomplished simply, and the benefits include restoring your smile’s health and integrity with optimal results. However, when you lose one or more teeth, restoring your smile means replacing them with the most lifelike tooth replacement options available. For many people who experience tooth loss,… Read more »

Minor Things that Lead to Higher Risks of Tooth Loss

When it comes to tooth loss, there are more potential causes of it than many people realize. Many of these causes are not immediately obvious, such as the progression of gum disease, and they can develop from seemingly minor things, like not brushing and flossing your teeth carefully enough. Today, we examine some things that… Read more »

What Recovering from Tooth Loss Might Mean

When it comes to recovering from tooth loss, replacing your lost or extracted teeth is the obvious method of restoring your smile and most of your bite function. However, tooth loss can have several impacts on your oral health beyond the loss of your teeth and their roots. The longer your teeth remain lost without… Read more »

3 Goals when Replacing Your Lost Teeth

Restoring your smile means something different depending on what your specific oral health concerns are. When you’ve lost one or more teeth, however, it typically means replacing your lost teeth as soon as possible, and with the right, custom-designed and implant-supported dental restoration. Restoring a smile that’s lost one or more teeth involves more than… Read more »

Understanding Tooth Loss a Little Better

Despite the fact that tooth loss is a relatively obvious oral health condition, the circumstances surrounding it aren’t always fully understood. For example, if you’ve known many people who’ve lost at least one tooth, then you might assume it’s something that everyone will experience at some point in their lives. However, if you don’t know… Read more »

What Replacing Lost Teeth Could Help You Avoid

Replacing lost or extracted teeth has several obvious benefits to your smile and oral health. For example, the appearance of your smile can be whole and healthy again, and your bite can feel comfortable when you bite and chew again. However, there are also several important, but less obvious, reasons for replacing lost teeth as… Read more »

Are There Signs that You Might Lose a Tooth?

There are often signs that can warn you of dental health trouble, such as a toothache or bleeding in your gums when you brush and floss. Such signs can mean that seeking treatment as soon as possible could be the best thing for your oral health. However, there aren’t as clear signs that you’re about… Read more »

Why Replacing Lost Teeth Matters So Much

The change in your smile’s appearance after you lose one or more teeth is often motivation enough to replace them as soon as possible. When this impact is highly noticeable, it can have a significant influence on your facial appearance and self-confidence. While these concerns are important, replacing lost teeth matters more for your smile… Read more »

What Actually Causes Tooth Loss to Happen

One of the common misconceptions about tooth loss is the belief that it’s inevitable for everyone as they get older. Another is that it can never happen to you, and is only a vague concern to be slightly worried about. The truth is that tooth loss is most often the result of a preventable condition,… Read more »