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Tooth Loss and Your Smile, Years Later

Tooth loss is the kind of issue that’s immediately noticeable. In fact, unless you’ve lost the tooth due to an emergency, you may have seen it coming before it actually occurred. That’s because tooth loss is most often due to one of several potential underlying issues, such as gum disease, that has become severe and… Read more »

Ways You Might Be Making Your Tooth Loss Risks Worse

Because your oral health is unique, your oral health needs are different than everyone else’s, including people who may have similar dental health concerns. For example, tooth loss means the same thing to everyone, but the specific risks that lead to tooth loss aren’t always even similar. Things like severe gum disease or accidental trauma… Read more »

Tips to Avoid Tooth Loss and the Need for Implants

With the advanced state of dental health care today, tooth loss isn’t always such a disastrous occurrence for your smile as it used to be. For example, the rates of adult tooth loss have fallen over the years, and the quality of treatments to address it have, as well. From understanding the many different causes… Read more »

A Few Things that Can lead to Tooth Loss

When you believe that tooth loss is inevitable, you may be more likely to miss the chances you get to prevent it. In many cases, tooth loss is the result of a chronic dental health condition, like gum disease, that has been allowed to progress too far. With the exception of things like accidental trauma… Read more »

Why You Still Might Lose a Tooth After Restoring It

The art of restoring natural teeth that have become damaged or infected with decay is an important one. When your tooth structure is compromised, the only way to address it and regain the tooth’s health and function is to repair it with an appropriate, custom-designed restoration. However, in some cases, receiving a restoration doesn’t always… Read more »

Bouncing Back from Severe Tooth Loss with Dental Implants

Rebuilding smiles after they’ve experienced tooth loss is an important part of modern dental care. Despite huge leaps forward in preventive and general dental care, tooth loss still remains a problem for a significant percentage of people. Given the many important roles that your teeth and their roots have in your overall oral health, replacing… Read more »

Dealing with the Aftermath of Tooth Loss

After losing one or more teeth, your smile can respond in a number of different ways. Some of these are obvious, such as the way your smile looks without a full set of teeth. Others are more subtle, like the way your bite feels and the effects the gap might have on how well you… Read more »

4 Tips on Preventing Tooth Loss

At our Ft. Worth, TX, dental implant office, our main focus is helping patients rebuild their smiles after suffering from tooth loss, no matter how severe. However, promoting optimal oral health also means taking every measure possible to prevent tooth loss from occurring, even if you’ve already experienced it once. With the right care and… Read more »

3 Things You Risk by Waiting to Replace Lost Teeth

There are some obvious things that result from tooth loss, and they’ll remain obvious for as long as you wait to replace your lost teeth. For example, your smile’s appearance will continue to be affected, as well the overall balance of your bite and, in some cases, your ability to pronounce all of your words… Read more »

How Easy Is It to Prevent Losing a Tooth?

Some people are surprised to learn that tooth loss isn’t as inevitable as they thought it was. Good hygiene and regular preventive care can often help you avoid the most common causes behind tooth loss, significantly reducing your risks of it. If you do develop an issue, then professional dental treatment can restore your healthy… Read more »