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Lifelike Solutions For Consecutive Tooth Loss

Dental technician placing the fixed partial denture, dental bridge on the screw implants, close-up. Dentists tooth model with screw implant for teaching, learning showing teeth and gums

Whether you experience damage to your oral health from a physical accident or due to a sub-par preventive care routine, adult tooth loss is a frightening phenomenon for many people. Indeed, adult teeth are considered permanent, meaning once a structure is gone, it will not come back. Because of this, it is imperative to take… Read more »

The Importance Of Replacing Missing Teeth

Healthy teeth and an implant -- 3d rendering

While nobody prefers to lose a tooth in their adulthood, sometimes it is a necessary process in order to keep your oral health in tip-top condition. While many individuals may think their problems stop there, others run into even bigger concerns and complications. In fact, structural as well as functional issues begin to arise, making… Read more »

Circumstances That Might Warrant Tooth Replacement

In our previous blog, we discussed the structural, functional, and health reasons behind the need for a dental implant restoration, as well as how our team could assist through the process. To continue this discussion, your Fort Worth, TX oral surgeon would like to take a look at specific situations that may arise, causing the… Read more »

Why You Need To Replace That Missing Tooth

Everyone has a morning routine, and while it may vary, the same few actions are pursued – wake up, use the bathroom, brush teeth, and get ready for the day. With so much going on throughout the day, your oral health can oftentimes be placed on auto pilot as you mindlessly follow the same thing… Read more »

What Happens When Adults Lose Teeth?

Despite the fact that many adults experience tooth loss to varying degrees, the truth is that our healthy adult teeth should be permanent. With the right care and maintenance, most people can successfully address the typical causes of tooth loss, which often involve the formation and progression of an underlying chronic oral health concern. When… Read more »

A Few Lesser Known Facts About Tooth Loss

There’s a lot about tooth loss that most people already realize. For instance, it’s no secret that losing a tooth can be one of the most serious concerns for your smile and oral health, and that replacing a lost tooth is important to preserving your smile. However, one of the reasons why tooth loss continues… Read more »

When You Experience Severe Tooth Loss

When you determine the severity of your tooth loss, the most important metric is the number of teeth that you’ve lost. However, the severity of losing teeth includes more than the tooth structure that’s no longer present. It also includes the impact that the absence of the tooth and its root has on the rest… Read more »

Why It’s Important Not to Ignore Tooth Loss

It’s not easy to ignore the loss of a tooth. However, for many patients, it can seem like something that doesn’t have to be addressed immediately. As they take time to adjust to the fact that they’ve permanently lost a tooth, the impacts of that loss can continue to have a growing impact on several… Read more »

3 Reasons to Address Tooth Loss as Soon as Possible

Addressing any oral health concern that you might develop as soon as possible is typically the best way to restore your smile and good oral health. However, not everyone who experiences tooth loss understands the importance of prompt treatment, or how hesitating could impact their oral health and smile restoration plans. Today, we examine three… Read more »

Ways that Dental Implants Prevent Further Tooth Loss

Dental implants are designed to replace lost teeth, which means they aren’t recommended until after you’ve already experienced tooth loss (or are faced with a need for tooth extraction). However, restoring your smile after tooth loss means more than just restoring its appearance. It also means addressing the consequences of the loss, many of which… Read more »