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Answering Questions About Adult Tooth Loss

The thing about tooth loss is that, while most people recognize what it is, not everyone understands the important details around it. For example, because it can be a common concern for many patients, some may believe that it’s inevitable once you reach a certain age. Others may believe that tooth loss is merely an… Read more »

Can You Prevent Tooth Loss?

Since it affects a large percentage of people to at least some degree by the time they’re in their elder years, tooth loss can often seem like something you can’t really control. However, it is, and in many cases, believing tooth loss is inevitable can make people less diligent in protecting their smiles, which leads… Read more »

Tooth Loss and Your Bite’s Overall Function

When you experience tooth loss, there are several important things to consider about what to do next. On one hand, unless you lost a tooth in a dental emergency, there’s likely an underlying cause behind it. That cause might be gum disease, or the tooth may have been extremely decayed or damaged, and restoring your… Read more »

A Closer Look at Gum Disease’s Link to Tooth Loss

Aside from having a tooth knocked out during a dental emergency, there are many oral health conditions that can gradually lead to tooth loss. For example, the chronic oral health condition known as gum disease is the most common reason why adults lose permanent teeth. For patients who have gum disease, the risks of losing… Read more »

An Important Overview of Tooth Loss

While more people are able to enjoy their healthy, natural smiles for life, some people still have to deal with tooth loss to some degree. Sometimes, losing a tooth is a necessary part of restoring your smile, such as in the case of extracting impacted wisdom teeth. In other cases, however, the loss of one… Read more »

What Comes After Tooth Loss?

A lot of things change when you experience tooth loss. For example, there are the obvious changes to your smile’s appearance and, to a less obvious degree, your bite’s function. There are also consequences that take longer to become noticeable, like the erosion of your jawbone due to the loss of your teeth roots. Thanks… Read more »

3 Lesser Known Risk Factors of Tooth Loss

Some of the causes of tooth loss are pretty well-known. For instance, increasingly more people are recognizing that gum disease is the leading cause of it, and taking appropriate steps to protect their smiles from it. Accidental trauma is less common, but just as well-known as a potential reason for losing a tooth. However, there… Read more »

Understanding Tooth Loss and the Value of Dental Implants

There are many dental issues that you can keep hidden from everyone else. If your tooth has a cavity or your gums are diseased, the symptoms might not be highly visible until the later stages of the condition. However, tooth loss isn’t usually such a condition. If the tooth was in the back of your… Read more »

Why Does Tooth Loss Only Affect Some People?

Tooth loss affects enough people that, to some, it may seem a natural part of the aging process. If that were true, then nearly everyone would be destined to experience tooth loss. Yet, the rate of it has steadily dropped over the centuries as the quality of dental health care has improved. Today, more people… Read more »

Tooth Loss and Your Smile, Years Later

Tooth loss is the kind of issue that’s immediately noticeable. In fact, unless you’ve lost the tooth due to an emergency, you may have seen it coming before it actually occurred. That’s because tooth loss is most often due to one of several potential underlying issues, such as gum disease, that has become severe and… Read more »