What Does It Mean to Get Implants In a Day?

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to replacing your lost teeth with dental implants. Fortunately, their advantages are well-known and most people recognize the importance of replacing their lost teeth roots. But, other factors, such as how long it takes between receiving your implant posts and being able to wear your new restoration, can also impact your dental implant treatment process. At our Ft. Worth, TX, dental implant office, we can offer new teeth in just one day with our same-day dental implant restorations. Using advanced in-house technology, we can craft a high-quality temporary restoration that allows you to enjoy your new smile on the same day that you receive your dental implant posts. (more…)

When Jawbone Grafting Is Necessary (and When It Isn’t)

At our Ft. Worth, TX, dental implant office, we offer a full complement of dental implant services, from designing your treatment to placing and restoring your dental implant posts. For patients who require it, we can also perform jawbone grafting for your upper ridge (sinus lift) or lower jawbone (ridge augmentation). The procedure may help you fortify your jawbone to make placing your dental implants more successful. Yet, with our minimally invasive approach to treatment, we can help many patients avoid the need for grafting and still enjoy the many benefits of dental implants. (more…)

Can Implants Really Improve Your Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges are one of the oldest forms of dental treatment. In the past, tooth loss was much more common, and solutions like bridges and dentures were frequently used to rebuild patients smiles. Though advanced dental treatment has significantly lowered the overall rates of tooth loss, many patients still rely on bridges and dentures to preserve their smiles because of it. At our Ft. Worth, TX, office, we can often improve patients’ current dental bridges by replacing them with dental implant-supported restorations. Unlike more conventional options, implants give your bridge the benefit of anchored posts, much like your healthy, natural teeth roots. (more…)

How Easy Is It to Prevent Losing a Tooth?

Some people are surprised to learn that tooth loss isn’t as inevitable as they thought it was. Good hygiene and regular preventive care can often help you avoid the most common causes behind tooth loss, significantly reducing your risks of it. If you do develop an issue, then professional dental treatment can restore your healthy smile before it leads to consequences such as tooth loss. Even after experiencing tooth loss, which is one of the biggest risk factors in losing more, we can help you avoid further tooth loss by replacing your missing ones with dental implants at our Ft. Worth, TX, office. (more…)

What Really Happens After You Lose a Tooth?

The presence of some dental health issues isn’t always noticeable. For example, if you have tooth decay or gum disease, it won’t necessarily show every time you smile. However, losing a tooth is usually much more noticeable, and the impact it has on a smile’s appearance is often the reason why patients choose to replace their lost teeth. At our Ft. Worth, TX, office, we help patients address all of the consequences of losing a tooth, including your smile’s appearance, by offering custom-designed dental implant restorations. Along with restoring your smile’s appearance, an implant restoration also restores nearly all of your lost tooth’s original function, including the root that supported it. (more…)

3 Ways to Prepare for Dental Implants

Although dental implants are relatively new to the world of prosthetic dentistry, they’ve already become popular enough that most people are familiar with them. By them time many people experience tooth loss, they already recognize that dental implants can offer the most realistic solution or replacing them. At our Ft. Worth, TX, office, we focus solely on planning, placing, and restoring dental implant posts and restorations to help patients enjoy fuller, healthier smiles. To help ensure the success of your implants, we’ll also help you prepare for them by addressing any concerns that might impact your candidacy. (more…)

Is Replacing a Broken Tooth Better than Repairing It?

Much of general dental care focuses on helping you protect your healthy, natural smile by preventing tooth loss or the need for extraction. Yet, incidences such as accidental trauma or uneven bite pressure can sometimes lead to severe tooth damage that can threaten a tooth and the rest of your oral health. In many cases, this can be addressed by fixing the tooth with a custom-designed restoration. However, if the tooth is severely damaged, then we may recommend extracting and replacing it at our Ft. Worth, TX, dental implant office. (more…)

What Makes a Dental Implant Restoration?

While today’s advanced dental health care techniques can accomplish a lot for your smile, one thing there is no treatment for is re-growing any healthy, natural tooth structure you’ve lost. Fortunately, you can replace the structure with highly lifelike and biocompatible materials, boosting the long-term health and integrity of your smile. When it comes to replacing the roots of your lost teeth, for instance, receiving dental implants at our Ft. Worth, TX, office can offer a nearly lifelike solution to fully restoring your lost tooth structure. (more…)

Should All Extracted Teeth Be Replaced?

There are many different ways in which you can reduce your risks of experiencing tooth loss, many of which involve receiving appropriate dental health care when necessary. With the right, timely dental treatment, you can help stop many types of dental issues from leading to the loss of one or more teeth. However, sometimes, dental treatment involves extracting a tooth out of necessity, either because the tooth has developed improperly or because it has become too extensively compromised to save. At our Ft. Worth, TX, dental implant office, we not only extract troublesome teeth, but can also replace the tooth the same day to help you better preserve your smile in the long-term. (more…)

How Many Teeth Can Dental Implants Replace?

Tooth loss can occur for a lot of different reasons, and for many people, it involves the loss of more than just one tooth. Therefore, for many patients, one of the biggest questions about dental implants is whether they can effectively replace all of their lost teeth. At our Ft. Worth, TX, dental implant office, we can help you rebuild your smile and your bite function whether you’ve lost one, several, or all of the teeth on your dental ridge. Made to mimic your healthy, natural teeth roots, dental implants can be designed to address tooth loss of varying degrees with optimal results. (more…)