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Types of Dental Implants Treatments

The Different Types of Dental Implants Prosthetics

The defining characteristic of dental implants is that they are the supportive, root-like posts are implanted into your jawbone to support replacement teeth. However, there are different types of dental implants treatments. These include single tooth replacements – like zirconia crowns – or full arch replacements like zirconia bridges or snap in dentures.

Moreover, there are different types of dental implants that can be used to support various implant restorations. For instance, there are traditional implants, which are usually 3.3-7mm in width. There are also mini dental implants, which are much smaller and made from fewer parts. This page is here to help you understand the main categories of dental implant treatments and the different types of dental implant posts that dentists and oral surgeons use. Each type of dental implant – both in terms of treatment and size – can bring significant differences to your oral health and quality of life.

Single Tooth Replacement

#1 – Dental Implants and Crowns

A single dental implant post can be inserted where the tooth’s root once rested, restoring the stimulation in that area of your jawbone. Then, we can custom-design your crown to mimic the healthy size, shape, and appearance of the lost tooth, and secure the crown to the implant post. Together, a dental implant and crown create a complete and lifelike replica of a healthy, natural tooth and its root.

Replacing a single lost tooth is important for several reasons. It not only restores your smile, but also reduces your risks of experiencing further tooth loss. This makes it one of the most important types of dental implants.

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Replacing Multiple Teeth in a Row

#2 – Dental Implant Bridges

If you’ve already lost multiple adjacent teeth, then we may suggest placing multiple dental implant posts to support a custom dental bridge. These types of dental implants are great for restoring an entire arch of teeth, or even several in a row.

A bridge consists of multiple replacement teeth, or pontics, and can be supported by one or several implant posts. How many will depend on how many teeth you’ve lost or need replaced, as well as the overall state of your jaw bone. Like an implant and crown, an implant-supported bridge more accurately resembles the natural root-and-crown structures of your healthy, natural teeth.

Dental Implant Supported Dentures

#3 – Snap in Dentures

Snap in dentures – aka dental implant supported dentures – are a more-affordable alternative to zirconia bridges for replacing an arch of teeth. This type of dental implant treatment is exactly what it sounds like. It is an acrylic denture that is designed to snap on and off of your dental implants. This allows the denture to be properly cleaned and maintained.

At DIP, we offer snap in dentures rather than All on 4 or All on 6. This is because All on 4 and All on 6 typically permanently fix an acrylic prosthetic to your dental implants. Acrylic is more absorbent than zirconia (and significantly less sturdy). This means that an acrylic prosthetic should be removed and cleaned in solution in order to eliminate bacterial buildup between the gums and the replacement teeth. Snap in dentures allow for the replacement teeth to be removed, cleaned, and then snapped back into place without sacrificing the firmness of the fit.

If you’ve lost all of your teeth on your upper or lower dental ridge, then it may seem like preserving your jawbone and smile isn’t as important. However, the loss of your teeth and the degradation of your jawbone structure can continue to have resounding effects on your oral and overall health. Supporting a custom-designed denture on a series of dental implant posts helps you stem these consequences, as well as rebuild your smile, your bite function, your facial appearance, and your overall confidence.

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Types of Implant Posts

Types of Dental Implants

There are 3 basic categories of dental implants:

  • Traditional – These are the most commonly placed type of implant in the market. Traditional implants typically range from 3.3mm-7mm in width. Most contain at least 4 parts: the implant, an abutment, the crown, and an interior screw inside the implant.

  • Mini Implants – Minis are dental implants ranging from 1.5-3mm in diameter. They are typically only 3 parts: the implant, an abutment, and the crown or prosthetic.

  • Small Diameter Implants – These are essentially mini implants, except that they are on the larger end of the spectrum. At DIP, we would categorize small diameter implants between 2.5-3mm in width.

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Using advanced technology and our in-house dental lab’s capabilities, we can craft and place your implant-supported restoration all within our office.

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