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Of course they do. They know they want them. They know that dental implants have changed people’s lives. They know that they can restore your smile’s beauty, not to mention your oral health. Dental implant care is a potential opportunity for a fresh start. But how much do implants cost? What is the price of dental implants financially? Can you afford it?

Our office, The Dental Implant Place, was founded for you. We love nothing more than seeing people like you smile again. We want you to help you get your confidence back and get that fresh start that you crave. Because we want that for you, we have worked very hard to create a process for you that will lower the cost of dental implants, so that implants cost won’t be too much for you. We can’t make them cheap (trust us, you wouldn’t cheap dental implants), but we have made them more affordable.

Affordable Dental Implants: Fantasy or Reality?

The phrase “affordable dental implants” is advertised everywhere. And the prospect is enticing. But what does this term even mean? After all, it’s somewhat relative. What’s affordable for one man may not be for another. And people have different expectations for what dental implants should cost. Some people believe that you should be able to replace all of your teeth for a few thousand dollars (good luck with that) while others are surprised to find out that replacing one tooth can be as inexpensive as a few thousand dollars.

Moreover, most dentists and oral surgeons aren’t straightforward with their pricing. For instance, many will advertise implants at $1000 per implant, only to reveal after your consultation that it’s an additional $2-3k for your abutment and crown. These kinds of hidden fees are unfortunately very common, and they’re something that our office avoids completely.

According to, the average cost for a single tooth replacement in the United States is $4,000. Now, we don’t know where they got this information, but based on our knowledge of other dental offices, this number seems fairly accurate. For the record, our office has significantly lowered this implants cost, both in our pricing and through the way that we handle your dental implants treatment. What does that mean? We’ll explain below.

How we lower the cost of dental implants

Most dental offices don’t work to help you with your implants cost. They will separate your treatment into as many dividable chunks as they can and let them pile up on you as you go. Even offices that seem like they offer lower implant pricing than others will often use the different steps necessary in the dental implant process to pile on hidden fees. Not our office.

At the Dental Implant Place, we lower your cost the following ways:

  1. We offer every step of your treatment in one location, with one team. This alone will save you money, along with an enormous amount of time.
  2. We give you 1 cost after your CT Scan. Just one. No hidden fees.
  3. We’ve streamlined the dental implant process from within, which has allowed us to offer dental implants at reasonable pricing.
  4. We offer dental implants financing, with some plans offering interest rates as low as 0%.

Our team at The Dental Implant Place wants to help you get your smile back. We don’t want to rip you off. We want to help you just like we’ve helped so many other people, and that’s why we’ve taken these measures. Still, quality is the most important service of all. And that leads us to the following truth…

Safe Treatment and Quality Work are worth the cost.

At a certain point, you have to ask yourself what’s more expensive – risky and cheap, or predictable? The cost of poor treatment is higher than money. It takes your time, your pain, your convenience, and the very smile you were trying to get back. Plus, if the care is truly ill-performed, you may have to start treatment all over again with a new provider, costing you additional money. So what’s the point in prioritizing implants cost over implant quality?

You can’t get much more assurance of quality than at The Dental Implant Place, where we’ve focused completely on dental implants since 2007. Our dentist, Dr. Steve Brown, has placed over 8000 dental implants. He also places every type of dental implant. He even trains other dentists from across the United States in implant dentistry. In addition to all of that, he also practices minimally invasive dental implants treatment, which minimizes trauma, decreases discomfort, and quickens healing. In the meantime, you don’t have to take our word for it. You can hear from our patients on whether they think the cost of dental implants at our office was manageable and worth it.

Schedule a CT Scan to Get Your Exact Pricing

The Dental Implant Place offers free consultations, during which you can meet Dr. Brown and get a cost estimate. We also recommend getting a CT Scan during your free consultation for a small additional cost. This will allow Dr. Brown to give you a complete diagnosis of your oral health and therefore give you the exact cost of dental implants treatment for you in our office.

Contact our office today to schedule your appointment and start your journey towards a new smile! We’re ready to help you obtain a better quality of life.

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