All on 4 Dental Implants Dallas : What Can They Do For You?

Last Updated on April 28, 2022

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You need to replace all of your teeth. But what's the best way?

You're considering dentures, but you know these aren't ideal. Even the best sets of dentures need adhesives and adjustments, and they will limit what you can eat. Worse still, you've heard the horror stories about how they can slip and slide in your mouth will you try to eat and speak. Meanwhile, you've heard about all on 4 dental implants dallas, but you're not quite sure what they are or how they work. What are the benefits of this treatment? Why is it called All on 4? Will it really give your natural smile back and let you chew the foods you want again? Don't fret. Our dental implants office is here to give you the answers you need.

All on 4 Dental Implants Dallas

All on 4 is a procedure in which a dental bridge is is permanently fixed over four dental implants. It's meant to replace all of the teeth on the upper or lower arch of your mouth. The benefits of all on four are as follows:

  • Fixed teeth that don't need to come out.
  • A firmer bite than dentures.
  • No adhesives needed.
  • Dental implants stimulate your bone and gums, preventing deterioration.
  • A dental implant doesn't decay and can last your whole life.

Are There Downsides to All on 4?

The main problem with all on 4 is that it's a standardized procedure. In other words, practices that utilize all on 4 dental implants dallas are treating your mouth as though it needs only 4 implants. In reality most people often need more than 4 implants to firmly secure their bridge.

Another potential problem with All on 4 is that most dental offices use only 1 type of dental implant. Again, this assumes all bone structures need the same type of dental implant treatment, when in reality everyone's bone is different. While some people will benefit more from traditional dental implants, others may need mini implants, which are thinner and are ideal for those who have bone loss.

Lastly, most dentists make their all on 4 bridges out of porcelain. This is the same material that is used to make dentures and is a very poor prosthetic to permanently fix to your implants. This is because porcelain isn't nearly as strong as natural teeth. It is far more likely to get damaged if you try to chew the foods you want to eat again: apples, steak, corn-on-the-cob, etc. Even worse, porcelain absorbs more bacteria and moisture than natural teeth, making it difficult to keep clean.

Is there a better dental implants treatment?

Fortunately, The Dental Implant Place offers you a fixed dental implants treatment that offers benefits above and beyond what all on 4 dental implants dallas can.

  • No Extra Charge for Extra Dental Implants: We offer full arch tooth implants in a comprehensive package. In other words, we charge you the same cost for replacing all of your teeth whether you need 4 implants or 10!
  • Whatever Type of Implant You Need: Our dentist, Dr. Steve Brown, is a nationally renowned dental implants dentist who can place any type of dental implant you need, including mini implants.
  • Zirconia, Not Porcelain: Any dental bridges made in our practice are made out of zirconia. This is the hardest material available in dentistry for making natural-looking replacement teeth.
  • New Teeth in One Day: Qualified patients can get their teeth extracted, their implants placed, and new teeth all in one day!

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Dr. Steve Brown is the Founder and Lead Dentist of The Dental Implant Place. He has practiced implant dentistry for over 20 years and has placed over 12,000 dental implants. He enjoys Baylor football and time with his wife, children, and two dogs.

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