Dental Implants Side Effects: How to Care For Yourself After Treatment

Last Updated on April 27, 2022

dental implants side effects

Dental implants are a natural way to replace missing teeth and restore damaged smiles. A  skilled dental implants dentist can place your implant with little to no pain, and minimally invasive surgery can shorten your healing time after your procedure. Our dentist, Dr. Steve Brown, has placed over 8000 implants and has focused completely on implant restoration since 2007. His skill and experience mean that he is able to provide minimally invasive treatment. However, dental implants side effects can occur and vary depending on your specific oral health needs and circumstances. Here are some of the things to be aware of and ways  to care for yourself post implant care.

Potential Side Effects and Risks

In any surgical procedure, no matter how minimally invasive, it is common to experience some pain. This discomfort will reduce as you heal, and pain medications can be prescribed by any dentist or oral surgeon. Over-the-counter medications can also bring relief. Bruising and swelling can also occur in your cheeks and gums, but this should subside within a week after your procedure. Like discomfort, infection is always possible in any surgical procedure. It will be your responsibility to keep your surgical site clean after your procedure. The dentist and dental implant office that provide your surgery will instruct you as to how to keep your surgical site clean and cared for. Infection and tobacco use can lead to implant failure, as can rare individual bone tissue issues that prevent osseointegration. Other rare issues that can occur after implant placement are sinus issues and nerve or tissue damage. The latter can cause a numbness or tingling in affected areas.

How to Reduce Your Risks and Side Effects

It is essential that you follow all pre-operative and post-operative instructions that your dentist gives you in order to ensure proper healing after your dental implant surgery. Here are some things to do and avoid:

  • Don't Smoke: This will greatly inhibit your body’s ability to heal. Smoking prevents  oxygen from reaching your cells. Don't do it. You should quit smoking at least four weeks prior to surgery.
  • Don't Drink: Alcohol doesn't help your body heal; in fact, it can increase risk of bleeding problems. Don't drink alcohol during your healing process.
  • Practice Oral Hygiene: Unless otherwise advised by your dentist, keep brushing and flossing during your healing process. Be sure to be especially gentle around the implant site and use a soft-bristled toothbrush.
  • Rinse With Warm Salt Water: Ask your dentist about this - it can sometimes help you with pain and assist your healing.

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Dr. Steve Brown is the Founder and Lead Dentist of The Dental Implant Place. He has practiced implant dentistry for over 20 years and has placed over 12,000 dental implants. He enjoys Baylor football and time with his wife, children, and two dogs.

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