Want to See Some Pictures of Dental Implants?

denture implants, full denture implants, dental implants dentures, all on 4 implants, pictures of denture implants, picture of dental implants dentures, implants dentures same day, same day dental implantsHow do you know who you can trust with your dental implants procedure? You look at the work that the dental implants dentist has already done. These pictures of dental implants were taken of cases at our office, The Dental Implant Place. We’ve focused completely on dental implants for a decade. Dr. Steve Brown, our founder and dentist, has performed thousands of dental implant procedures. Check out some of his handiwork below and see for yourself the life-changing care that awaits you at our dallas fort worth office.

Before and After Dental Implants

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This is the same mouth, before (left) and after (right). The picture on the left is what this patient walked into our dental implants office with. She was suffering from poor oral health and devastated self esteem. Dr. Steve Brown was able to tranform her damaged mouth into the beautiful you see on the right.

Same Day Tooth Extractions andĀ Implants

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The results you above see here were achieved in one day at The Dental Implant Place! Dr. Steve Brown performed same day tooth extractions and dental implants, and then delivered a full implant supported denture.

Full Teeth Replacement

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The picture on the left shows a case that is halfway finished, before the upper teeth are replaced by dental implants. On the right, you see a beautiful dental implants bridge made from zirconia.

FullĀ Denture Implants

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This patient had worn dentures for years and had suffered from bone loss and gum loss. This patient was able to get dental implants and full implant supported dentures in the same appointment. The teeth you see above are the temporary teeth given to her the day she got her implants! Several weeks later she was able to get her final set.

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