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Pictures of Dental Implants

Pictures of Implant Procedures at The Dental Implant Place

How do you know who you can trust with your dental implants procedure? You look at the work that the dental implants dentist has already done. These pictures of implant cases were taken of our patients in our office, The Dental Implant Place.

We’ve focused completely on dental implants since 2007 and have placed over 12,000 implants in our practice. Check out some of our handiwork below and see for yourself the life-changing care that awaits you at our dallas fort worth office.

Before and After Dental Implants

pictures of implant cases, dental implants before and after

This is the same mouth, before (left) and after (right). The picture on the left is the oral decay that this particular patient walked into our dental implants office with. Her poor oral health was devastating her self-esteem, which was greatly diminishing her overall quality of life.

Dr. Steve Brown was able to tranform her damaged mouth into the beautiful you see on the right.

Same Day Tooth Extractions and Implants

same day dental implants

The results you above see here were achieved in one day at The Dental Implant Place! Dr. Steve Brown performed same day tooth extractions and dental implants, and then delivered a full implant supported denture.

At our implant office, we perform same day extractions and implants for all patients who qualify. Factors that affect qualification include bone density and higher degrees of existing oral infection at the time of treatment.

Full Denture Implants

denture implants, pictures of implant

All of our full arch patients get same day dental implants, as do the majority of the rest. This patient had worn dentures for years and had suffered from bone loss and gum loss. This patient was able to get mini dental implants and full implant supported dentures in the same appointment.

The teeth you see above are the temporary teeth given to her the day she got her implants! Several weeks later she was able to get her final set.

Pictures of Implant Types

It is helpful for patients to see a picture of the different types of dental implants that a dentist can use for their procedure.

Generally, there are two main categories of dental implant that are placed today: conventional implants and mini dental implants.

mini dental implants, diagram

Conventional implants generally range from 3.1-6.5mm in diameter, though they can be even wider. They are usually composed of 2 pieces: an outer post (what you see) and an interior screw that is used to secure the abutment on top of the post.

While conventional implants can be a good fit for certain patients, this 2-piece design has its problems. The interior screw can become loose and destabilize the implant and the attached prosthetic, causing implant failure. In addition, many patients don’t have enough bone to support dental implants of this size. In order to get implant care, they need smaller posts. Lastly, conventional implants are usually more expensive.

Mini implants can be a wonderful alternative to conventional implants for these reasons. Unlike their larger counterparts, mini implants are almost always one solid piece. This can actually make them stronger and more likely to succeed over time. They are also less invasive, ranging from 1.5-2.9mm in diameter.

Dental Implant Reviews

In addition to pictures of implant cases, sometimes it’s helpful to hear about dental implants from patients who have had them before. Below are some implant reviews from some of our past patients whose lives were changed after their treatment in our office.

Kay Haston – Full Mouth Implants

Kay had all of her teeth extracted and replaced with dental implants. The results changed her life. According to Kay, choosing to undergo this treatment with Dr. Brown was “the greatest thing I ever did.”

Rox Cox – Full Mouth Mini Implants

Roy Cox was struggling with a high degree of oral disease. He had been going to the dentist every 3-4 months just to maintain the teeth he had. When he got same day extractions and mini implants, Roy’s oral health was completely changed. He could eat anything he wanted, smile confidently, and enjoy a much greater overall quality of life.

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Call 817-560-0414 to schedule your free consultation with Dr. Steve Brown, or visit our contact page to start a conversation with our trusted office. As you can see by the pictures of implant above, the results our office delivers are real and life-changing, so do not delay in starting your journey towards a better quality of life!


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