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Our founder and dentist, Dr. Steve Brown, was interviewed recently on ABC WFAA’s popular television show, Good Morning Texas. The focus of the interview was on our office’s ability to take care of every step of your dental implant treatment process in one location. This advantage reduces the cost of your dental implants, makes your treatment process far more convenient, and generally makes the whole experience more pleasant.

The Benefits of All-in-One-Place

Dr. Brown explained just a few of the benefits of our All-in-One-Place process. Here’s what was covered in the interview.

Simple: With a complex medical procedure, it’s crucial that every step be performed with precision, accuracy, and safety. The Dental Implant Place can streamline your implant process with our All-in-One-Place method, handling every step of your treatment with one doctor and team and thus reducing the margin-for-error. Given our office’s complete focus on dental implant restoration and Dr. Brown’s extensive level of experience in implant dentistry, your case will not only be completely customized to your needs but will also be predictable and safe.

Convenient: Most dental practices and oral surgery offices can only perform one or two steps in the dental implant process. The common path to getting dental implants looks like this: you get a consultation with a dentist, and then that dentist either takes your impressions or refers you to a prosthodontist. Then you get referred to an oral surgeon for your extractions (assuming you need them) and your dental implants. After a post op appointment with either the oral surgeon or the dentist who referred you to them, you will then be referred to a lab to get your new teeth fitted. After a healing process that could range from 8 weeks to several months, you will return to that lab for the delivery of your final set of teeth, and then to the initial dentist for another follow-up appointment. That’s a minimum of 3 different offices and 3 separate bills, with untold time wasted running back and forth. The Dental Implant Place offers all of this in one place and with one bill.

Affordable: Our method allows us to lower the cost of dental implants, since we don’t have to outsource any of your work. You also avoid paying for those in-between follow up appointments, which come complements of your procedure in our Ft Worth office. We even offer a variety of financing plans with rates as low as 0% for up to 2 years! Call us today to apply and get a cost estimate for your dental implant treatment. Our dental implants dentist ft worth office offers incredible value for your investment.

“Test Driving” Your New Teeth: Perhaps the most amazing aspect of The Dental Implant Place is the level of customization that we can provide you. After you get your dental implants and new teeth in one day, we will continue to gather your feedback on this set of interim teeth. Then we’ll use your feedback to provide you with a final set of teeth that will provide the most natural fit possible for your specific oral structure.

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Dr. Steve Brown is the Founder and Lead Dentist of The Dental Implant Place. He has practiced implant dentistry for over 20 years and has placed over 12,000 dental implants. He enjoys Baylor football and time with his wife, children, and two dogs.

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