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All on 4 is term that has become synonymous with full arch dental implants. However, while this is a form of full arch implant treatment, it is only one amongst several. Below are some of the dental implant procedures that are used to replace an entire upper or lower arch, including All on 4.

All on 4

Here’s what you need to know about  Dental Implants All on 4: it’s a denture that’s screwed onto your dental implants in such a way that only a dental professional could remove it. With All on Four, you get  dental implants, which in and of themselves bring a number of benefits (providing a firm fit, stimulating your bone tissue like natural tooth roots, etc). However, because All on Four is a denture, it’s made from plastic acrylic, and this means that it will cause numerous problems if permanently attached to your gums. Not only is it much weaker than your natural teeth- making it susceptible to cracks, chips, and breaks - but it also has a plastic covering over your gums where food debris and bacteria will get stuck. Because All on 4 is screwed in place, this bacterial build-up can’t be addressed by the twice-daily removal and underside cleaning that is necessary for denture wearers.

Zirconia Bridges

This treatment is superior to All on Four in every way. Zirconia is the hardest material available in dentistry for making realistic artificial teeth. Unlike acrylic, zirconia can be permanently cemented to dental implants without needing any sort of covering over your gums. They work like natural teeth and are cleaned like natural teeth - by being brushed twice daily with fluoride toothpaste. Better still, zirconia bridges can be digitally designed and milled with laser-point precision to give you the exact shape and fit you like. This is the most natural-feeling, long-lasting, best-looking dental implant option available, and we offer this entire procedure, from start to finish, in our fort worth dental implant office.

Implant Supported Dentures

Unlike All on 4 dental implants, implant supported dentures don’t try to perform a function that acrylic wasn’t meant to perform. This type of treatment gives you dental implants and the firm fit that they provide, but the denture itself is designed to snap on and off of the implants rather than be affixed permanently to them. This allows you to remove your teeth twice a day to clean them and your gums thoroughly. This will prevent the inflammation and gum disease that you risk when food debris and bacteria are left unaddressed between your dentures and your gum tissue. This dental implant option is not as beneficial as Zirconia Bridges, but it does provide a more affordable alternative to both Zirconia and dental implants all on 4.

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