Month: May 2020

When Extracting and Replacing a Tooth is the Better Option

For most dental health concerns, there’s often a custom-designed restoration that will suffice to restore and save a tooth. In fact, preserving your healthy, natural tooth structure is typically the goal in any restorative dental treatment. However, saving a tooth isn’t always possible, and in some severe cases, it’s best to extract the tooth and… Read more »

Why It’s Worth Implanting Your Dental Restoration

These days, modern dental bridge and dentures are designed with such realism that they’re nearly indistinguishable from the healthy, natural versions of the teeth they replace. Because of this, patients who wear a conventional bridge or denture may not always see the point in upgrading it to a dental implant-supported restoration. However, dental implants provide… Read more »

Are There Signs that You Might Lose a Tooth?

There are often signs that can warn you of dental health trouble, such as a toothache or bleeding in your gums when you brush and floss. Such signs can mean that seeking treatment as soon as possible could be the best thing for your oral health. However, there aren’t as clear signs that you’re about… Read more »

Why Replacing Lost Teeth Matters So Much

The change in your smile’s appearance after you lose one or more teeth is often motivation enough to replace them as soon as possible. When this impact is highly noticeable, it can have a significant influence on your facial appearance and self-confidence. While these concerns are important, replacing lost teeth matters more for your smile… Read more »

Should Your Dental Implants Be Smaller?

To successfully replace your lost teeth roots and support your custom restoration, dental implants should be a lot of things – biocompatible, durable, comfortable, and expertly placed, to name just a few. Yet, not many people consider how big or small their dental implant posts should be, or why that matters to their overall dental… Read more »

Could Dental Implants Be Right for Your Smile?

There are many reasons why your smile needs a full set of teeth on both your upper and lower dental ridges. Because of these reasons, replacing any lost or missing teeth is essential for preserving any smile that experiences tooth loss. However, dental implants are often the best solution because they’re able to replace more… Read more »

Signs that Might Mean You Need Tooth Extraction

For many people who need tooth extraction, the need stems from a condition that’s severe enough to make the need almost obvious. However, some people are surprised to learn that a tooth needs be extracted because they haven’t realized that the tooth has become so compromised. Because tooth extraction may be recommended for various reasons,… Read more »

Do Dental Implants Really Make Your Jaw Stronger?

There are plenty of benefits that dental implants can provide when it comes to replacing your lost teeth that traditional restorations are unable to mimic. This is because, unlike traditional tooth replacement options, dental implants are able to replace the healthy versions of your lost teeth roots, and most of the functions they’re responsible for…. Read more »

What Replacing Lost Teeth Really Means for Your Smile

Unlike some dental health concerns, tooth loss is hard to ignore. Even if you can’t see the empty space in your smile because the tooth is at the back of your dental ridge, you’ll likely feel the difference when you speak, and when you bite and chew your food. When you replace your lost tooth… Read more »

What Actually Causes Tooth Loss to Happen

One of the common misconceptions about tooth loss is the belief that it’s inevitable for everyone as they get older. Another is that it can never happen to you, and is only a vague concern to be slightly worried about. The truth is that tooth loss is most often the result of a preventable condition,… Read more »